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The Intenders Newsletter

July 2011

Table of Contents

~A Vision for Freedom via Forgiveness
~The Facebook Founders Circle
~Highest Light House Website Coming Soon
~Intenders Abundance Circles in Australia!
~Vicki's Pendulums and Crystal Heart Necklaces
~An Old Quote for Today's World

A Vision for Freedom via Forgiveness

In the Spirit of bringing topics that are timely and relevant to light, today we celebrate the American Independence Day by offering a Vision for Freedom via Forgiveness. It is our Intention that you not only Align with it by clicking on the Big Green YES Button, but that you also begin to incorporate it, as we are, into your daily life.

We see a world where freedom and peace have blossomed everywhere because everyone who lives on this wondrous planet has forgiven everyone else for whatever trespass they have done, or were thought to have done.

We see a world where all those who selfishly lord over the peoples of the Earth - the puppeteers, as well as their puppets, presidents, politicals and pawns of the pawns who have sold out their fellow men and women for fear of not having enough for themselves - are utterly forgiven en masse; where all those throughout history who have played the roles of of the bad guy - whether they wear the garb of the Nazi, the Hun, the Mongol, the Roman legion, the American soldier, the Muslim extremist, the Yankee, the Reb, the tyrant or the terrorist - are completely forgiven by all; where those in our own family line - our fathers and great grandfathers who abused, bullied and beat us in the name of a false love - are entirely forgiven regardless of the pain and suffering they inflicted; and where we have called forth and confronted our own dark energies and experiences - the ones that have wrought harm or wronged others back through our entire existence - and we have shined the white, cleansing light of forgiveness upon every part of ourselves.

Take a moment and imagine what it's like in a world where each and every one of us has forgiven everyone else. Now we are free within our own hearts and minds. Now we are free to build a true Heaven on Earth.

Now we are free . . .

YES! I ALIGN with this VISION.

To Align with this Vision, click on the YES Button above and it will show you how many people have Aligned with our Visions to date.
Thanks for Making a Difference!

The Facebook Founders Circle - True Community Spirit in Cyberspace

After many years and setting up several blogs and forums for the purpose of helping people with their intentions and manifesting, we have finally found a venue that really works - on Facebook! It's called Intenders of the Highest Good ~ The Founders Circle and it makes use of their new Group page format which allows people to help each other in so many ways.

The Founders Circle, like all Intenders Circles, is an Open Group, which means that anyone can join, post and see what's going on. And you should see the posts and comments! The quality of information is definitely a cut above anything we have been a part of before. And one more thing: The Spirit of Community and the Love that the contributors feel for one another in their comments is something we never thought possible in a cyberspace-based environment.

"Have you all noticed that the most amazing people are on this particular group site? I try to click on every 'like' to learn more about who you are, where you come from, your particular journey, etc. You folks are truly amazing, like rare flowers tossed to different corners of this vast and wild inspire, to make beautiful. Many thanks to all of you. Keep on blooming!"
ILona Byczek
Click on the link below to join us on Facebook at:
The Intenders Facebook Founders Circle

Highest Light House Website Coming Soon

We've got about a month to go before we unveil our newest web site, Highest Light House. At present, we have steadily been adding new products that are aligned with helping people become more proficient at manifesting and more prepared for the paradigm shift that is upon us. It is our intention to find the most cutting edge books, CDs, DVDs, Card Sets and informational materials, as well as tools, essences, games, blessed jewelry and other items designed to help you to move through these times as easily and gracefully as possible.

In the same way, we will also be offering the services of several very high quality intuitive readers and channels who specialize in everything from animal communication to spiritual coaching. We feel that these times are so life-changing and filled with opportunities that many will need a place to turn where they know they are in the presence of others who only want the Highest Good for them, who only see them in their Highest Light.

Stay tuned! We'll keep you posted - and in the meantime, here are three products that you will be seeing on our new Highest Light House site.

Believe - A Children's Book by Katharine Emlen

Believe by Katharine Emlen is an uplifting Children's Book that, in the 2 months since we started offering it, has become one of our bestsellers. This hardcover book lets you teach your children about the Law of Attraction and enjoy Katharine's beautiful photography at the same time. To find out more or order it, you can Click Here.

Katharine has also created I AM Magnet Boards that are very useful in helping you Set the Course for your day - or your life! They are each filled with phrases specifically designed to act as reminders that will jump start your higher self into action. She has 2 versions - the Goddess Version and the Professional Version - and we are honored to make them both available to you at this time.

I AM Magnets - Goddess Version

I AM Magnets - Professional Version

For more information about our I AM Magnet Boards and to see larger images, Click Here.

Intenders Abundance Circles in Australia!

The Intenders have been very popular in Australia for a long time. Here's a letter that came in from Shauna Cotter from the Melbourne area.

"I love the Intenders, I am manifesting so much it is crazy, I just manifested a month away in a tropical paradise!! I asked for someone to rent my home to pay my rent while I am away and I Intended that they are honest and he works for the Dept of Justice!!!! I am so passionate about this I have started "Abundance Circles" to teach others how to do this and I have many mighty manifesters coming in each Circle."

Keep up the great work that you do, it is so important,
with love, gratitude and much abundance,
Shauna Cotter / Abundance Goddess!!

PS: If you'd like to take part in one of Shauna's Circles she can be reached at 0417 803 481 or {}

The Intenders Create Your Own Community Package

You can start your own Intenders Abundance Circle by getting Our Create Your Own Community Package. It is only $39 and you can find out more about it by Clicking Here.

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces and Pendulums

We have had so many wonderful testimonials from people who have purchased Vicki Harding's Highest Light Pendulums and Crystal Heart Necklaces that we we would be remiss if we didn't include them on our new Highest Light House site as well. In fact, here are two letters we received recently:

"I ordered, received and love my own crystal necklace. I received it just before our roadtrip to visit our daughter and son in law. They loved it, and so I am ordering this one for them. They will be sooo happy to have it. Thank you very much."
Adrienne Myers

"I just loved the Pendulum you made for me, it was perfect, exactly what I love in colour and beads! This one is for my daughter."
Sue Kowel

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces    Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces are $35 and her Highest Light Pendulums are $20. She also includes a sheet that will show how to use your new pendulum. To order your Crystal Heart Necklace or Highest Light Pendulum now, Click Here.

An Old Quote for Today's World
We'd like to leave you with a quote, circa 1915, from Constructive Thought by Benjamin Johnson.

"There are many who assert that their own prosperity and happiness commenced when they learned the fallacy of weeping with their friends and extending worry thoughts, and changed to the art of cheering their friends and sending messages (intentions) of health, prosperity, success and happiness."


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