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July 2014

Table of Contents

~A Model for Coming Together in Community
~A Vision for our Food
~How Often Do You Say Your Intentions?
~The Power of Be-ing
~Change YourSELF Into Healthy With Intention
~Please God Help Us All

A Model for Coming Together in Community

If, like so many people nowadays, you're feeling like you've been apart from others for too long and you're realizing that it's not only wise but fun to come together with your fellow travelers, then the Intenders has just the ticket for you. Over 2 decades ago we began gathering together and intending to create the best possible model for coming together in community. We wanted to make more friends, learn to manifest our desires with less effort and more ease, and help keep each other more aware to what we were creating with our everyday thoughts and words.

We tested many formats and ideas and came to understand why the Native Americans, the aborigines and our ancestors sat in circles instead of having a podium or presentation-like arrangement. We found that in a circle everyone has equal access to everyone else and that you get a much different feeling when sitting in a circle. We also experimented with how to say our Intentions and Gratitudes and eventually even added sharing our Visions for our ideal world (per the Ninth Intent of The Code), as well.

As you know, our Intenders Circles are now in cities and towns all over the Earth, and they are making a tremendous difference in peoples lives. People are becoming more empowered, more supportive of one another, more trusting and confident in using the Laws of Manifestation as they see each others dreams coming true.

Now you can easily start your own Intenders Circle with the help of our $39 Create Your Own Community Package. Containing 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 Intention Process DVD that takes you into a real-life Circle with the Original Intenders, this is one of the best tools you can have to bring you and your friends together to enhance your manifesting skills.

To find out more about our Create your Own Community Kit, you can Click Here.

A Vision for our Food

This thoughtful Vision was sent in last week by Yvonne Landivar and it speaks for all of us here at Intenders Central. Thank you, Yvonne!

She says: I see a world where the only abundant and available food, is organic; where the use of pesticides and genetically modified, augmented or engineered food is a thing of the past; where our local farmers are making a good living by selling their harvest to local consumers so our food doesn't have to travel thousands of miles to reach a table; where we know what we ingest has been cared for with loving hands, with care, attention and respect; where we no longer link any disease to the use of chemicals just so that the fruits and vegetables look tasty; where we are concerned with content, taste and integrity instead of looks; where an imperfect looking fruit or veggie are seen as products of nature at its best without needing the assistance of artificially enhanced compounds; and where we are living in a perfect balance of optimum health, mind and spirit.

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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How Often Do You Say Your Intentions?

One of the questions we get asked the most is: "How often do I say my intentions?" As we talk to people across the country we find several schools of thought with differing approaches to this question. Some say to state your intentions twice a day - in the morning when you get up, and in the evening before going to sleep; some say to state them once and once only; while The Intenders teachings suggest that you say them once a day, preferably in the morning so that you can set a positive direction unto your day.

"One evening after our weekly Intenders Circle in Leilani we asked Lee Ching about how often we should be saying our intentions, and he told us that it depended on how far along we were in our spiritual evolution. Those, he said, who are new to intending and self empowerment will often say their intentions more than once a day and, even though they're still running doubts, the Universe will rally to their side just to make sure that they get some "wins" and become more confident in the process of manifesting. He said that The Universe wants to help anyone who is willing to make their intentions in the name of the Highest Good, and It will see to it that their first few intentions are manifested, even though they may still be harboring some doubts on a subtle level.

In regard to saying our intentions once a day only, he said that this practice had been used with great success since the days of old, and that it works for everyone no matter what stage of development they're in.

Then, he added something very interesting. He told us that, even though we may start out by saying our intentions daily or more, we will ultimately come to a point where we only need to say them once, and that's all. He said that it is oftentimes difficult for beginners to trust in this, not having had the experience of several "wins" under their belt, so, for most people, saying our intentions once a day works just fine.

"You can't go wrong by saying them once a day," he said, "but you will come to a time when you say them once only and know that The Universe heard you and is taking care of everything from that moment on."

I Intend that, with each Intention that manifests for me,
I am building greater and greater trust and confidence
in the magical workings of The Universe.

Create Your Own Community Package

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The Power of Be-ing

As I sat out on the porch enjoying the full moon energy the other night my thoughts turned to how often we take time to just Be? As we hustle and bustle through our daily lives we can forget to take time to just be in the moment; to connect to our Higher Self and just Be.

I would like to share an exercise with you to aid in filtering out the distractions that surround us. Find a quiet place to sit and shut out anything that may distract you. Sit quietly and still your mind. Close your eyes as you concentrate on your breathing and turn off the mind chatter that keeps you distracted from connecting with your Higher Self. Slowly, breathe in through your nose allowing your breath to enter the deepest part of your lungs, then slowly, gently, breathe out through your mouth. Repeat this deep breathing a few times then allow yourself to settle into a gentle rhythmic pattern of breathing. Enjoy this feeling of stillness. Should you feel your mind wandering, bring your attention back to your breath.

You can start with just a minute, increasing the time as you practice this exercise and soon you will be able to switch off the mind chatter and truly connect with your inner being.

Hazel Martin - Editor

Change YourSELF Into Healthy With Intention

Changing external conditions with your body and your health starts with changing yourSELF. If you want new conditions, you must be a new person generating new thoughts about your body, your health and your eating. Otherwise your creative power is channeled into the same manifestations over and over. Taking charge of how you think is taking charge of your life, thus your health. Awareness and intention are the keys to change. Awareness is observation: making connections between your inner world and what happens in the outer world. Intention is the ability to hold an inner vision and invest it with energy (engage your emotions). Intention is the vision of what you want to create. It guides your choices, and forms a bridge between what exists in the physical realm as conditions, and what exists in your heart and mind in the etheric realm. Your intention creates a force that works through time to pull etheric reality into physical form. What do you want to feel and experience in your body? Intend THAT.


Katie Heath, NTP, CNC, CNHP

Katie Heath, the Nutrition Magician, is a regular contributor to our Intenders newsletter. Katie is from Portland, OR and you can contact her at 317-938-8493.

Please God Help Us All is a website that is dedicated to relieving the suffering on this planet and bringing about a critical mass of people who know that if enough of us ask, "Please God Help Us All", God will answer.

It's clear that many of us are realizing that we made an agreement before we came into these bodies, that we would come together at a certain time in order to bring light and love onto this planet and to usher in a golden age. Some have forgotten and some just have a feeling, like an inkling of a long-lost dream, that there really is a reason for us to be here now. In either case, on one level or another, we are all experiencing a movement toward looking at life from the perspective of the soul and the soul group - a perspective of having made agreements and arrangements to come here and meet together with other souls and soul groups - and then join together - so that we can assist in raising the vibration of this planet. This is what is being remembered at this time; and it is this movement which will, in fact, bring the golden age into manifestation.
From The Highest Light Teachings

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Total Prayers and Intentions

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