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The Intenders Newsletter #2


January 2011

Table of Contents

~A Different Kind of Shift
~The Bag Lady Party
~Our Bulk Specials
~Tony's Journal - Coming to Houston
~Lee Ching

A Different Kind of Shift

So many people are wondering what's going on in our world, what with the acceleration that we're all feeling to one degree or another. Indeed, there is a great shift upon us and it's revealing itself in a variety of different ways. Depending upon your personal preferences, you can look at it from all sorts of perspectives, some monumental, some frightening, some glorious and heaven-sent.

The Internet is currently ablaze with stories of the Tampa Bay Airport runway being shut down so that the lines can be repainted and realigned to true magnetic North. It appears that our magnetic poles are moving due to the increased wobble of Mother Earth on her axis. Indigenious tribes in many locales are agreeing, saying that the poles are shifting, although there seems to be a blackout of any information about it in the mainstream media.

The possible pole shift, however, is not the shift we are as interested in. Nor are we as interested in the measured increase in solar flares, or fluctuations in our weather patterns. The shift we are most interested in is the one where we stop harming each other and start helping one another; where we love instead of hate; where we open our hearts, never to close them again.

This is the shift that will result from all the other movements, whether they are global, cosmic, or magnetic - and the good thing about it is that the movement from fear to love is the one we can each do something about, right here and now. We can, in our own ways, let go of all our judgments and prejudices and begin to embrace, if not physically, in our hearts and minds, the next person we meet. And the next. And the next.

In this way, we make a difference. And not only that, we take all of us one step closer to the experience of Oneness that has been foretold by the ancients and ancestors, and that will give us the blessing of peace we have sought for so long.

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The Bag Lady Party

As you know, we in the Intenders are dedicated to creating community - to bringing people together. We feel that there is little else as important as sharing and caring for our fellow travelers, especially in these times of great change. As we have said so often, how are we going to experience Oneness if we do not begin to come together?

As community makers, we have found that whenever we get together it is always best to call forth the Highest Good and set the stage for Oneness to occur. However, there are times when we just want to meet for casual, social reasons, to have fun - and we encourage this because these gatherings often lead to a desire to meet for higher purposes later on.

This is the Spirit with which the women in our Pagosa Springs Intenders a few years back started having their "bag lady" parties. Since most everyone of them had an abundance of "stuff" they weren't using anymore, they decided to recycle it amongst themselves by having a party and putting all of their "stuff" in a big pile in the center of the room. Clothes, books, food, CDs, DVDs, hair dryers, half full bottles of this and that, you name it, there is just about everything from the old kitchen sink in the pile.

Then, after sharing food and drink, they all attack the pile at the same time. You never heard such laughter! They're trying on clothes, sniffing fragrances, plugging in appliances, and telling stories about how the "stuff" came to them. It's nothing but pure fun and everyone goes home with a big bag(s) of goodies. Whatever is left over goes to the Goodwill or the Methodist Thrift Store the next day. The parties typically go on late into the evening, with lots of new friends made, old friends reacquainted, email addresses and phone numbers exchanged.

So, if you have been working a little too much, or keeping off to yourself for too long lately, have a bag lady party, or a recycle party, or whatever you want to call it. You'll have a barrel of fun, meet new people, get a bunch of new "stuff", and perhaps even decide to meet together more often. Some of the best communities we know of have started just like this.

Our Intenders Bulk Specials

Over the years our Create Your Own Community Package has been one of our bestsellers, and for those of you who already own a copy of The Intention Process DVD, we continue to offer our Intenders Handbooks in bulk discounts so that you can keep them in stock when your Circle grows larger or when you want to give these empowering little books to your friends. Here is a list of our current Intenders Specials:

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Tony's Journal - Coming to Houston

Tony here. In our last newsletter I intended that my next place to live comes to me - and WOW, did that manifest beautifully! I remember that I used to be a little reluctant to speak out for what I want or need in my life, but those days are behind me now. In fact, that's a large part of our Intenders teachings - that we learn to rise above our shyness or our concerns for what others will think about us if we ask, boldly, for what we want.

Our Intenders Circles have always been a great way for people to intend for what they want and need for themselves in a comfortable, supportive environment. After 17 years of being in our Circles, I can personally attest to how well they work because they've brought me out of my (Cancerian Crab) shell and, as a result, all sorts of opportunities have opened up for me.

Since our last newsletter, I received over a dozen wonderful ideas and offers for places to move, although, synchronistically, it was the very first one that came in which was the best for me. Unless things change, I am heading for Splendora, TX, just north of Houston, to live in an artist's studio on 21 acres with light-hearted and like-minded friends who want to create a larger community there. I can't wait to see all my Intenders family in Houston again - Debra, Dan, Carl and Charlotte at Carmel Temple, Betty, Carol, Helen and so many more. The icing on the cake is that I will get to present my newest event, The Highest Light Workshop, all over South Texas. It just couldn't be better!

I'd also like, at this time, to express my deepest gratitude to all my Intenders family in Cedar Rapids, IA for all the amazing times and spiritual experiences we shared together over the last 2 months. Much love goes out to Verne and Audrey, Susan and Dave, Kathy, Kaye, Shannon and Stephanie, Liz, Noreen, Marylin, Denise, Paul, Luke, and especially Dayle and Doug Berggren who took me in, fed me the best home cookin' ever, and blessed me in more ways than I can say. I love you all and we will meet again. "I'll be back!"

Lee Ching Counseling

As most of you know, Lee Ching has been the primary guide for The Intenders since we began meeting over 17 years ago. For most of that time Tina Stober, who brings through Lee Ching, has remained in Hawaii building her own house and living quietly while giving readings over the telephone. If you are having challenges or need clarity in your life, Tina and Lee Ching offer some of the most gentle, loving counsel we have ever found.

Tina gives her readings by donation which generally runs from $50 to $200 for an hour or more with Lee Ching. If you would like to contact Tina, she can be reached by calling 808-982-6774 (and please be considerate that it is several hours earlier in Hawaii.)



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