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January 2009

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~ A New Year's Note from Tony
~ Yonja's letter - Experience "ON THE ROAD WITH THE CODE"
~ Intenders Bridge Video Messages Coming in 2009
~ Our Create Your Own Community Package
~ The Phoenix Funshop on Feb 1
~ A Timely Message about Money and Trust from Lee Ching
~ Tina and Lee Ching

A New Year's Note from Tony

During these past holidays I've been taking stock of my work over the last 15 years. The reason I started this grand endeavor is because I had a vision back when we began The Intenders. I saw a world where we - all of humanity - had reached a critical mass, a tipping point, and the old fearful, confining paradigm went away and was replaced by one that honored the Human Spirit, our Earth Mother, and where all the animals, plants and people were living, once again, in harmony, peace, and joy.

As a result, I have worked tirelessly toward the realization of this vision as you can tell by all my books, videos, and community-making travels with The Intenders. It's interesting, however, that the greatest challenge in getting my work out to the world comes from humanity itself. Most of humanity is holding on tightly to their old, unempowered ways. They don't seem to share our vision for a better life, even though it is entirely within their reach.

That hasn't stopped me, though, because I truly believe that when more of us begin to see that we can be living in a wondrous, glorious paradise, and that all we need is already here, then we will create it for ourselves. All we have to do is stop putting so much of our attention on that which separates us and start putting more of our attention on that which connects us.

As I said, the greatest resistance to manifesting my vision comes from humanity itself. The mainstream media is beginning to change as witnessed by the success of The Secret and Eckhart Tolle's online courses that Oprah assisted in getting out to the world. I know that my work has been ahead of its time. After 15 years, 5 books, 2 videos, 2 comprehensive websites with all sorts of (costly) freebies, and having visited literally hundreds of Intenders Circles across the country, it is NOW time for my work to be part of our mainstream culture. It is time for our vision of paradise on Earth to come true.

To be honest, at times getting this work out to the world has been like making a steep, uphill trek. In fact, it's difficult to fathom sometimes because as you honestly look around you will see that this is a very unique work. There is nothing else quite like it, for it is set up to bring us together and empower us at the same time. Likewise, The Intenders is a true grassroots movement that has been built on a strong foundation - we are not just talking about conscious manifesting, we are applying these principles in our own lives and are actually living by manifesting.

That having been said, I'd like to make a New Year's Intention here and now. I Intend that The Intenders is receiving major National Publicity now; that we have received a large sum of money now so we can take this one-of-a-kind work out into the mainstream where it is truly needed; that The Intenders and The Code are household words; and that people everywhere are sharing our vision of a better world, and, therefore, are creating it. So be it and so it is.

If you share our vision and are in a position to help us manifest any of these intentions, please email {}.

My Gratitudes in advance!
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Yonja's letter - Experience "ON THE ROAD WITH THE CODE"

What can I say about this DVD? It is more than just a DVD talking about The Code. The fact is that the people who are on this DVD connect with their audience, large or small, and the one who is watching becomes more than a mere observer, but a participant - one with the group and their intentions. I had a powerful experience one Sunday afternoon as I listened to Tony and the rest of the group members share their experiences while they introduced The Code. It felt like a meditation, a way of connecting with higher consciousness.

The second part of the DVD includes exercises that allowed the audience to participate as well. When Tony was invoking our guides on the DVD, I felt the energetic shift, as their presence filled my living room. You don't simply watch On the Road with the Code - you become one with the process. This DVD is not something to be watched once and set aside. It is a valuable tool for our journey, which we can watch from time to time, and feel its power assist us in our conscious intention process.

May the light from the universe shine upon you and deliver you all your needs and may you be present to receive them with grace.

May your worries be like smoke in the wind - dissolve away with the smallest puff - so breathe and exhale.

May you have the strength to get through your days - good, bad, indifferent.

May your heart be open to give and receive love in all ways.

May you find peace in mind, body and soul - no matter your circumstances.

I intend that you are walking in line with your Divine purpose tall and strong and you are manifesting all your needs with ease in the highest good of all.

So be it, and so it is.

It is done. It is done. It is done.

Yonja Berberoglu

Thank You, Yonja!

DVD Cover

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Intenders Bridge Video Messages Coming in 2009

In the near future we at The Intenders are going to be bringing you a series of short, 5 minute video messages that we call Living by Manifesting. In these webcam Bridge messages, we will be addressing some of the issues that we feel are the most relevant to today's challenges. We do this because it is our intent that we are doing everything we can to help you become familiar with these empowering Intenders principles as quickly as possible. We'll keep you posted!

Sales for Our Create Your Own Community Package are Skyrocketing!

Our Create Your Own Community Package is, all of a sudden, selling like hotcakes! We're not quite sure why, but we assume that it is because more and more people nowadays are realizing the wisdom in coming together and Intending together. What with the world changing as rapidly as it is, along with our old separatist ways bringing increasing discomfort to those who cling to them, it is only natural that the next step is for us to gather in groups and learn about what a group of people with focused, shared intent can accomplish (especially when they line up with the Highest Good.)

Intenders Create Your Own Community Package

To order a Create Your Own Community Package now, you can go to: Our Shopping Cart

The Phoenix/Scottsdale Funshop on Feb 1

Here's a great alternative to the Super Bowl. Tony Burroughs and Aaron Jacobson will be presenting a Funshop at A Peace of the Universe, 7000 E. Shea Blvd. in Scottsdale, Arizona 85254 on February 1st from 1 to 5pm. Seating is limited so please RSVP Judith at 480-596-3755 or Victoria 602-820-3126.

A Timely Message about Money and Trust from Lee Ching

Everyone's fear about money is coming to the surface now. The answer lies in trust. Do you trust in your financial portfolio or in a higher power? A higher power has always been there for you, but you have to trust in it. Indeed, if you look back you will see that everything you have needed has always come to you. While many are still filled with the fear of not having anything to fall back on, gifts are being given to those of you who are letting go and opening up. It is a great truth that as you surrender, everything shows up.

Tina and Lee Ching

As always, those of you who would like to seek counsel from a higher power can call original Intender, Tina Stober, in Hawaii at 808-982-6774. Tina lovingly brings through our favorite guide, Lee Ching and many other helpers to assist you with whatever you're going through. Tina typically requests a donation of from $50 to $200 and please take note that it is 3 hours earlier in Hawaii from the west coast.


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