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The Intenders Newsletter


July 2010

Table of Contents

~A Wonderful Manifestation Story
~The Vision Alignment Project is Changing the World!
~Vested Interests and the Transition to a New Way of Life
~Tina, Lee Ching and friends
~Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums
~Tony's Travels

A Wonderful Manifestation Story

Our friend, Kass Callaghan, recently requested a contribution to her new OV blog about Random Acts of Kindness. Here it is:
I have seen so many random acts of kindness happen as a result of people having made an Intention in our Intenders Circles; in fact, making a Conscious Intention seems to open us up to experiencing random acts of kindness on an on-going basis. When we intend for them to happen to us, THEY DO!
Here's just one example that happened to me recently. My old Dodge Van was getting tired and I needed a newer one so I could get around the country to do my work. I was in Redding, CA in an Intenders Circle and made an Intention that I have a newer, more reliable, custom, conversion van with all the bells and whistles. The next day, my old van went into the shop for another minor repair and, there, on the counter as I was paying my bill for the repair, was a flyer for a beautiful newer Dodge Conversion Van. I tore off one of the phone number tags and called the lady who happened to live 3 blocks from the repair shop. In 10 minutes I was looking at one of the most beautiful Vans I'd ever seen. There was only one problem, though. I didn't have the 12000 dollars she wanted for it. I didn't even have a thousand dollars at the time because I'd just spent it all to get on the road.
The following day I was in another Intenders Circle in the next town which was Grants Pass, Oregon. When it came my turn to make my Intentions, I stated the same Intention I made in the Redding Intenders Circle - that I have a newer, wonderful Conversion Van and that it comes to me freely, easily, and effortlessly.
Right after the Circle, I was standing outside Divakar Yoga Studio where we had gathered, and a man from the Circle approached me. He said his name was Pete and that he had just inherited a great deal of money and that he would gladly buy me a Van! I cannot tell you how good it felt! I immediately called the lady in Redding back and made all the arrangements. A few days later I was back in Redding, driving away in my newer, and much fancier, Dodge Conversion Van . . . all because of an amazing Random Act of Kindness from a man I had never even met before. Thank God for the power in the Intenders Circles!
~ Tony Burroughs

The Vision Alignment Project is Changing the World
In our last newsletter we announced the launch of The Vision Alignment Project to our subscribers. The Vision Alignment Project is intentionally designed to have a pivotal impact on our reaching a critical mass / tipping point by giving people the opportunity to Align with a Vision written around various subjects that are happening in our world today. The Visions, which come in your email every other day, reflect the end result / outcome we're intending for and are always positive and uplifting. We are keeping track of the number of "Vision Alignments" via a hit counter that people see when they hit the "Yes" I Align with this Vision" Button at the end of each Vision.
We started The Vision Alignment Project less than two weeks ago and we have already had over 8000 "Vision Alignments" and the counter is picking up speed everyday. Our intention is that we reach 1,000,000 "Vision Alignments" in the very near future.
You can join The Vision Alignment Project by Clicking Here. It is Free and you can help us reach our goal by passing your favorite Visions along to your list of friends. Each time you align with one of the Visions, you will know, without a doubt, that you have taken us all one step closer to creating a better world for ourselves.
~~You can create a world that is always in support of you~~

Vested Interests and the Transition to a New Way of Life

Speaking of Alignments, we here at Intenders Central appreciate and align with Patricia Cota Robles astute, insightful lightwork. Her latest newsletter (see eraofpeace.org) is spot on, saying that our vested interests in the diseases, wars, crimes, and so forth keep us attached to the old ways. After all, what will people do if these things fall by the wayside? 
Says Patti. "For instance, what would happen if all of a sudden disease and the degenerative process of aging were eliminated from the planet? Imagine the number of people who would be out of work: doctors, nurses, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, pharmacies, drug companies, medical insurance companies, and all of the workers who support these industries. Millions of people have a vested interest in keeping us sick.

What would happen if war were eliminated? This would cause a great deal of concern for military personnel. Millions would be out of work if our military complex and the war machine were no longer needed.

What if Humanity remembers the Oneness of Life? What if we all recognize the Divinity within each other, and we truly develop a reverence for all Life? Crime, corruption, violence, greed, and everything associated with the criminal aspects of our present existence would be eliminated. Think of the number of people who would be out of work if we no longer needed the criminal justice system, police, security officers, prisons, prison guards, criminal lawyers, et cetera. What in the world would we watch on television or in the movies? It is interesting to observe that since many of the prisons in the USA have been privatized, the population of the prisons in this country has more than doubled. Prisons cannot succeed as a private business without lots of prisoners. There are millions of people who are vested in keeping crime alive and well . . .

Everything existing on Earth at this time is the result of Humanity's collective consciousness. If we do not like what is happening in our individual lives or on the planet, we can join together and co-create a new reality. Our task is to have enough of us focusing our attention on the patterns of perfection for the New Earth to reach a critical mass."

And that is what The Vision Alignment Project is all about - getting enough of us to focus our attention, to hold our Vision on the ideal for the New Earth until it is made manifest. We align with you and thank You, Patricia Cota Robles.

Click Here to sign up for  THE VISION ALIGNMENT PROJECT.

Tina, Lee Ching and Friends

Just a reminder for those of you who need personal counseling or coaching in this time of great change. Tina Stober, our resident messenger, can be reached by calling 808-982-6774 in Hawaii. Tina is the voice for Lee Ching, Quan Yin, and several other Light Beings who are always happy to be called on. Tina's manner is so gentle that you cannot help but feel loved during these sessions. Each session lasts about an hour and Tina usually receives tithes anywhere from $50 to $200 for her time.

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums
If you are intending to find a way to be more discerning in these fast changing times, you can begin to explore the amazing world of dowsing and divination. These ancient practices have helped people for eons by opening up their intuition and helping them to trust in that which is invisible but very real, nonetheless.
Our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, blesses each one of these beautiful Pendulums as she handcrafts them. Not only that, she checks in with each pendulum to find out which one is the perfect one for you. 

Highest Light Pendulums

To Order Your Highest Light Pendulum, you can
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Tony's Travels

For those of you who are following the continuing journey of Intenders author, Tony Burroughs, as he travels the country practicing the Intention Process and living by manifesting, Tony is still in Oregon working on a 25 acre farm with Richard Blackstone and making new friends in the local Eugene / Springfield Intenders Circle.
At present, the gardens are overflowing with organic veggies, and Tony and Richard are building a studio in the barn for filming the Visions for The Vision Alignment Project. They built a 22' Medicine Wheel beside the river yesterday, and not a day goes by without something wonderful manifesting. In fact, 5 minutes after he put the last stone in place in the Medicine Wheel, a bald Eagle and a hawk flew by, heading north along the river, swooping and shrieking as they played together. Tony's intention from a few newsletters ago was to be in community and get back to basics during this time of great change. As you can see, that - and more - is exactly what is happening!

Create Your Own Community Package

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