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January 2015

In the spirit of new beginnings for the year 2015, we're devoting this issue of The Intenders Newsletter to Visioning. For, it is when we become proficient at this part of the manifestation process that everything in our life gets better.

Table of Contents

~Visioning and Meditation = Manifesting
~Russell Maier's Vision for Living in Harmony
~Wendy Johnson's Vision for Withdrawing from War
~Diana's Beautiful Vision for the Animals
~My Vision - Intention Circles in the Classrooms
~Gratitudes For Your Help

Visioning and Meditation = Manifesting

Life proceeds on two fronts: the inner and the outer. We explore our inner world by meditating, and we create our outer world by manifesting. Both are equally important to us, and yet we tend to spend the bulk of our energy focused on the outer, and, to our great detriment, we neglect our inner world. We tend to get stuck in our outer world with all its dramas and distractions, so much so that we forget about potentials within us that could not only bring us inner peace but also greatly enhance our manifesting skills.

Indeed, we bring our inner and outer worlds together and combine our meditating and manifesting techniques when we enVision our dreams and desires having come true in advance. Here's how it works:

One of the main ingredients to proficient conscious manifesting (along with Intending, Desiring, Believing, Acting As If, Letting Go, etc.) is enVisioning the end result from the beginning. That is, we build a picture in our mind that represents the pivotal point in the process where the final successful act is accomplished.

If you were building a house, for instance, you might enVision your final successful act as seeing yourself sitting in the completely finished living room with your feet up on the coffee table while you gaze out the window at your beautiful new view of the mountains. (I've manifested this one a few times.) In your Vision, you would picture all the objects and colors just as you'd like them - pinewood walls, high ceilings, blazing fireplace, nice rugs and great adjoining kitchen. Sit quietly for a few minutes as you fill in the picture of your finished home in detail, holding this Vision as vividly and vigorously as you can in your mind - concentrating on it just like you would if you were guiding yourself through a meditation.

When you're done with your Vision/Meditation, ask that the Highest Good is served by it all having manifested. Do this once a day (no more than twice, lest you bring doubt into the process) and then let it go and put no more thought to it. Now, all you've got to do is be open to receive.

This is how you bring your Visions into manifestation. This is how you create . . .

Look within and see what would give you the most joy

I had some money that was owed to me which was long overdue. The bills were mounting up and I was starting to worry about it . . . when I remembered that I could consciously manifest the money. I began by sitting quietly and bringing myself into a comfortable meditative state. Then, I saw myself at the mailbox, receiving a letter that contained the exact amount of money I needed. I envisioned myself waving the check high in the air and shouting with joy . . . and four days later that's exactly the way it happened! I was standing in front of my mailbox screaming YES!! at the top of my lungs, not just because the money had arrived, but also because the manifestation process worked so well!

Russell Maier's Vision for Living in Harmony

For four years I was stranded in a remote village in the mountains of the Northern Philippines. Fortunately, during this time, I was able to receive your Vision Newsletter by email and I was deeply inspired by it. Also, even more fortunately, the folks of the village accepted me for one of them and I was able to learn much of their wisdom. My neighbors were one of the few unconquered indigenous peoples on the planet-- the Igorots. Their ancestral way of life still thrives in abundant harmony with the cycles of life.

One problem that I encountered was what to do with my plastic waste in the community. There was nowhere for it to go. Inspired by Igorot wisdom (and from your newsletter!), we developed a technology for transformation otherwise polluting plastic into a building block for our gardens using bottles. This started at my house, then spread to the school. This 'Vision Ecobrick' technology has since taken off from our village to others. It is now implemented in an opensource curriculum guide that went out this past year to over 200,000 students. Just as you invite visions, our curriculum guides help teachers invite each student to en-vision their community in harmony with the environment and make ecobricks.

So of course, since we're inviting visions from our students, I had to write one too. I wrote mine in story format to embrace both past and future with the vision. I would like to share it with you and your readers (the whole guide can be found at

I am grateful for your example of inspiring and sharing visions. Please know that you're inspiring across the planet! This year with have the go-ahead from the very highest level of the Filipino government to implement visioning nationwide to approximately 18 million students. Please keep us in your prayers as we undertake this massive vision-empowering opportunity.


Not so long ago, in the land right here, our Ancestors lived in harmony with the plants and animals around them. Their homes, clothes, food and community were like melodies that danced to the songs of Nature's Cycles. Our Great-great-great-grandparents grew food so healthy that they danced all through their long and lively lifetimes.

Our Great-great-grandparents had to work hard, but it was rewarding work that saw their family and community blossom like the flowers and fruits in their gardens. Nothing was wasted. Everything they used was returned to the Circles of Life.

As our Great-Grandparents prospered, they became excited at the new things they could make, buy and trade. They lovingly sought to make the lives of their children easier with new inventions, substances and stuff. But in their passion, our Grandparents forgot how these new things would fit back into the world around us. Waste arrived. And it began to pile up. Sickness and disease followed closely behind.

Afraid for the future, our Grandparents locked the animals and plants in mass cages, mono-fields, and plastic packages. There was more food - but it seemed to make people sick. And there was even more waste. Our parents were even more concerned for their children - for us. They worked even harder to solve the problems. But try as they might, the waste piled ever higher.

