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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter #2

February 2012

Table of Contents

~Belief is Really All You Need
~The Mirror of Truth
~The Amazing Perkl-light Frequency Generator is Back!
~Trusting Your Feelings
~The Intenders Bulk Specials
~A Quote for These Times
~The 2012 Intenders Tour is Coming to 45 cities
~Tina Stober - Our Resident Messenger

Belief is Really All You Need

Here is a comment from Intender, Nina Hilario Brown, who was schooled in Afghanistan and now lives in California. She wrote this in response to a post on our FB Intenders Founders Circle to a lady who was having some unexpected health challenges. It is so beautiful that we decided to share it with all of you.

I'm sharing with you an experience that changed my life. Sometimes we get so busy and our ego tells us that we are doing good for others that we forget that we NEED to pay attention to ourSelf, that it is our time for Self care. Your Spirit Guides have tried to get your attention, but you have not heeded. Becoming physically ill and being "laid down" is the only way to make you pay attention.
Try not to get "mired" in pharmaceutical drugs. Turn to your Guides and meditate for the healing that you need. This time is for you, no one else knows what you need but you, your God will heal you and your cure will come in time. Before you fall asleep each time, talk to your Guides and let them speak to you. As humans we tend to ask each other for help and healing, but strength in your belief in your God and Guides is really all you need. I send Lights and Reiki Energy to you. Take your time healing and meditate.

Thank you, Nina!

The Mirror of Truth

On our popular Intenders Facebook Founders Circle we are fortunate to have many caring people who have their hand on the pulse of the times and are sharing their forward thinking ideas. Sisi Atlantis represents the High Priestess / Goddess energy that is stepping forth in all her glory in these days. We are fortunate to have her (and several others like her) who speak for the Highest in us all. Here is a recent post from Sisi we think you'll like. She says:

Ok Intenders, I just wanted to share with you some thoughts that have come through today for the Intention of the Highest Good. I have a very dear friend going through something. I saw a very clear picture that if she and he visualized themselves each holding a hand held mirror in front of them towards the situation, that it would reveal the truth in this situation and also allow others to see the truth too... I also saw clearly the face of an egyptian goddess Ma"at, who can be called on for fair and equitable balance, and justice.

Then I recalled an old fairy story, Snow White and THEN I thought hmmm that mirror really does tell the how about Intenders of the Highest Good calling on the Mirror of Truth for seeing clearly into all situations and for disbursement. A Mirror of Truth held in the hand of an Intender of the Highest Good is a mighty good thing me thinketh!

The other thing I did today was purchase a most beautiful little hand held mirror for my daughter Alexandra, and my Intention of the Highest Good is that she looks into this little mirror and tells her soul every day and every night how much she loves her.....

The Amazing Perkl-light Frequency Generator is Back!

One of the most amazing products to come our way is a frequency generator called the Perkl-light. Only in the last few years has this unique tool been made available to the general public. In fact, our own Perkl-lights have been out of stock until recently. But now our orders are finally caught up and we have the latest, brand new Spectrum IIA models in stock. This is the most advanced, most powerful Perkl-light ever!

The Perkl-Light is a highly-advanced instrument with a simple digital readout that you can set to eight major modes including Ayurvedic, Five-Element Acupuncture, Psycho-Spiritual, Acupuncture Meridians, Body Systems (e.g. Respiratory, Digestive), Organs, and Chakras. The Frequency-Clearing mode clears and balances energy fields associated with allergies, bacteria, viruses, stress, electromagnetic fields, and more. The Perkl-Light can sequence through any of these modes automatically, making it easy to use, even for those who consider themselves technologically-challenged.

The Perkl-Light Photo

"I've had my Perki-Light for almost three years. I always have it turned on and I wouldn't go traveling without it! ~Tony Burroughs

For More Info about our Perkl-light Spectrum IIA, Click Here.

Trusting Your Feelings

Here's a letter that came in this week from Lynnzie Sutton that is a bit surreal, but it has surely happened to a lot of people. Thanks for your positive point of view on this touchy subject, Lynnzie!

