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July 2013

Table of Contents

~The Intenders are Community Makers
~Cybercircle Gems - Lori's Visualization
~A Vision for a World Based On Love
~Get What You Want Selling Out at Costco
~Our Calling - What if?
~The Code Poster

The Intenders are Community Makers

Of all the things we could be doing to better our lives none offers more promise than coming together in community. For it is in community that we support each other, help each other, manifest together, line up with the Highest Good together and set the stage for the higher experience of Unity Awareness to occur together. People all across the Earth are beginning to come out of their isolation and separation now because they've realized that we are all connected and that that connection is what will ultimately bring us back to our greatness as human beings.

Each of us is like a cell in a immense entity called Humanity. When we all work together synergistically, then all is well and we are capable of great things. When we work separately or against each other, Humanity as a whole and each one of us suffers. Isn't it time, now, for us to do what we came here to do in earnest? Let us realize, as The Code says, that miracles are bestowed as we hold our attention on that which connects us and discard that which separates us . . .

We must begin to join together in small groups, and then use our collective imagination to connect these groups to one another. When enough of us are embracing the vision of all groups everywhere, merging our lights and coming together as One, we will reawaken to that which we have already known - that this feeling of Oneness is our home, our place of comfort where we find our true selves and take a breather before embarking upon other exciting adventures out there in the endless, eternal Universe.

Excerpt from Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions

Start with yourself and then move out into the world -
and the world will welcome you with open arms

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Cybercircle Gems - Lori Kalfayan's Visualization

Since starting our Intenders Cybercircles we've been fortunate to hear some real gems. The following visualization came last week from Lori Kalfayan who hosts the Sunday afternoon Goddess Cybercircle, This gem was so good that no one said a word when she was done sharing it. We intend that you enjoy it as much as we did.
Close your eyes, take a couple deep breaths, and just relax. Imagine you're sitting outside, gazing at the most magnificent sunset you've ever seen. You're reflecting on not only the beauty of our world, but of your life. You're living in the home of your dreams, in the perfect location for you - whether it's near a body of water, the woods, or a beautiful neighborhood somewhere, it's exactly where you want to be; you're driving the vehicle you always pictured you would; your career is more rewarding than you ever could have even imagined, and all your personal relationships are harmonious - especially your love relationship.
You feel so fulfilled! You're grateful for every bit of it - even the contrast that provides more clarity. How can it get any better than this? You give thanks for this fantastic life you're living as the sun sets beyond the horizon and you look forward to whatever tomorrow may bring.

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Get What You Want Selling Out at Costco

We had a husband and wife from Virginia in our last Sunday evening Intenders Cybercircle who bought Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions at their nearby Costco and after reading it they went back to Costco to get more copies for friends and it was sold out!

On top of that, our publisher, Brenda Knight at Viva Editions, called last week to say that Costco was now going to offer Get What You Want on the west coast too. All of this, of course, is music to our ears because we made the intention long ago that our unique Intenders Information goes into the mainstream and helps people in all walks of life. Indeed, this book, Get What You Want, was specifically written so that those who are becoming disenchanted at this time with their mainstream status quo values would have an empowering, uplifting place to turn in these ever-changing times.

Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions

Hello Intenders,
I have cried this morning with the pure gratitude of reading the story of the dog in Reminder #3. You go Rusty, I know where you are now--free.
Much love and light to you dear people at the Intenders,
Ellann Lehdey, Australia

Hi Tony,
You guys rock big time! I so love your messages! and am forever grateful and full of grace for your heart, your love, and your great, great inspirations of light and truth. Everything you share...everything...truly rings true in the depths of my soul. I feel so at home here, as I know so many of us do. It is such a sweet reunion and a very enlightened awakening to continue connecting with all these Intenders and bringers of the Light and of the most highest good for all.
Much, much gratitude, love and light,
Janice Patterson

That said, we encourage those you who live near a Costco to go in and buy this one-of-a-kind book. If the hundreds of testimonials we've received are an indication, we are sure you'll be glad you did - and to make things even better, you will pay less for it at Costco than anywhere else. If, however, you do not have a Costco near you, you can order it in print or Ebook directly from us by Clicking Here.

A Vision for a World Based On Love

We recently received a beautiful submission for The Vision Alignment Project from our old friend, Kevin Christian, who starred in our first film, The Intention Process: A Guide for Conscious Manifestation and Community Making. Kevin has a bright shining Spirit and truly embodies the ideas he set forth in his wonderful Vision below. Thanks so much for sharing with us, Kevin!

I see a world with love as our highest value, above any fear-based needs such as survival - and, as a result, all of our actions are stemming from love, not fear. What if we lived from love, unconditional love, creating love, giving love, being loving? What if we fully opened our hearts fearlessly and let our love shine and lead us?
What would this planet be like then if we, through love being our highest value and being our primary driving force, created experiences of pure love for ourselves and others; if we then shared our love; if we then lived from love? It would be a heaven on earth where all life lives in harmony, cooperatively creating together a Garden of Eden. I intend that we, above all else, first and foremost, live from love, in love, giving love - and that love is our highest aspiration. Will you align we me?
As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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Our Calling - What if?

I was chatting with Lee Ching via Tina last week and he was saying that if everyone was to live their life's purpose - to do what they came here to do - then our world, which is currently fraught with challenges and uncertainty, would heal in a jiffy.

You know, when you really think about it, he's right. Right now most people are working at jobs they don't like, commuting too far, staying in places or relationships that have long outlived their joy, scrambling at breakneck speed and rarely stopping to think what it is that they truly came here to do. For, when people stop long enough - and are willing to break free from their stuck-ness and step into their true calling in life - then our entire world and everyone in it will be a better place.

Indeed, when one person turns away from their old routines and begins to do what they truly love doing, not only their world, but the whole world becomes a lighter and brighter place.

God's plan for us is always in the Highest and Best Good.
We just have to be willing to tap into it.

The Code Poster
The Code

I subscribe to the Intenders and have signed up my friends and family too. It's really making huge, wonderful differences in my life. Thank you! I bought The Code movie for my mom's 60th birthday early in October and love it. I also recite The Code daily. It makes me very happy and I always really "feel" it and smile while saying it out loud. Thank you again!
Katie E. Heath
Indianapolis, IN

The Code is a synthesis of some of our most powerful Intentions. If you say it once a day it will begin to change your life for the better right away. You can download a free 8.5 x 11 color copy of The Code Poster to put on your wall by Clicking Here.


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