Almost forgotten, the gentle melodies of our ancestors sung back to us across the generations. And WE could hear it. We realized, we remembered, that we are part of nature's song, just as the flowers, the fields, the trees - and the "trash". The song included it also - what we had thought was waste was but new notes for our ears. Bottles and plastics and cellophane were not useless - they were marvelous materials to be segregated, saved and sung into new songs never before heard!

Together we began to work with our parents and grandparents to transform our problems into solutions. Together, we began to bend dead-end, product-to-pollution lines back into circles of use and re-use. It was a lot of work, and it was even more fun. Our grey communities began to return to green, the plants and animals frolicked freely and our children were happier than ever before as they played in the rivers, fields and forests.

Never before had the planet sung so sweetly, for once again, this time with deep intention, our homes, ways and lives were melodies in harmony with the song and cycles of life.
Russell Maier

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Wendy Johnson's Vision for Withdrawing from War

Here is a Vision for waging Peace from our friend and long-time Intender in Mountain Home, Arkansas, Wendy Johnson. Thanks so much for your heartfelt words here, Wendy. We intend that we're all pleasantly surprised by how fast your Vision manifests!

We see a world where, consistent with the Law of Agreement, all peoples of the Earth withdraw and withhold their energy and attention from countries that are engaged in war, both war within and war between countries. We see a world where, when violent images are broadcast by the media, all people around the globe switch off their televisions and computers. We see a world where all trade with, travel to and financial support of warring countries ceases.

We see a world where all living beings displaced by war have safe shelter, fresh, clean water and food in abundance and ample assistance from their neighbors and fellow travelers.

We see a world where war has simply vanished because there is no longer any energy supporting it; where all beings are healed from the negative effects of war and violence of any kind; where forgiveness blossoms across the Earth and peace embraces all beings.

Diana's Beautiful Vision for the Animals

This Vision came in from Intender Diana Bernas in Canada. Thank you, Diana! This one is beautiful! She says:

Knowing that our thoughts and our words are the building blocks of our future, and that when enough of us are holding our intentions and visions on that which we would manifest for ourselves, we can bring change to the world around us. In fact, every time we see our world in its ideal state, we are, in that moment, actively and consciously contributing to the creation of our deepest desires, intentions, and visions.

We see a planet that is healthy and vibrant and provides a safe haven for all of life to live to its highest potential. We see a planet that abundantly supplies natural food and clean water to all of its inhabitants, whether they are two-legged, four-legged, land crawlers, water dwellers, winged, furred or finned. We see the transformation of all human hearts to be loving and respectful stewards of this planet, where the breath of life and its intelligence is recognized and respected in all beings.

We see all animals of the planet as healthy and protected in their right to be here. We see humans and animals coexisting in mutual harmony and perfect balance with ample space for all species to survive and naturally thrive. We see all animal guardians and caregivers acting from a place of love, kindness and respect. We see all animals, whether domesticated or wild, as safe and happy in their environments. For the Highest Good of all the animals of this planet. And so it is!

My Vision - Intention Circles in the Classrooms

As many of you know, I have been intending that my next step in lfe is revealed to me. Last week, after seeing a clip on the NBC nightly news of kids meditating in school (fyi: attendance improved, violence decreased, grades went way up, etc. etc.), I had a flash, an insight, a vision of the kids having an Intenders Circle in school. I saw schoolchildren of all ages rearranging their chairs into a circle, saying their gratitudes, intentions and sharing their Visions of their ideal world (and learning that, in their intention-making and vision-sharing, they're contributing to the creation of them.) And all of this done in the name of the Highest Good for each and All.

So now - like anyone who has just come upon the next step in their calling - I'm excited about making a YouTube in a classroom of kids in a circle saying their gratitudes, intentions and visions. If anyone in the Intenders Community out there has any ideas, resources, or a perfect environment for this project please let me know via email at {}. It is my intention and vision that this YouTube is seen by teachers all across the globe and that children the world over are empowered and uplifted by this process in every way imaginable. So Be It and So It Is!

PS: We did it with a class of students at the CWG Alternative School at Humanity's Team National Conference a few years ago in a meeting room in the Georgia Dome - and we had a blast! The kids loved it!
TB 1/15/15

Gratitudes For Your Help

It has been both my honor and my challenge to have borne the considerable expenses involved in bringing all of our free Intenders programs to you over the years. The Daily Bridge Messages, The Vision Alignment Project, our on-going Intenders YouTube productions, our five comprehensive web sites and all the servers, software and equipment needed to keep all of this going has increased in cost while Amazon has cut in to our income more than you can imagine...sometimes I feel like the proprietor of a small Mom and Pop shop who had WalMart move in next door :)

Not to knock Amazon (we go there occasionally ourselves), but our analytics show us that most people who come to our websites and decide to buy our books and products frequently click over to Amazon - and that's okay with us because we want this information to get out there by all means available. However, it causes us to rely on your donations to keep these free programs going out to the people of the world, people who are new to this type of information or people who may not otherwise be able to afford these kinds of materials.

Therefore, we'd like to express our Gratitude to those who have donated to us in the past and to those who donate now and in the future. Your gifts to us go to helping many. To go to our donation page Click Here.

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