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January 2014

Table of Contents

~Intentions For The New Year
~Healing ~ an extract from Wins: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
~A Vision For The World by Intender - Noel West
~The Oneness of Intenders Circles
~Share Your Intentions or Wins
~INTEND Yourself Into Healthiness with Katie Heath

Intentions For The New Year

As we go into the New Year we leave behind what is past and set our Intentions for the year ahead. Tradition would have us setting New Year Resolutions but here at the Intenders we prefer to say Intentions instead. Here are two intentions for you for 2014:

We Intend that we all have a very Happy New Year with wondrous blessings in the days to come. We intend that we are living a healthy lifestyle and that we put only the best, most nutritious and healthy foods into our bodies and that we see ourselves as whole and healthy and living in our Highest Light all of the time.

We also intend that people everywhere are living in peace, comfort, joy and unlimited abundance, for the Greatest and Highest Good of All Beings Everywhere. So Be It and So It Is!

Healing ~ an extract from Wins: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders

"I've had some truly amazing experiences in Intenders Circles over the years. Indeed, anywhere people gather in the name of the Highest Good, it calls forth our soul group, those with whom we've made agreements and arrangements long ago to reunite for the purpose bringing light unto the Earth and all Her people at this grand time in our evolution.

One such experience that happened in the Rohnert Park, CA Intenders Circle 10 years ago made a home in my heart and has stuck with me ever since. My friends, Garth and Dayadevi, hosted the Circle back then and we would regularly have 20 to 40 people encircling their living room. On the particular evening I'm referring to, Garth was saying his intentions when he paused, looked over at me, and said, "You know, Tony. there's nothing I'd rather do in my life than to touch people with my hands and have them be healed right then and there."

Looking back, I remember how the feeling in the room softened when he said it. Everyone was affected in one way or another. We all wanted to help and heal our fellow travelers, and we awaited the day when it would be a commonplace occurrence..

That day is coming. In fact, we can expect it at any moment. I see it ever so clearly. We are touching our friends and acquaintances with our hands, and they are instantly healed of all their health challenges. We are waving our arms in the air, and the polluted skies are cleared and cleansed. We are immersing our hands in the waters of our rivers, lakes and oceans, invoking the Love of God, and the waters are sweet and pure again. We are touching the Earth, and Her soils, Her plants, Her great trees, Her animals, Her creatures of all kinds are completely restored to their peak health and happiness. Everywhere you look, newly transformed, transcended Masters are bringing light into the dark simply by touching everyone and everything they see with their hands."

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Perfect Peace Is Available To You At This Time

A Vision For The World

A powerful vision from Intender Noel West that she recently shared on our facebook group Intenders of the Highest Good ~ The Founders Circle

"I intend to hold a vision for the world where the water and air are clean and refreshing. A world where all the oceans and the life within them are healthy. I intend a world where all life is valued and honored. I intend a world where humans help other humans for everyone's greater good. I intend a world where the soil is rich and provides only healthy crops. I intend a world where peace is always the goal and community is more important than greed and power.
I intend a world where day after day and week after week humans are waking up to their true potential. I intend a world guided by love and compassion. I see a world where loving compromise is the way of the land. I intend to hold the vision where the light of love burns brightly and our enemies become our loved ones. I intend a world where everyone's beautiful chakra colors shine and dominate the landscapes. I intend a world where the energy from Mother Earth shoots up from the ground and into the soles of everyone's feet and fills them with vitality. I hold the vision that this sacred vitality light the entire planet. I hold the vision and intend that our beautiful planet shows the galaxy and the many universes how love and light can transform the dark. And finally, I intend the cells within every life form on earth pulsate with light , love and vitality."

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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The Oneness of Intenders Circles

When we started the Intenders Cybercircles on Google Hangouts, all those months ago, it was with the Intention of bringing like minded Intenders together via their computer connection as many cannot attend a circle in person for various reasons, geographical location being the main one. Now through the miracle of the Internet we can connect face to face via web-cam with fellow Intenders from all around the world. Close friendships are being formed with Intenders that we might never have otherwise met.

Part of meeting with like minded friends is the amazing energy connection that is formed within the Intenders Circles. We have found that even when our members cannot make it to an Intenders Circle, their presence is felt energetically by the rest of the group as they set their Intention to be a part of the circle. One of the things that we do when we meet on-line is to start of our Intenders Cybercircle with a short guided meditation. As we pull our energy together in meditation we can actually feel our friends who are absent from the meeting as their energy joins with us in circle adding their Intention and Alignment to the collective Oneness of our group.

If you would like to be a part of a Cybercircle or perhaps start one of your own with your friends then please contact Lori, our Intenders Cybercircle Co-ordinator, at or sign up here and check out The Intenders You Tube videos for more information.

Share Your Intentions or Wins

Many of the stories and intentions that you read here in our newsletter come from Intenders like you, those who follow the message of the Intenders of The Highest Good and live out this message in their daily life.

If you have an Intention or a Win that you would like to see in print in the Newsletter or even a future book then please send it to and remember to give your permission for The Intenders to publish your submission.

INTEND Yourself Into Healthiness with Katie Heath - The Nutrition Magician

This year I'm keeping myself balanced and healthy by setting my daily intentions. I propelled my health into high gear when I started doing intending first thing in the morning. It's also one of the best ways to set yourself up for happiness each day. It's a way of checking in with You, and when you affirm your own value in this way, you feel more healthy and alive.
So, see how you're feeling when you wake up. Ask what you've got going on that is fun and feels good. If you don't know, use some intentions to set up things for yourself that day that make you excited. In and of itself, this is uplifting and enjoyable! Whether you're feeling crummy or dandy, intend your day unfolds gracefully, easily and joyfully. Intend you have more and more to look forward to. Doing this daily is way of getting to know yourself better, which is a beautiful thing. People who set their days up like this benefit from greater health, have lower stress levels, higher immune function and more energy. Each day is a new beginning, so what's an ideal way to begin yours? With intention!

Katie Heath, NTP, CNC, CNHP

Katie Heath, the Nutrition Magician, is a regular contributor to our Intenders newsletter. Katie is from Portland, OR and you can contact her through her web site at


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