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February 2014

Table of Contents

~Lately . . .
~There's Only One of Us Here
~Share the Intenders Message With Our Special Offers
~Social Media and the Intenders of the Highest Good
~A Story from The Law of Agreement and WINS
~Alignment With Love Through Intention with Katie Heath
~Your World Needs You Now - A Timely Word from Lee Ching

Lately . . .

Sometimes it's the little manifestations that are so sweet. Lately, I've been helping a close friend in Colorado go through a challenging time and, as a result, I've come back to my old hometown of Pagosa Springs where I've reunited with several of my chums from years gone by. Two weeks ago we were having an Intenders Circle of about 30 people and when it came my turn to say my Intentions I made a couple of intentions, as I always do, for the betterment of Mother Earth and our world. Then, knowing I can make intentions around any subject that comes to mind, I remembered a personal intention . . . and I blurted out, "I intend that I meet a good hairdresser and that I get a great haircut."

Two ladies in the Circle immediately said they would point me in the right direction for a good haircut, but afterwards they couldn't find the info for their salons. I didn't think much about this, and I let it go, knowing that my great haircut would come from some other avenue.

The following day I was in the local Alco store buying some dishwashing soap and a lady about my age whom I'd never met before walked up and handed me her business card. "You look like you could use a haircut," she said. "My salon is right up the street and if you ever need a great haircut, come and see me." We set the appointment right then and there - and three hours later I walked out of her salon with one of the best haircuts I've had in a long time!

There's Only One of Us Here

As I've previously written, I go to a special place to get my drinking water from the Sacramento River. Most times when I'm there I run into a small, white haired man with a distinct twinkle in his eyes. I call him the mystery man and do not even know his real name (he tells me that the masters change their names all the time anyway in order to make it so that we are comfortable with them so that they can get their messages across to us easier.) The names, he tells me, don't matter so much; what matters is the spirit inside, and us coming into direct relationship with it.

Recently, I was filling my water jugs and he walked up and, as usual, he began chatting with me. Typically, to get the conversation going, he finds a topic like gardening or what I've been doing lately, but on this day he bypassed all the everyday subjects and said something so insightful to me that it has stuck with me ever since.

"You know, Tony, there's only one of us here." he stated matter of factly. "I know that it looks like me and you are sitting here talking, and that there's a whole lot of us traipsing around this world. But that's not really the case. It's much simpler than that. Everyone you see is another part of you; you're always meeting yourself, no matter where you go or who you come in contact with. There's only one of us here and the sooner you experience that for yourself, the happier you'll be."

Is what you're thinking and saying throughout the day
what you really want to be creating for yourself?

Social Media and the Intenders of the Highest Good

Recently we have been promoting the message of The Intenders through social media. We have embarked on a Twitter campaign linked to our facebook groups and pages to share snippets from the writings of Author and Co-founder of The Intenders of The Highest Good, Tony Burroughs. Please follow Tony and the Intenders on Twitter and Pinterest and join our facebook groups to help us share these uplifting posts with as many people as we can. Thank you....

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Alignment With Love Through Intention with Katie Heath

Intention is giving all of our choices and decisions to celebrating and honoring our highest virtues and values from one moment to the next. Easier said than done, but it IS true. It's a missing piece to the puzzle in many of our journeys.

Let's say our intention is LOVE. Well, when it's time for a meal you might ask the intentional question, "What nutrients would my body love to absorb?" If we don't ask that, we might go to the default and just choose a meal based on what brings emotional comfort, and we might not give our bodies something nutritious. The other thing is, we wouldn't be using that choice as a chance to anchor our intention, and with every chance we maximize by making a choice that anchors our intention, it becomes that much easier to let that intention lead the way from there on out. This helps our bodies heal (and ultimately thrive) with much more grace and ease, and everything in life becomes more natural and easy.

So, wait, how.... exactly? Through the intention of Love!

Katie Heath, NTP, CNC, CNHP

Katie Heath, the Nutrition Magician, is a regular contributor to our Intenders newsletter. Katie is from Portland, OR and you can contact her through her web site at

A Story from The Law of Agreement and WINS

Here is a wonderful story that is in both The Law of Agreement as well as our newest Ebook, WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders.

"I want to share a story with you from October's workshop. A young woman in our Circle, Emily, had not been attending our monthly circle for a while. She was depressed, after 7 years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. She intended to get a new job with health benefits that would cover InVitro & fertility treatments. And she did!

In September, she actually got pregnant, but when she went back for the blood tests to track the progress one week before the workshop with you, they told her the numbers were going down... which meant it was either an ectopic pregnancy or would soon miscarry.

Emily got depressed, and almost did not attend the workshop, but her 2 friends encouraged her to go. When Tony shared the story about the bird flu & the Law of Agreement, all the lights came on. In that moment, Emily chose to withhold her agreement from the Doctors' prognosis about her blood counts, and intended a fully healthy pregnancy. She had a blood test the next day, and ever since then, every 48 hours (the frequency of the blood tests), her counts have tripled! She is ecstatic! She totally credits the health of her pregnancy with your story & her attending the workshop that day, and her fully embracing the Law of Agreement in her situation. She feels this is a miracle!

So be it, and so it is!!!"

All you have to do is keep your thoughts and words totally
focused on your wellness, and that's what you'll create!

WINS: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders

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Your World Needs You Now - A Timely Word from Lee Ching

Your world needs you now. These times of great change call upon all those who are holding the light to set an example for others by being happy and uplifted regardless of the circumstances around them. Remember that your inner poise need not be swayed by outer orchestrations, and that the mainstream consensus reality is but one reality out of an infinite number of realities you can choose to place your attention on. It is wise for you to take part in the realities that serve you and discard the ones that do not, and, in that way, instead of commiserating or becoming sorrowful, you will remain happy and shining your light for all those around you to see.


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