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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

February 2012

Table of Contents

~The Law of Agreement in Action
~The Intenders 2012 Tour Schedule
~Our Law of Agreement Special
~The Vision Alignment Project
~HLH Featured Artists: Dawn Katar & Wilma Bennett
~Highest Light Pendulum

The Law of Agreement in Action

I have a good friend, Q, who lives in the mountains of Northern California. He's been an Intender for quite some time and has followed my work closely for many years. Q (that's his real nickname) calls me every couple of months to see what I'm up to. I even stayed in his mountain cabin a few summers ago for a short while.

One day, I received a call from him. He wanted to know where I was so we could get together soon. As it happened, another friend of his had given him a camper van similar to mine, and he was readying himself to take up the gypsy life. Since Q was in California and I was in Florida at the time we agreed to meet up in the Midwest in a couple of months.

As it turned out, that wasn't the real reason Q had called me. During the course of our conversation, he mentioned, almost casually, that the doctors had recently told him he had "the big C" and he was intending to find a Native American healer in Sedona. Did I know of one?

I gave him the name of a friend in that area, and we continued chatting lightly for a few more minutes and hung up. It took me less than five minutes to digest what had just happened and I called him right back.

"Q, I just couldn't get what you told me out of my mind. Is it alright with you if we talk about what the doctors said for a few minutes?"

"Of course, Tony."

"Well, from my point of view, Q, you have a choice to make here. Are you going to go along with what the doctors told you and therefore create it for yourself--or do you choose to withhold your agreement with them and create something else for yourself?"

He was silent, thinking, so I went on. "The way I see it, my friend, is that they are selling you something . . . but you don't have to buy it if you don't want to." He chuckled a bit. "Tony, you're right about that. They make it all sound so convincing."

"Yes, they do--but there's an inherent lie in what they're trying to sell you. Even though they generally mean well, they're just guessing, and they can be very convincing about it. The truth is that you just have whatever you have, and there's no need whatsoever to give it a name. In fact, there's never any need to give a name to any physical imbalance we're experiencing."

  "Hmmm . . ."

"That's right, my friend. What you may or may not have is unique unto you. It's not exactly like anything anybody else ever had. Just because you may have a few symptoms that are similar to what others may have had doesn't mean that you have what they had. If, however, you buy into what the doctors are selling you, you will have to live it out. If you continue to go along with them and keep telling me and your other friends that you have this 'big-named disease,' then each time you do this, you are reinforcing the disease. You're making it stronger. Understand?"

"Yes, I see that now. Thanks for the reminder." There was a note of pure gratitude in his voice. I was so glad I called him back.

"Right, Q, I know you know this, so it is just a reminder. And, in the meantime, if it's alright with you, I'm going to see you only in your Highest Light. Regardless of what you or anyone else tells me about you, I'm going to see you well and happy and living your life to the fullest. I'll hold the template of perfect health for you; in fact, I am anchoring that template onto this Earth as we speak. And no matter what anyone tells me about their body or their imbalance, I'm only going to see them in their highest state of health. Since our thoughts create our experiences, I'm only holding the thought of optimum wellness for everyone I meet, and that includes you. Is that okay with you?"

"Absolutely!" he said. He was sounding brighter already.

"Great, Q. Because there isn't any sickness on this Earth that hasn't been healed. They've all been healed at one time or another. What you think you have isn't any different. All you have to do is keep your thoughts and words totally focused on your wellness, and that's what you'll create. And if you forget, call me and I'll remind you. Is it a deal?"

"It's a deal!" he said, and I distinctly heard the smile inhis words. It was like a great relief had come over him. He obviously felt better, and you know what? When I hung up the phone, I felt a whole lot better too . . .
~from The Law of Agreement

The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs is being released in trade paperback in all major bookstores across the country on April 1st. It is available right now in Audiobook and Ebook. To order a copy of the 3 CD set or the Ebook, Click Here

The Intenders 2012 Tour Schedule

Tony Burroughs, cofounder of The Intenders of the Highest Good, will be on tour to talk about his latest book, The Law of Agreement, and to host an Intenders Circle. In first hour of this 2 1/4 hour event Tony will speak about the transition we are all currently going through. He will talk about "the old ways" and "the new ways" and how we can apply The Law of Agreement and The Intention Process to make our personal lives more fulfilling and our world a better place to live. We will take a 15 minute break and then, in the second hour, Tony will lead an Intenders Circle where everyone is given the opportunity to share their Gratitudes and Intentions. This event is $20 per person unless otherwise specified. Scholarships will be available for these who are willing to help get the word out.
We currently have 40 events scheduled in over 33 cities, from March 29 to July 8th. Then in August we will go to the Pacific Northwest and British Columbia, Canada. You will notice that some venues are To Be Announced, however they will be filled in soon. If you see an opening in the dates of the schedule when we will be near your area and you would like to host an event, you can call 909-999-8088 or email {}. This schedule will also be updated weekly on our web site, our Highest Light House web site and on the Events Doc on our Facebook Founders Circle page.

