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The Intenders Newsletter #2

July 2011

Table of Contents

~Staying Positive - No Matter What
~A Beautiful Short Intention Story From Amalia
~Surprising Experiences with Donations
~Christmas in July Special
~Tina and Lee Ching

Staying Positive - No Matter What

Is there anything more important than staying positive in these times, or in any times? It seems to be the lesson for so many of us nowadays. Having learned that our thoughts and words are the precursors to our daily, worldly experiences, we now know that keeping our attention on any negative, limiting, angry, doubtful or harmful thoughts takes us in the exact opposite direction from where we intend to go.

With each day that passes, more of us are staying awake to that which we are creating with our everyday thoughts and words. We are remembering, when unserving thoughts come to mind, to go back to our original intention or vision: "I AM healthy, happy, abundant, perfect in every way, and so forth." Indeed, not only are we remembering to continue to call up our positive thoughts, we are also learning to trust in the Intention Process / Law of Attraction at a much deeper level than ever before. This is what is needed if we are going to remain uplifted in the days ahead.

You see, our souls, in their infinite wisdom, are arranging it so that we are having the exact experiences we need in order for us to reach our ultimate joy. At the same time, the chaos in the world is leading us to a strengthening of our resolve to hold steadfast to that which we truly desire to create for ourselves. As we are strengthened, we are rising up and out of the worldly turmoil and into the light of our own power: a power that sets us free from our past; a power that allows us to retain our emotional balance in any and all situations; a power that, when we stay positive long enough, cleanses our world and connects us to the knowledge of who we really are.

A Beautiful Short Intention Story From Amalia

The note that follows came in through our Intenders Founders Circle Facebook Page. It is a beautiful example of an almost instantaneous manifestation that happened after our Founders Circle members envisioned it. Enjoy!

Tony, thank you for this site and all you do. I had the pleasure of meeting you several years ago at a gathering at Katherine Metcalf's home in Phoenix. I was out of touch for a long time and I stumbled across the website yesterday. I started to read The Code aloud to my fiancee and I became overwhelmed emotionally. I posted on the wall yesterday to intend employment for him and this morning he received a phone call and he starts his new job tomorrow!! Thank you!!!
Amalia Chavez Hultsch

Thank You, Amalia! Stories like yours let others know that they, too, can use these tools to manifest their dreams!

Surprising Experiences with Donations

Some of you may have noticed that we have started removing the Donation buttons and links from our Intenders Bridge Messages and The Vision Alignment Project Visions. As it happened, when we had only a couple of small, inconspicuous Donation links on our sites and daily messages, we received lots of love offerings from you - and these helped us immensely to keep our free programs running!

Therefore, thinking that if we put Donations links on all our messages we would enhance our opportunity to receive even more of your gifts, we went ahead and inserted Donation links on everything - and guess what happened? We stopped receiving donations entirely. We haven't received but one $10 donation in the last several months.

So now, over the next few weeks (it takes awhile to do this), we will be removing 99% of our Donation links from our daily messages. After all, we do not do this work for the money. We do it for the Love and to be truly helpful to others. That's why we keep our product prices low and our Visions and Bridge messages free.

The money we need to keep our free programs running will come, as it always has, from unexpected sources. It sure is wonderful, though, when we do receive a Donation from you to help us out.

Christmas in July Holiday Special

One of our most popular and empowering products is our Year-Round Holiday Special. Containing 20 Handbooks - 10 copies of The Intenders Handbook and 10 copies of The Highest Light Teachings for a total of $60 - here is a wealth of information about stepping into your power and where best to direct it after you've accessed it.

Our Christmas in July Special

These little Handbooks fit easily in your pocket or purse. They are some of the best gifts you can give to your friends to help them navigate through these changing times. To order our Christmas in July Holiday Special, Click Here.

Tina and Lee Ching

For those of you who are having unique challenges in your life, we are honored to continue to offer the services of Tina Stober and Lee Ching. Tina and Lee Ching helped us from the very beginning of The Intenders Circles, and they are still available to help Intenders today. You can reach Tina by calling 808-982-6774 in Hawaii and please keep in mind that it is several hours earlier there than on the US Mainland. Tina typically receives love offerings from between $50 to $200 for an hour of her time.


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