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~Our New Year's Intention
~When We're At Our Best
~Start Your Own Community
~Vicki's Talking Feathers
~Our 2 Free Daily Message Programs

Our New Year's Intention

It's at this time of year that we think of new beginnings, and, appropriately, we also think of making intentions for the coming year. So, without further ado, we'd like to share our Intention for 2011 with you. We intend that all those who choose it have a true experience of Oneness this year, and that we set aside our differences, our vested interests, our judgments, and our separatist viewpoints long enough to realize that the greatest good that can come to the people of the world lies in our coming together.

Looking out my window at the beautiful snow falling in Eastern Iowa, I can't help but think about my experiences here with my Cedar Rapids Intenders family. The people in the circle here are so helpful and supportive of one another that it is a joy to behold. In fact, that, and my intending to enjoy a White Christmas for myself, is what brought me here for the holiday season. Not having a blood family of my own to share Christmas with, I'm spending it with my soul family, a group of friends are one of the best examples of community I know of.

Our Intenders Circle meets on Tuesday evenings at the Unity Church and it is followed by A Course in Miracles group which most of the Intenders stick around to attend. Along with our weekly Circle, we also have a once a month potluck and social gathering with those of us who have become closer friends over the years. And, to top it all off, the ladies in the Cedar Rapids Intenders meet together every Monday morning just to chat, have coffee and baked goodies, and support each other in whatever way they can. (FYI: They do not allow themselves wallow around in the muck and mire of any dramas or negativity. On the contrary, their intention is to always maintain a very positive outlook on everything they talk about.)

Now . . . the reason I mention this to you is because I am convinced that these times we are living in call upon us to begin to come together; that we have been isolated from each other for far too long; and that if we are going to extend the Peace on Earth that is the watchword for the holiday season, we will be well served to explore any and all possibilities for community making.

Perhaps you and your friends will want to have an Intenders Circle of your own, or A Course in Miracles group, or an Abraham/Hicks group, or a men's or ladies support group. It doesn't really matter how you do it or what you call it - the main thing is that you begin to come together under the umbrella of the Highest Good and help one another.

Indeed, making community is the first step we must take if we are going to create Oneness for ourselves. Clearly, it is at the top of the list for anyone who intends to manifest a true, sustainable Peace on this Earth.

When We're At Our Best

I was visiting a friend of mine from childhood recently and we were talking late into the night about the old days, when we were growing up. As the evening wore on he said something to me that rang my truth bell. He mentioned how we had both changed over the years, saying, "Tony, I've known you a long time, and you are at your best when you're helping others."

Driving back home the next day I got to thinking about that. He was right! I AM at my best when I'm helping someone else. But then, aren't we all? Aren't we all at our best when we're helping others?

Helping others - it's a surefire recipe for bringing goodness into our lives. It's a prescription for anyone who is feeling disoriented, confused or frightened by the changes of life. All we have to do in order to begin feeling better is to find someone who needs some help and give it to them. Throughout the course of my life I've seen it work many times. By giving my help to another, I opened myself up to receiving the help I needed in return. And the nice thing about it all was that I never had to look very far to get this magical cycle of giving and receiving going.

In today's world, there's no shortage of people to help.

PS: Tony here. I am intending to make a home for myself (I've been traveling and writing in my small RV for over a year now), and so if you are interested in having me help you create a community in your area and know of a quiet place I can settle into to do my work, please email me at office@intenders.com

Start Your Own Community

As many of you know, we in The Intenders of the Highest Good are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for our friends and neighbors to build community. When we first started our own Intenders Circle in 1994, we experimented with all kinds of formats, adding the features that worked for us and discarding those that didn't seem to work. As a result, we developed the Intenders Circle format that we are still using today, and, soon after that, we put together The Intenders Handbook and The Intention Process DVD so that others would be able to learn from our experiences, as well.

Create Your Own Community Package

Our Start Your Own Community Package will show you exactly how we run our Intenders Circle. To Order our Start Your Own Community Package, including 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 Intention Process DVD, all for $39, Click Here. What a great way to start off the New Year!

Vicki's Talking Feathers

One of the tools you will see in many Intenders Circles is a Talking Feather. We have learned, over the years, to follow the Native American tradition whereby they pass a talking stick or a feather which lets everyone know whose turn it is to speak. In this way, we respect the person who is saying his/her gratitudes and intentions by listening and not talking when others are taking their turn.

Intenders Talking Feathers

Our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, has handcrafted beautiful Intenders Talking Feathers for you to use in your group. She blesses each one individually, and also includes a paper which explains the symbolism of the objects and beads that she uses in making them. Each Talking Feather is $20 and you can order yours by Clicking Here.

Our 2 Free Daily Message Programs

We have 2 Free Daily (actually every other day) Message Programs that we share with you. Written by Tony Burroughs, our popular Intenders Bridge Messages have been available for several years now and they are designed to uplift you and help you make clearer intentions. The Vision Alignment Project is our most recent endeavor and it allows you to truly make a difference in the way we live. In it, we share our Visions for a better world and make it easy for you to Align with them. Every time you Align with these powerful Visions, you take us all one step closer to bringing them into manifestation.

Sign Up For The Intenders Bridge Messages

Sign Up For The Vision Alignment Project

Dear Intenders,
Thank you so much for the Wonderul Visions you send out. They are so awesome and really help me get through the day. I'm usually a very up, happy, positive person, but some days, I still get down. When I read or watch your visions, they always bring me up again and fill me with love. Thank you and have a Fantastic New Year.
Love and Light,
Jane from Tampa Bay

Hello Tony,
I have been receiving your (Bridge) messages for at least 12, if not 18 months. These have been some of the darkest in my life, and am now in the sunshine! Every time I receive one of your messages, I stop my day and take a breath, read and absorb its wisdom. I have forwarded your wisdom far and wide . . . The fact and point is that I continue to and will continue.
From the deepest part of my being, Thank You for being You, and for being an example to the human beings on earth.
With love, joy and gratitude,
Sue from Newfoundland, Canada



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