The Intenders 2012 Law of Agreement Tour Schedule

March 29 - Grass Valley, CA - Sierra Center for Spiritual Living, 119 Florence Avenue, Grass Valley, CA 95945 - 6:30pm - Call Kathy at 530-272-3608 or email {}

March 30 - Auburn, CA - Mama's Alchemy - 6:30pm - Call 530-889-9494

March 31 - Antioch, CA - The Intuitive Healing Center of Antioch, 213 G St, Antioch, CA 94509 - 7pm - Call Desiree at 209-598-3142 or IHCA at 925-777-9995

April 2 - Cupertino, CA - Private home TBA - 7pm - Contact Rosana (Roxy) at 619-392-9061 or {}

April 4 - Lockwood, CA - Private homeTBA - 5:30 Potluck / Circle at 6:30 - Call Daphne at 805-472-9036

April 7 - Temecula, CA - 45981 Classic Way, Temecula, CA 92592 - 6pm Potluck / Circle at 7pm - Call Robbie at 951-551-4834 or email {}

April 10 - North Park in SanDiego, CA - The Controversial Bookstore, 3121 University Avenue, San Diego, CA 92104 - 7pm - $25 - Call 619-296-1560

April 12 - Yuma, AZ - Venue TBA - 6:30 - Call Carol Joy at 217-972-8384

April 13 - Patagonia, AZ - Venue TBA - Call Yosef - 520-394-0141 or email {}

April 14 - Tucson, AZ - TBA

April 17 - Phoenix, AZ - TBA

April 19 - Sedona, AZ - 1010 Crown Ridge Road, Sedona 86351 - sponsored by the AADII - 6:30pm - Contact Marianna at {} or 928-284-4030

April 20 - Flagstaff, AZ - Sacred Rites Books and Gifts, N. San Francisco St - 7pm - Call 928-556-0018

April 21 - Albuquerque/Corrales, NM - Private home TBA - sponsored by Changing Life's Direction - Contact Marie at 505-450-1948 or {}

April 25 - Norman, OK - Venue TBA - Contact Leslie at 254-396-4788 or {}

April 27 - Austin, TX - Ginnie's home in Pflugerville, TX - Address forthcoming - 7pm - Contact Ginnie at 281-610-7977 or {}

April 28 - San Antonio, TX - Yolanda's home in SA - Address forthcoming - 7pm - call Yolanda at 210-843-9894

May 4 - Houston, TX - Lori Hooper's Off the Beaten Path Community Garden in Splendora, TX - Potluck 6:30 - Circle at 7:30 - Contact Lori at 281-689-6804 or {}

May 6 - So. Houston, TX - Carmel Temple, 1208 Pennsylvania Avenue, South Houston, TX 77587 - Service (with Tony) at 11am - Intenders 2012 Law of Agreement Event from 1 to 3 pm - Call Carl at 713-944-0014

May 10 - Tallahassee, FL - Venue TBA - Call Rain at 850-590-3418

May 12 - Melbourne, FL - Aquarian Dreams Bookstore, 414 N. Miramar Ave, Indiatlantic, FL 32903 - 6:30pm - $25 - Call 321-729-9495

May 17 - Palatka, FL - Venue TBA with the Palatka Intenders - Call Gayle at 386-326-8751

May 19 - Atlanta, GA - Venue TBA - Email Robert at {}

May 20 - Knoxville, TN - The Rhama Center, 9237 Middlebrook Pike, Knoxville, TN 37931 - 6:30 pm Potluck / Circle at 7pm - Contact Diane at 865-237-4882 or {}

May 21 - Asheville, NC - The Sacred Embodiment Center, 41 Carolina Lane, Asheville, NC, - Potluck at 6pm / Circle at 7 - Contact Lisa at

May 23 - Charlotte, NC - Venue TBA - Call Kimberly at 980-406-8126

May 24 - Wilmington, NC area - Venue TBA - Contact James at or 910-448-1492

May 27 - Baltimore, MD - Venue Forthcoming - Contact Jim at

June 1 - New Providence, NJ - Private home - address forthcoming - 6:30 Potluck / Circle at 7 - Contact Melissa at 908-255-2700 or {}

June 2 - Lake Como, NJ - Soulful Awakenings, 1700 Main St, Lake Como, NJ 07719 - 7pm - Call 732-403-3037 or 732-280-3007

