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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter #2

July 2013

Table of Contents

~Start Your Own Intenders Cybercircle
~Sign Up to Join an Intenders Cybercircle
~Our New Cybercircle Tools Page
~The Invocation
~Cybercircle Options
~The Intenders Handbook

Start Your Own Intenders Cybercircle

"We share our dreams instead of our dramas"

While I was going from town to town for the last dozen years showing people how to set up real-life Intenders Circles I kept intending that the perfect vehicle for holding an online Intenders Circle would reveal itself. Well, the good news is that it has! When we discovered that Google Hangouts offered a free videoconferencing venue where up to 10 people can share their Intentions with each other online we immediately began testing it.

Our first tests, although promising, had several glitches. But we stuck with it - and now we've perfected our Intenders Cybercircles to the point where we're very happy with the results we're getting. Not only are we putting the Intention Process (Law of Attraction) to its highest and best use and manifesting our dreams, those of us who have been in these Cybercircles for the last couple of months have become a like family to each other. We're also having a ton of fun, and, along the way, we resolved the common glitches so our Cybercircle experience is all the better. In other words, our testing has paid off, bigtime!

Hi all.
Thanks for a lovely circle today. We are all strands forming a strong chain together--thank you for your support and encouragement and friendship!! Thank you to Tony for his wisdom, to Kathleen for her humor, to Nancee for her excitement and enthusiasm, to Piera for her warmth, to Aiyana for her playfulness, to Stefy for her strength, and to Lori for her leadership. Love you all!
See you next week.

The next step for us was to make it as easy as possible for you to take part in an Intenders Cybercircle or to start a Cybercircle of your own. Accordingly, this issue of the Intenders Newsletter is devoted to making several new tools that we've been working on available to you so you can find out what we found out - that these Cybercircles work beautifully!

Here are 4 YouTube videos we just finished this week that will make it easy for you to Start Your Own Cybercircle.

Part 1 - Setting It Up 4:13
Part 2 - The Flow of the Circle 5:42
Part 3 - Tips and Troubleshooting 5:37
The Complete Version 14:26

Click Here to find out more about how you can Start Your Own Cybercircle

Sign Up to Join an Intenders Cybercircle

If you would like to join or host an Intenders Manifesting Cybercircle we now have a simple Sign-Up Form available for you to use at After we receive your reply we will contact you as soon as there is an opening in a current Intenders Cybercircle or a new Cybercircle starts.

You can Sign Up to take part in a Cybercircle on our Intenders website by Clicking Here.

Our New Cybercircle Intenderpreneur Tools Page

Our New Cybercircle Tools Page contains a wealth of information and tools that will help you set up and run your Cybercircle. There is a Welcome Letter you can send to the new members of your group; an indispensable Back-up Email Template for making sure your Invitations get to your people in a timely manner; several YouTubes designed to show you how we run our Cybercircles; copies of the Format and the Protocol we use in our Cybercircles; FAQs galore; and more . . .

Click Here to visit our New Intenderpreneur How to Start Your Own Cybercircle Tools Page

The Invocation

One of the options that we like to include in our Intenders Cybercircle is the Invocation where we call forth those helpers and guides from the invisible realms to assist us in the manifestation of our Intentions. Since several people have written to us and asked us what an Invocation is, we decided to record one so you can see exactly how it goes.

You can Click Here to listen to a 2 minute Invocation that was part of a recent Intenders Cybercircle.

Cybercircle Options

And speaking of Options, we would like to make it very clear that you can run your own Cybercircle anyway you like. We make several options available to you - including The Win of the Week, The Invocation, The Guided Mediation, Empowering Conversation, and Personal Envisioning ("I See Myself with . . .").

Our only recommendation is that when you come together with your Cybercircle group you state your Gratitudes, Intentions and your Visions for your Ideal World and line these all up with the Highest Good. We know that this will give you excellent results. Other than that, you can pick and choose any options you like from the ones we make available.

The Intenders Handbook
The Intenders Handbook by Tony Burroughs
Simple and Empowering"
This is one of the best books on the planet"
Lee Ching

For More Info or to Order The Intenders Handbook individually or in bulk, you can Click Here.


Tony Burroughs is available for speaking to your group or business now. His stories are always empowering, insightful and fun. See The Intenders YouTube Channel. Call 858-200-5200.

To contact our original Intenders intuitive messenger, Tina Stober (and her guides, Lee Ching and Kuan Yin), call 808-982-6774 in Hawaii - and please be mindful that it is several hours earlier there.

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The Intenders are anchoring the Highest Good to Earth. Accordingly, we're seeing everyone around us (including ourselves) in their Highest Light - even while some are unable to see it in themselves. We also create community by sharing our format for gathering in Intenders Circles. For, just as The Code is a template for creating self-empowerment and personal freedom, the Intenders Circle holds the blueprint for coming together in conscious community during the current transition and beyond.

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