Years ago I was having a little breast pain and indulged the idea that I should go to the doctor. They ran a breast scan (ouch)... results scan not clear. Asked me to come back again, I did (ouch again), waited for results...scan not clear or so they said ..they asked me to come back a third time ( 3rd Ouch) after the scan I went to get dressed and got a call on the cell phone in the dressing room all of a sudden while on the cell phone, surprisingly I heard a banging on the dressing room door with the nurse saying I told you the doctor is waiting for you! I said no you did not. She yelled back well hurry up he's waiting! Hurriedly I excused myself from my caller and dressed.

I walked into a darkened room with several monitors on with my scans up on them. A doctor got up and asked me to take a seat in his chair. The nurse stood in back of me. He pointed to a very small dot on the screen that I could not see and then got down on his knees, with one hand on my chair and one on my knee, told me that if I was his wife I should have some exploratory surgery right away and that my life and welfare depended on it. He went on and on.

The whole experience seemed surreal....It felt really weird...and very dramatic...and unnatural ..something inside me felt like this was a drama play. Why did that Dr. get down on his knees to talk to me? It felt so phony like this was his act. I left in a daze.

They gave me an appointment with a lady surgeon after a week of weird emotions on my part. All I could think of is this is so surreal! The surgeon tells me she really can't see anything from the scans and that she was sincerely sorry about the many trips and that I should be tested in 6 months again to see if anything came up.

After I left....I realized the game being played....I don't like games. I realized the game that had been played on me. I bless that doctor and nurse that tried to get me to play the game. I bless the lady surgeon that opened my eyes. Sometimes it takes awhile to get your full feelings answered if you really are a trusting soul like myself and think no evil of anyone. It also taught me to trust my itchy feeling... this is a drama play of life! One must be trusting of your feelings and ever alert to others intentions. As Tony wrote:

All you have to do is keep your thoughts and words totally focused on your wellness, and that's what you'll create!

The Intenders Bulk Specials

Nowadays we have so many people who want to order our Handbooks in larger quantities so they can share these insightful little books with their friends and family who are just now beginning to explore something outside the status quo. Likewise, many people order our Create Your Own Community Package and then reorder more Intenders Handbooks for those who are newcomers to their Circles.


We have 3 Bulk Specials that are available to you now:
10 Intenders Handbooks for $30
10 Highest Light Teachings for $35
Our Year round Stocking Stuffer Special with 20 Handbooks (10 Intenders Handbooks and 10 Highest Light Teachings) for a total of $60.

To Order any of these Intenders Bulk Specials, you can Click Here.

A Quote for These Times

The longer you hold to the old ways,
where one profits at the expense of another,
the longer your challenges will continue.
However, as soon as you let go
and allow Great Spirit to bring about
a solution that is best for everyone,
your challenges will lessen.
From The Reunion: A Parable for Peace

The 2012 Intenders Tour is Coming to 45 cities

The 2012 Intenders Law of Agreement Tour is now scheduled to come to 45 cities across the US beginning the last three days of March. The events will be led by Intenders Cofounder, Tony Burroughs, with the first hour filled with empowering storytelling, then a 15 minute break followed by an Intenders Circle where everyone will get to share their Intentions and Gratitudes.

Sample Flyer for the 2012 Intenders Tour

To Download and print
an 8.5 x 11 Color Poster of this flyer
click on the image above
Flyers and Press Releases for each individual event are being added to the schedule everyday now so you can download them with the dates and times for the event nearest you in either a Word .doc or .pdf format at
We really appreciate it when you email these flyers to your networking friends so the word can spread far and wide about this Intenders Tour event. This is one of the most uplifting, timely events out there today and we look forward to seeing you there!

