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The Intenders Newsletter


July 2010

Table of Contents

~The Conscious Convergence and the Vision Alignment Project
~Vision Alignment Project Update - The Visions From Down Home Videos
~Can We Really Live by Manifesting?
~Living by Manifesting Tools
~Vicki's Heart Crystal Necklaces

The Conscious Convergence and the Vision Alignment Project

According to some Mayan Calendar people, July 17th (which happened to be my birthday) is the beginning of a new step in our evolution when we enter the cusp of the 9th Mayan Underworld. What this means in laymen's terms is that the speeding up we've been feeling, as well as the shake-up in our core belief systems, is going to be taking on an even greater rate of acceleration, leading us to a grand and glorious new way of life . . . after we get through this time of transition. The old ways that are no longer serving us and keeping us separated from one another are giving way to our awareness of being One with all things - a convergence into Unity Consciousness.
No longer will we war with one another; no longer will a tiny percentage of the population "own" the lion's share of the world's wealth; no longer will we be encumbered and enslaved by our debts and our jobs; no longer will we cast our eyes aside, indifferently, in the face of human suffering. Now we will learn to open our hearts and help one another. Now we will learn to open our minds and make room for possibilities and potentials unlimited.
Many are wisely making intentions for Unity Consciousness in these days, and since we have learned that the key to manifesting is holding a Vision of our intentions already having manifested - seeing the end result from the beginning - we will be sharing our Visions with you on an ongoing, free basis, and we will continue to do so until these Visions reveal themselves to us in real life.

This is the Spirit with which we bring The Vision Alignment Project out to the world at this time. In doing so, we know, from our experiences, that the more people we can get to ALIGN with these VISIONS of the new ways, the sooner they will manifest for all of us.

To Watch Our New VAP Welcome Video,
Or, Sign Up for The Vision Alignment Project,
Click Here.

Vision Alignment Update - The Visions From Down Home Videos

Our Vision Alignment Project is now out of the testing stages and we are readying to take it out to the world at large. Up until now, we have been fine-tuning it and have only sent it out to the Intenders and the Create One Love mailing lists. However, within the next two weeks, we will be officially launching it out to every mailing list and every friend we have in order to insure that it reaches it's highest potential.

For us, it's a Project like no other we've ever been a part of. We've even spent the last week filming many of the Visions and we will be unveiling these short 2-3 minute videos at the same time that we launch it all. We call these short films Visions From Down Home and they are a tool anyone can use to become a better manifestor. For, by ALIGNING with our VISIONS, you are subtly, but powerfully, putting the Law of Attraction / Intention Process to its highest and best use. Indeed, tucked within our VISIONS are the core Intenders teachings brought to life so that just by taking part in The Vision Alignment Project you will become more empowered and know that you are making a difference.

Our first feedback tells us that these Visions From Down Home bring an added dimension to the Project; that they are in a comfortable, enjoyable format so that the average person who is noticing that things are speeding up faster than they'd anticipated has something positive that they can do, right away, to better their life.

Stay Tuned . . .

WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW-WOW-FANTASTIC!! This Vision Alignment Project is magnificent. It is what I have believed in and intended since I began to use the Internet. I don't have to create the site. Its already done! I intend for that 1,000,000 people to join ASATUSTIMWINOW!!! (As Soon As The Universe Sets This In Motion Which Is NOW!!!!!!.  

Bright Blessings from Will Magnus (TwoHawk Speaking for White Eagle)

Can We Really Live by Manifesting?

After our last newsletter we received a letter from a lady named Darlene who questioned the story about me having manifested my Van.
Darlene writes: "I don't know about you, but this type of a story and incident seriously makes me wonder. I believe in coincidences and the power of prayer but when it comes to something like this I really wonder if it actually happened this way, or this is just a made up story to get people to become followers and believers? What do you think?"
Upon receiving this email, my helpful assistant, Pam Baugh, answered: 
"Hi Darlene,
I can tell you it is true...because Tony was doing that workshop in Redding when he had trouble with his old van. My husband went out and took him to the car care place we use where the staff fixed what was a minor problem that time....for no charge. I live in Redding and was the one who had set up the workshop here....I also work for him doing this correspondence and some upkeep on the website...So yes, it really happened. Intending works!"
Humbly, I'd like to respond to Darlene as well, because her note showed me that there must many people out there who think it can't be done; who think that there are limits to what we can create for ourselves, and this touches me deeply.

Indeed, from my point of view, Darlene, we have within us - each and every one of us - the ability and the where-with-all to be conscious co-creators and create anything we like with our lives. Unfortunately however, many of us have abdicated our place upon the throne of our own power by buying into all of the limiting beliefs we were taught along the way.

That's the main reason why I have chosen to consciously Live by Manifesting for all of these years. I see very few people out there doing it. Long ago, my guidance informed me that someone had to be an example for others in order to show them that it is possible to live by deliberately making intentions, holding visions, and aligning with the Highest Good. That's why I haven't taken a steady job in my adult life: I've wanted and intended to see what happens when we learn to work with the Laws of Manifestation; when we learn to trust that our thoughts do turn into material objects and experiences if we just believe it is so.

In all honesty, it hasn't always been easy, and, many times, things have come to me at the very last minute. But it has always worked.
And so, Darlene, I have devoted my life to Living by Manifesting, (in contrast to living 9 to 5 and having to go through all the typical steps it takes to accumulate the money to buy the things I need, as well as to come up with all the expenses it takes to fund and run a worldwide intentional community like The Intenders.) As a result, I've come to understand that I can intend something, and if I don't let any limiting, unserving, doubtful thoughts get in my way, and if it's in the Highest Good for All Concerned, I can create anything I can think of - even a beautiful Van of my own to drive around in.

Tony's Van

Living By Manifesting Tools

We talk a great deal about Living by Manifesting in our Intenders teachings because we see it, ever-so-clearly, as our collective next step in life. We see it as the culmination of the 2012 cycle we're going through whereby we all learn to take our power back and become conscious manifestors in the next couple of years.

That's why we offer books to you like The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, Law of Agreement, and The Code, as well as our Living by Manifesting and On the Road with The Code DVD Sets. It is our intention that these materials allow you to learn from our stories - as well as the stories and experiences of many empowered Intenders from all across the globe.

DVD Cover    LM DVD Cover

To Order Our Highest Light Holders 5 DVD Special for $36 consisting of
On the Road with The Code (2 DVDs) and
Living by Manifesting (3 DVDs) 

EXTRA! For the rest of this month we have decided to include a copy of The Intenders Handbook with every order we receive for our Highest Light Holders Special.

Vicki's Heart Crystal Necklaces

We have a new item on our Shopping Cart! Our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, brought back a bunch of beautiful crystals from our last trip through Arkansas and she has handcrafted them into necklaces and programmed them to open, grow, and heal the heart chakra.

Dug or bought right from the mines, (so they are untouched by anyone other than Vicki), these unique quartz crystals are wrapped with copper wire and stones that resonate with the heart. As with her Pendulums and Talking Feathers, Vicki blesses each one individually with the Highest Light and Love. Before mailing, she also pendulums or asks which crystal necklace is the one for your Highest Good.

Every Heart Crystal Necklace comes with a paper which tells about some of stones included in the wrapping. They are $35 each.

Vicki's Heart Crystal Necklaces

To Order your Heart Crystal Necklace today, you can Click Here
and Scroll Down to the bottom of our Intenders Shopping Cart.



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