Here is our Intenders Newsletter for July. As always, we seek to weave our teachings into stories that touch the core of today's lifestyles and challenges. It is our heartfelt intention that you are inspired by these writings and that you are led to see things in a new light, a light that shines from within you and radiates outward, brightening the lives of all those with whom you come in contact.

Table of Contents

--- One of the Sweetest Intention Stories We've Ever Received
--- The Intention Process Workshop Comes to Massachusetts
--- The Global Intenders Circle is Growing
--- Mercy's Heroes - A Timely Excerpt from The Intenders Novel

One of the Sweetest Intention Stories We'ver Ever Received

Two weeks ago we received one of the sweetest intention stories ever. It comes from Susan in California and we intend that it makes you feel as good we did when we read it.

In September I was finally starting to get better four years after my neck injury. Then I got broadsided on the way to the store to buy a chicken dinner for my new neighbor and her four children. I felt the hand of God on my shoulder before the impact and all I could say was that I was lucky and grateful to be alive as the Cadillac was totalled. In a smaller car I would've been pushed thru the driver's side. The young man who hit us was on his cell phone.

After my injuries started showing up I lost heart for awhile because the driver of the vehicle I was in had no insurance. I intended to recover from all my injuries and I kept thanking God for sparing me from worse consequences. I remained grateful. In the process of trying to recover medical costs from the driver, a friend suggested that I contact his former best friend, a lawyer who he hadn't heard from in twenty years. I said I thought I could get a phone number on the internet. I did and I left a message asking for help locating the doctor in his area (another state). To my surprise I got a call the next night. I was disappointed to learn that that state had separate property and I could not recover my medical costs. Then an odd thing happened. This lawyer called me back the very next night. He later told me that he fell in love with my voice. We are going to be married. And, I am getting the home and children that I always wanted.

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The Intention Process Workshop Comes to Massachusetts!


Empower Yourself

The Intention Process

Tony Burroughs
July 19th
East Wareham, MA

Intenders Circles are blossoming all over the globe. You, too, can learn The Intention Process and bring that which you desire into your life as easily and effortlessly as possible.

If you attend this workshop you will:

* Discover unique self empowerment techniques
* Hear real-life stories about the Laws of Manifestation in action
* Empower yourself with advanced intentionality tools
* Fine tune your thinking and speaking patterns
* Become more aware of many beliefs that have limited your success
* Suspend judgments and see yourself and others in the highest light
* Better equip yourself to retain joy, even in the midst of chaos
* Embolden yourself with the skills and confidence needed to develop and facilitate your own community

Tony is a fun, lighthearted author and speaker whose message - that we are extremely powerful beings who are capable of much more than we have ever imagined - is always uplifting. His stories and personal experiences never fail to inspire his audiences. He has created The Intention Process Video and has written several books including The Intenders Handbook and The Highest Light Teachings.

For more information about the workshop in East Wareham, MA you can call Sisterwolf at 508-295-7637 or email []

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The Global Intenders Circle !!!

Ever wonder how you can make your intentions more powerful if there is no weekly Intenders Circle meeting in your area? The Global Intenders Circle is a rapidly growing group of Intenders who are emailing their intentions in and achieving amazing results!
The Global Intenders is moderated by Spirit St. John from Las Vegas, Nevada. Spirit is always willing to help you with your intentions; she was with us back in Hawaii when we first started the Intenders of the Highest Good in the mid 1990s.
To join the Global Intenders Circle you can email Spirit at: or click on the link below.

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Mercy's Heroes - A Timely Excerpt from The Intenders Novel

Image Whatever happened to our sense of mercy? We've become too far removed from it. We've forgotten what it can do for us. Of all the human attributes to have misplaced, it's ashame to have misplaced mercy. Mercy is the one response that everyone seeks. Not one among us would deny it to ourself. And yet we consistently deny it to our brothers, sisters and neighbors. Why?

Very few teach about mercy anymore. The schools don't include it in their curriculums. Many churches advocate mercy, while they are quick to brandish the sword. The media has declared outright war on mercy. The hard line is followed, the ax must fall. Revenge is glamourized and the cries of mercy drowned out by the explosions of gunpowder. It sells movie tickets and boosts TV ratings.

This newsletter subscribes to the idea that whatever we are putting our attention on tends to materialize. And so if we continue to keep watching and glorifying theatrical dramas filled with vengeance, then we will have vengeance in our lives. Mankind awaits heros who will discard vengeance and dispense mercy.

When this starts to happen, we'll see a change in our lives. Our fears will begin to vanish, replaced by feelings of peace and safety. It will happen soon. We'll turn the TV on and a new kind of story will be running. A woman, held down, cries from release from her captors. She begs in the name of all that is sacred, and, within her persecutor, something clicks. He hears her cries and stops and walks away.

Or a child turns his head back over his small shoulder and screams at his father to stop. "Please Daddy, please! Don't hit me again! I'll do anything! I'm sorry! Pleeease don't hit me again!" And the father, for the first time, really listens to his young son's calls for mercy. And he suddenly understands that everything he wants his son to grow up to learn will be taught better if he puts his arm down and lets his child go free.

And what of all the war movies that we praise so highly? Soon we will see the raging, blood-thirsty soldier stop and empathize for a moment, just long enough to hear the impassioned pleas of the conquered man as he lays on his back helplessly facing the bayonet. And the soldier will have a change of heart. He will see in the beaten man a part of himself. He will let his enemy go to live out the rest of his natural life in peace and productivity. And he himself will go and kill no more.

Then, as the sun sets across the movie screen and the music rises to its peak, we will have a new kind of hero. A hero who practices mercy. A hero who really cares about each and every one of his fellowmen. A hero who will change the way we listen to and look at each other. He will be famous because he is merciful. And tickets to see his movies will be sold out way in advance.

-- From the novel, The Intenders of the Highest Good
by Tony Burroughs

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Thank you for reading our July newsletter. We intend that each and every one of you is enjoying your life to the fullest. So be it and so it is!

--The Intenders of the Highest Good

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