March 29 - Grass Valley, CA - Sierra Center for Spiritual Living, 119 Florence Avenue, Grass Valley, CA 95945 - 7pm - (Please Park behind Vet's Bldg) - Call Kathy at 530-272-3608 or email {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

March 30 - Auburn, CA - Mama's Alchemy - 884 Lincoln Way, Auburn, CA 95603 - 6:30pm - Call 530-889-9494 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

March 31 - Antioch, CA - The Intuitive Healing Center of Antioch, 213 G St, Antioch, CA 94509 - 7pm - Call Desiree at 209-598-3142 or IHCA at 925-777-9995 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 2 - Sunnyvale, CA - 541 N. Bayview Ave., Sunnyvale CA 94085 - 7pm - Contact Rosana (Roxy) at 619-392-9061 or {}

April 4 - Lockwood, CA - Private home TBA - 5:30 Potluck / Circle at 6:30 - Call Daphne at 805-472-9036

April 7 - Temecula, CA - 45981 Classic Way, Temecula, CA 92592 - 6pm Potluck / Circle at 7pm - Call Robbie at 951-551-4834 or email {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 10 - North Park in San Diego, CA - The Controversial Bookstore, 3121 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 - 7pm - $25 - Call 619-296-1560 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 12 - Yuma, AZ - Venue TBA - 6:30 - Call Carol Joy at 217-972-8384

April 13 - Patagonia, AZ - 366 Sonoita Ave, Patagonia, AZ 85624 - 7pm - Call Yosef - 520-394-0141 or email {}

April 14 - Tucson, AZ West - Terrasante Village Community - Potluck at 6pm / Circle at 7pm - see directions at - call Tom at 520-400-4489 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 15 - Tucson, AZ East - 8630 East Lee Lane, Tucson, AZ 85715 - Potluck at 1pm / Circle at 2pm - Contact Linda at {} or 520-404-6120 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 17 - Phoenix, AZ - 1066 S. Revere, Mesa, AZ 85210 - Potluck at 6:15 / Circle at 7pm - Contact Simone at 281-202-9385 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 19 - Sedona, AZ - 1010 Crown Ridge Road, Sedona 86351 - sponsored by the AADII - 6:30pm - Contact Marianna at {} or 928-284-4030 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 20 - Flagstaff, AZ - The Temple of the Divine Mother, 4 N. San Francisco St, Flagstaff, AZ 86001 - 7pm - Call Kelly or Tess at 928-556-0018 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 21 - Albuquerque/Corrales, NM - 122 Ashley Lane, Corrales, NM 87048 - sponsored by Changing Life's Direction - Contact Marie at 505-450-1948 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 25 - Norman, OK - Venue TBA - Contact Leslie at 254-396-4788 or {}

April 27 - Austin, TX - 704 Valley Meadow Dr., Pflugerville, TX 78660 - 7pm - Contact Ginnie at 281-610-7977 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

April 28 - San Antonio, TX - Yolanda's home in SA - Address forthcoming - 7pm - call Yolanda at 210-843-9894

May 5 - Houston, TX - Lori Hooper's Off the Beaten Path Community Garden at 16121 Williamson Road, Splendora TX 77372 - Potluck 4:30 - Circle at 6pm - Contact Lori at 281-689-6804 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 6 - So. Houston, TX - Carmel Temple, 1208 Pennsylvania Avenue, South Houston, TX 77587 - Service (with Tony) at 11am - Intenders 2012 Law of Agreement Event from 1 to 3 pm - Call Carl at 713-944-0014 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 9 - Dothan, AL - The Spiritual Enrichment Center, 942 So. Oates St., Dothan, AL 36301 - 6 pm - Contact Doug at 334-774-6698 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 10 - Tallahassee, FL - Venue TBA - Call Rain at 850-590-3418

May 12 - Melbourne, FL - Aquarian Dreams Bookstore, 414 N. Miramar Ave, Indiatlantic, FL 32903 - 6:30pm - $25 - Call 321-729-9495 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 17 - Palatka, FL - Venue TBA with the Palatka Intenders - 6:30 - Call Gayle at 386-326-8751

May 19 - Atlanta, GA - The South Fulton Community Center at Welcome All Park, 4255 Will Lee Road, College Park, GA 30349 - 7 pm - Email Robert at {}

