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July 2016

Table of Contents

~Not Guilty: A Story from The Ascenders Handbook
~Pre-order The Ascenders Handbook in Print Now!
~It Happened in an Intenders Circle
~The Ascension Reclamations Poster - Free

Not Guilty: A Story from The Ascenders Handbook

BJ and I sat on the roof of the small coffee shack we were building in the rainforest, taking a break while I berated myself for nailing the last sheet of corrugated roofing on crooked. As I was going through my emotional gyrations, he was cool and centered - even though we’d have to pull the angled sheet of roofing off and replace it. It was a precarious job we wouldn’t need to be doing, if it wasn’t for my screw-up.

“You think you’re doing things wrong, Tony. In fact, you think all sorts of things can go wrong. But when you reach a higher level of awareness you’ll see that nothing is wrong, never has been wrong, and never will be wrong. It’s all a fabrication of your mind that you’ve bought into by believing what you were told by your parents and teachers and the TV.”

“That may be true, BJ, but I just don’t see it.” I was still fuming over my mistake.

“Believe me, it’s true,” he said, “and if you’re going to reach a higher level of awareness, you’re going to have to come to grips with it.”

“But how can I come to grips with something I don’t know anything about,” I asked.

“Start to pay greater attention when you think something’s gone wrong in your life,” he replied. “You won’t have to wait long, I assure you, because it happens all the time, just like it did with that piece of tin roof you messed up. Then, when you’re in the thick of your uncomfortable experience, like you are now, ask yourself, ‘Where did this anger or discomfort come from? What’s not alright with this happening?’ Then be quiet and be open to receive your answer. Your memory will jog back to an experience you had when you were younger that’s been covered over and almost forgotten about.”

I put my hammer aside and sat still, and, almost immediately, a subtle thought flashed across my mind taking me back to a scene in my dad’s workshop where he’d made a bad cut on a length of 2x4. He was cussing like crazy - and little 8 year old me was sympathizing with him because I believed he’d done something wrong. “Now what do I do, BJ?”

“Shine your light on that memory long enough for it to melt away. Remember your innate innocence and let go of any judgment you’re holding around it. It just happened and that’s all. There’s no need for you to put your spin on it. Soon it will disappear into nothingness, or it will domino your mind to another similar experience you had where you go through the same thing again, releasing your judgment and recalling your innate innocence. When all of the dominos have fallen – and this can happen very quickly – you’ll find out what’s on the other side of your wrongness and guilt.”

“And what’s that, BJ?” By this time I was starting to feel better about the roofing. Recalling the incident in my dad’s workshop must have had something to do with my emotional turnaround.

“You, Tony, in all your radiant Oneness,” he said. “What you’ll find, buried underneath all the guilt and wrongdoing, is you.”

Ascension Reclamation #1
I Reclaim my Innocence
I’ve never done anything wrong and neither has anyone else. I forgive myself for thinking otherwise, and I let go of my guilt and self condemnation forever. I reclaim my innocence now.

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"Your book is truly amazing and I have so loved reading it -- I printed it -- I have read most of it twice, and actually took it to the gym to read while I was on the elliptical machine -- it made the time just seem to float by as I was mesmerized with your thoughts."
Diane Leonard,


It Happened in an Intenders Circle

Here's a short story from The Intenders Handbook.

“When I arrived at my first Intenders Circle, I was homeless. I’d been trying to find a way to scrape up enough money to rent a small place, but things just weren’t working out for me. I was getting desperate! My friends who took me to the Intenders Circle told me not to hold back. They said that, at an Intenders Circle, ‘the sky’s the limit,’ and that I should ask for my heart’s desire. I made an intention to find a place of my own where I would be very, very happy - and I asked that it come to me freely and easily.

“It wasn’t two days later and a lady who had been at the meeting called me and said she was going abroad for at least three years. She’d thought about selling her house, but it was such a lovely custom home, right down by the beach, that she couldn’t bring herself to part with it. Maybe she’d be back someday, but, in the meantime, would I be interested in care-taking it for free?”
Karen Reid
What you are reaching toward
is also reaching out toward you

The Ascension Reclamations Poster - Free

We had big crowds last week at our Intenders events in Kansas and Iowa - and one of the things that was mentioned several times was how much they enjoyed saying The Ascension Reclamations in their Intenders Circles. They felt (and we agreed) that the sayings on this poster were taking them to the next level in their intention making. These Reclamations are the crux of The Ascension Process from the second half of The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home and you can download and print them out for free below.
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The Ascension Reclamations


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