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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

February 2015

Table of Contents

~Taking a Stand
~A Vision for the End of Vaccinations
~Coming This Spring: WYNTKN: The Lee Ching Messages
~Create Your Own Community Kit
~The Intenders Website Makeover

Taking a Stand

My guidance is clear lately: These are the times I have to be taking an even stronger stand on some things going on in our world. But on what? There are so many things to take a stand on - peace, environment, vaccinations, chemtrails, flouride, smartmeters, hypnotic frequency jamming from truck back-up beepers, deceptive leaders and on and on . . . I'll have to pick one because I only have so much time and energy and I need to use a goodly portion of it for my inner work. I'll have to choose something that resonates with me and makes the best use of my particular set of skills and talents. Hmmm . . . perhaps there's a clue in my past . . .

What many of you don't know is that I grew up in a medical family. My dad was a small town doctor, and my mom was his nurse. He delivered me (early - by caesarian), and it got even weirder after that. Throughout my childhood I was human guinea pig. Anytime the pharmaceutical salesman showed up at my dad's office I'd be told something like: "Hey Tony, you have to come down to the office after school...there's a new vaccine out and we want you to have it right away." In short, I was an experiment: tonsils and adenoids out at age 5, appendix removed (even though there was nothing wrong with me) at age 6, braces on my teeth for 10 years because my dad had a reciprocal agreement with the local orthodontist, plus injections, pills, and potions galore - none of which ever did me the least bit of good. Oh, and whenever I objected to any of this, I was threatened or frightened in some way (just like the newspeople are doing to us nowadays.) It's no wonder I'm as outspoken as I am today on behalf of alternative healing methods (see our YouTube, Manifesting and the Law of Agreement.)

That said, the strange workings behind the pharma/medical system has always stuck in my craw. I'd thought I covered most of this in my book, The Law of Agreement, but now, what with the intense scare stories on the nightly news, it's time to take an even stronger stand . . . I think I'll write about something I'm familiar with: Vaccinations.

A Vision for the End of Vaccinations

I see a world where we're totally free to decide what goes into our own body; where we respect our bodies; where we've taken responsibility for our own bodies and no longer hand that responsibility over to others with questionable motives; where we've looked back in amazement at how we could have ever allowed anyone to shoot foreign substances, substances we knew nothing about, into our bodies; and where we have raised the frequency of our bodies up and out of the need to inject ourselves with anything ever.

I see a world where the belief in contagion, or germ theory, is seen for what is really is - a theory, not a fact, unless we make it so (per the Law of Attraction) by believing in it; where we've understood that when we combine two or more substances together into pills or injections, no one truly knows how these combinations will act upon us.

I see a world where we have looked back and seen that the "last straw" that triggered a total loss of confidence in the pharma/medical establishment was when they tried, oh-so deceptively, to force us to take their harmful vaccinations; where we've learned that, in an effort to completely control us, they were experimenting on us by infusing everything from nanobots to countless toxins into the vaccines, making them much more harmful to us than the things they say they're vaccinating us against.

I see a world where, as a result of the widespread revelation of the harmful effects of vaccines, we began, en masse, to see through the entire process of "disease creation"; where we've discovered what goes on in the think-tank backrooms of big pharma and how they "think up" diseases for profit, how they spread them on the TV nightly news (not to mention the commercials in between), and then how they invent their expensive cures and procedures for the very diseases they've created; where we have all seen through and risen up and out of a dysfunctional healthcare system that really hadn't changed much since the dark ages.

I see a world where the light of conscience has shined into the hearts and minds of all those in the pharma/medical system who have profited off of the suffering of their fellowmen and women - and they have changed their ways and stopped what they were doing; where, not just some, but all of our healthcare practitioners are truly loving; where they come to work solely to help their fellow travelers, and not for the weekly paycheck; and where they've become impeccable with their words and are refraining from saying anything that does not serve the highest and best good of those whom they are caring for.

And, last but not least, I see a world where anyone who is considering vaccinating themself or their child researches this issue thoroughly by going to or

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Coming This Spring - What You Need To Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages

The Intenders are pleased to announce that our latest book, What You Need To Know Now: The Lee Ching Messages will be released by Viva Editions this coming Spring. It is our second Bibliomancy book that you can open to any page and get the answer to whatever you need to know in the moment. This wondrous book is a collection of over 400 messages that Lee Ching gave us over the last 20 years in our guidance sessions and creative projects. You've seen some of these empowering Messages sprinkled throughout our books and newsletters - and now we have put all of them, including many you haven't seen before, into one volume.

I used Bibliomancy and asked the Universe to give me a few messages that are in line with the topics of this month's Intenders Newsletter. Here are the quotes from Lee Ching that I turned to when I opened up the manuscript.

There is an unprecedented awakening occurring, and more awakening will come out of each person reaching out for something higher and knowing that there is more than the mundane life to be lived on this planet. There can truly be a paradise on Earth and you are bringing it into existence by your believing in it, intending it, and envisioning it.

The more you envision what's possible,
the more it becomes reality

The TV news and commercials are suggesting sickness, poverty, aggression and so forth. So why don't you suggest that that is what is being done?

If you are in a situation
that doesn't feel good to you,
you don't need to remain in that space.
Just be clear not to imagine it
into something bigger than it is

Be not afraid to speak your word
--whatever it may be--
for the service of others
and the service of mankind as a whole

When we give a name to somebody's sickness, we are giving power unto it.
We remind ourselves that our words have power,
and when we speak the name of any disease
--whether we think it is our own or someone else's--
we are actually reinforcing and feeding the disease.

Purging of the body is a good thing.
Sometimes an illness is a purging of the system that is giving you more immunity and making you stronger against the effects of toxic substances you may have come into contact with.

If you are feeling fear and recognize it,
you have the choice of using
the other half of your thought,
which is your positive thought.
Your positive thoughts are always available to you in all situations.

What will bring about a mass change of consciousness is enough people thinking and believing and knowing in the Highest Good. Have the pure intention of everyone awakening to the Highest Good. That should be the intention that is in the minds of everyone, in the words of everyone, and in the hearts of everyone everywhere.

The longer you hold onto the old ways,
where one profits at the expense of another,
the longer your challenges will continue.
However, as soon as you let go
and allow Great Spirit to bring about
a solution that is best for everyone,
your challenges will lessen.

Go with the blessings
from all of your own guides and teachers and masters within,
for that is truly where you will find them:
within you

Create Your Own Community Kit

We are finding out that many people who have read The Intenders Handbook go ahead and start an Intenders Circle - and soon they want to order our Community Kit so that everyone in their circle can watch the DVD and have one of these informative little books of their own. (If someone in your Circle already has a copy of The Intenders DVD and you would like to purchase more Intenders Handbooks, we offer them below in bulk quantities of 10 or more for $3.00 each.)

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The Intenders Website Makeover

Check out! Over the last month we've been marrying our two main websites, and, together. The result provides a much easier navigation system for you, as well as the beautiful Highest Light House interface. Our old Intenders site with the dolphins is still available, although we now call it our Classic Site.

The new Intenders site can be visited by clicking here. We intend that you enjoy it as much as we do!

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