May 20 - Knoxville, TN - The Rhama Center, 9237 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37931 - 6:30 pm Potluck / Circle at 7pm - Contact Diane at 865-237-4882 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 21 - Asheville, NC - The Sacred Embodiment Center, 41 Carolina Lane, Asheville, NC, - Potluck at 6pm / Circle at 7 - $20 - Contact Lisa at 828-649-8112 or - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 22 - Gold Hill, NC - Sacred Grove Retreat Center - Intersection of Chellman Lane and Collie Rd, Gold Hill, NC. We are located at the end of Collie Rd. where the road turns to gravel, See directions at - 7pm - $22 - Call Ellen at 704-463-0768 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 23 - Charlotte, NC - Elemental Healing Charlotte, 5200 Park Road, Suite 200-C, Charlotte, NC 28209. Elemental Healing Charlotte is located at the corner of Park and Selwyn. - 7 pm - $22 - Optional potluck at 6 pm. Call Kimberly at 980-406-8126 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

May 24 - Wilmington, NC area - Venue TBA - Contact James at or 910-448-1492

May 27 - Baltimore, MD - Venue Forthcoming - Contact Jim at

May 30 - Gilbertsville, PA - Kaleidoscope Angels, 1000 Grosser Rd, Gilbertsville, PA 19525 - 7pm - Contact Tess at 610-473-3303 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 1 - New Providence, NJ - Private home - address forthcoming - 6:30 Potluck / Circle at 7 - Contact Melissa at 908-255-2700 or {}

June 2 - Lake Como, NJ - Soulful Awakenings, 1700 Main St, Lake Como, NJ 07719 - 7pm - Call 732-403-3037 or 732-280-3007 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 3 - Doylestown, PA - The Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain PA - Service (with Tony) at 10am --- and the Intenders Circle from 2 to 4 pm at the BSA, 1 Scout Way in Doylestown (across from the Mercer Museum.) - $35 - Contact Susan at 215-348-5755 or - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 8 - Naperville, IL / West Chicago area - The Healing Place, 513 West 87th Street (Modaff & 87th) Naperville, Illinois 60565 - 7pm - call Auriel at 331-452-0218 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 9 - Rockford, IL - Cleo's Aroma-pothecary, 1416 N. Main St., Rockford, Il 61103 - 6:30pm - Call 815-966-1240 or email {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 10 - Madison, WI - Venue TBA - Contact Sarah at 608-442-1125

June 13 - Minneapolis, MN - Como Lake B & B, 1205 Como Blvd W, St. Paul, MN 55103 - 7pm - Contact Grace at 612 214-0973 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 14 - St Paul, MN - The Sacred Path Center, 777 Raymond Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55114 Potluck at 6 / Circle at 7pm - Contact Grace at 612 214-0973 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 15 - St. Cloud, MN - The Natural Source Education Center, 3333 W. Division. St., St. Cloud, MN 56301 - Potluck at 6:30 / Circle at 7:30pm - Contact Jason at 320-292-9065 or - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 17 - Cedar Rapids, IA - Unity Center of Cedar Rapids, 3791 Blairs Ferry Rd, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 - 1pm - Contact Dayle at 319-538-5248 or {} - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

June 30 - Mountain Home, AR - Mystic Forest Intenders - Address forthcoming - 7pm - Contact Frank at {} or 870-492-4106

July 2 - Wichita, KS - Venue TBA

July 7 - Boulder, CO - 29th Street Mall Community Room, 1810 29th St., Suite 2028, Boulder, CO 80301 - 1:30pm - Contact Margaret at {} or 303-596-9951 - Get Flyer in Word Doc or in PDF format

Tina Stober - Our Resident Messenger
Most of you know the history of The intenders and how we got started with the help of Tina Stober and her guide, Lee Ching. Over 3 decades Tina has established herself as one of the most caring, perceptive, and gentle channels out there today. She and Lee Ching stand ready to help anyone who is having a personal challenge in these fast changing times.

To set an appointment to talk to Lee Ching you can call Tina at 808-982-6774 and please be mindful that she lives in Hawaii and it is several hours earlier there from the US mainland. Tina regularly receives donations of from $50 to $200 for an hour of her time - and, believe us, it is well worth it!


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