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The Intenders Newsletter


January 2010

Table of Contents

~Tony's AMTA Keynote Speech
~A Sweet Note from Ronalee in Canada
~The Highest Light
~Vicki's Pendulums
~2010 Tour Schedule

Tony's AMTA Keynote Speech

On September 24, 2009 Tony Burroughs gave the Keynote Speech at the National Convention of The American Massage Therapy Association in Orlando, FL. and it turned out to be one of the most empowering presentations you'll ever hear. After this remarkable talk, the Intenders broke all records for book and DVD sales. Our booth at the convention was consistently backed up with people thanking us, encouraging us, and expressing their gratitude for the powerful words they heard on this day. We share the bulk of it with you now.


If you really want to know that you are making a difference in your world, please forward the links to this eye-opening keynote message to your list of friends.

Our newest 3 DVD Set Living by Manifesting also covers Empowerment in the New Paradigm. You can Order it Here.

A Sweet Note from Ronalee in Canada

Dear Tony and all the Intenders,

I would like to say thank you for the Highest Light Teachings. I just received it in my mail today...I am so absorbed in all the Intenders Literature...the emails, The Code, The Intenders Handbook, The Code 10 Intentions for a Better World, and The Reunion: a Parable for Peace..I am following everything...I have Intended that I have the perfect Intenders Circle and am trusting in the Highest Good of the Universe ....Thank you so very much for all of this wonderful knowledge...
Happy Intending
Ronalee Cook

Thank you too, Ronalee! You are a true inspiration . . .

The Highest Light

As we mentioned in the AMTA Keynote Speech, much of our intending nowadays revolves around seeing our friends, our world, ourselves, and all of the situations we encounter in their highest light. In this way, we Intenders are anchoring the template for our highest state of being on the Earth in these times of great change. As with everything we manifest, we hold the vision of the end result in our minds: we see a world at peace, where each and every being who walks this earth is comforted and enjoying their highest fulfillment, in abundance, grace, and gratitude.

If you are interested in becoming more adept at reinforcing this vision, we offer you The Highest Light Teachings, our small pocket sized handbook that is our companion to The Intenders Handbook. We have just reprinted it for the fourth time and you can order it individually for $4.95 or in bulk for $30 for 10 copies so you can share this valuable information with your friends.

The Highest Light Teachings by Tony Burroughs

To Order your copies of The Highest Light Teachings, Click Here.
(By popular demand, we are also leaving our Holiday Special on our Shopping Cart again so you can still get 20 handbooks (10 HBs and 10 HLTs for $50!)

Vicki's Newest Pendulums

Check these out! Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums have gotten even fancier! What a great way to become more discerning about that which is for your Highest Good.

Intenders pendulums

To Order your Pendulum now, you can Click Here.

Tony Burroughs 2010 Tour Schedule

January 29 - Keynote Speech - EXPO Calidad de Vida - Puerto Rico Convention Center - 12:30pm, Room 104BC - see www.expocalidaddevida.com

April 9 - 11 - Warrington, PA - 3 day seminar with Kryon / Lee Carroll - contact Sue Diamond Lethbridge at 215-672-2726.

May 15 - 22 - 7 day Alaska Cruise aboard the Holland Lines MS Rotterdam - The Collective Consciousness Conference - contact Kathleen at 602-799-1617

To download more info about the Alaskan Cruise, click on the following link: http://www.rhythminmotionaz.com/Alaska_8x11x.pdf

We are now in the process of setting up our 2010 tour, so if you would like to be on it please call Kathleen at 602-799-1617.

We Intend that all of us are seeing our world and everyone in it in their Highest Light, and, as a result, that is what we are creating!


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