June 3 - Doylestown, PA - The Circle of Miracles, 10 Beulah Road, New Britain PA - Service (with Tony) at 10am --- and the Intenders Circle from 2 to 4 pm at the BSA, 1 Scout Way in Doylestown (across from the Mercer Museum.) - $35 - Contact Susan at 215-348-5755 or

June 8 - Naperville, IL / West Chicago area - The Healing Place, 513 West 87th Street (Modaff & 87th) Naperville, Illinois 60565 - 7pm - call Auriel at 331-452-0218

June 10 - Madison, WI - Venue TBA

June 13 - Minneapolis, MN - Como Lake B & B, 1205 Como Blvd W, St. Paul, MN 55103 - 7pm - Contact Grace at 612 214-0973 or {}

June 14 - St Paul, MN - The Sacred Path Center, 777 Raymond Avenue Saint Paul, MN 55114 Potluck at 6 / Circle at 7pm - Contact Grace at 612 214-0973 or {}

June 15 - St. Cloud, MN - The Natural Source Education Center, 3333 W. Division. St., St. Cloud, MN 56301 - Potluck at 6:30 / Circle at 7:30pm - Contact Jason at 320-292-9065 or {}

June 17 - Cedar Rapids, IA - Unity Center of Cedar Rapids, 3791 Blairs Ferry Rd, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401 - 1pm - Contact Dayle at 319-538-5248

June 29- Mountain Home, AR - Mystic Forest Intenders - Address forthcoming - 7pm - Contact Frank at {} or 870-492-4106

July 1 - Wichita, KS - Venue TBA

July 10 - Boulder, CO - Address Forthcoming - 10 am - Contact Margaret at {} or 303-596-9951

Our 3 Audiobook Special includes The Law of Agreement

Our Three Audiobook Special has rapidly become one of our bestsellers! Made up of The Intenders Handbook (2CDs), The Highest Light Teachings (2CDs), and The Law of Agreement (3CDs), it is chock full of inspiring stories and information that will help you step into your power as quickly as possible. Now it's easy to learn to be a more proficient at manifesting while you're driving or working around the house! Read by the Author, Tony Burroughs. $29

"Know that you are assisting others by your own realizations. You then enhance and increase the possibilities for others to go where you have been"

To Order our 7 CD, Three Audiobook Special, Click Here

The Vision Alignment Project Nears 600,000 Alignments

As of this writing The Vision Alignment Project sits at 598,000 Alignments and, thanks to you, will go past the 600,000 mark at any moment. Those of who who are clicking on the big green YES Button are consciously adding to the betterment of our world, and we salute you for it with a new Vision that is very timely for these times we're living in. To Sign Up for the Vision Alignment Project, Click Here. It's Free!

A Vision for Trusting

We see a world where everyone trusts. We trust that our thoughts are creating our future; we trust that our intentions are manifesting from the moment we make them; and we trust that there is an invisible power at work in our lives, and that the path leading to our greatest fulfillment lies in our letting go of our struggling, striving ego and letting the Highest Good / God take care of everything.

We see all of us living in the Now, trusting, totally, that everything we need in our lives will always be there for us in the exact moment we need it. This is the simple approach. This is the wise approach. And this is the approach that offers the promise of our greatness, our glory and all good things.


HLH Featured Artists: Dawn Katar & Wilma Bennett

Today we'd like to feature two very talented people from our Highest Light House site. Dawn Katar is one of the country's premier channels. We have been subscribed to her daily Point of Peace Messages for almost a year now and can assure you that the quality of each short message is always of the highest caliber. Here is an example from a Point of Peace message we received from Dawn last week. (To Sign Up for Dawn's Point of Peace messages, Click here.)

Dawn Katar Photo

Beloved, sometimes there are events that occur in your world that you fail to find Love, Peace and Light within. We wish that you never dwell in the emotional and mental whirl of judgment, being swallowed in a vortex for that which is not yours to understand. Each soul has purpose and timing that are for them alone. Therefore, let Peace be yours as you surrender the drama and allow that the Plan is unfolding for all. Be at Peace knowing that God is in charge, not you.
Ascended Master Saint Germain


Wilma Bennett is the author of our latest addition at Highest Light House and from your response, you are really enjoying her wonderful book, Vibrations: A Visitor's Guide to Planet Earth.


Here is a letter we received this week from the UK praising Wilma and Vibrations!

Hi Wilma
I've just finished reading your fabulous "Vibrations" book and just wanted to say I've been more enlightened by your work than anything else I've read in my entire lifetime. Instead of accepting things on faith you've explained WHY things work. What a wonderful human being you are for sharing this incredible wisdom with the world. I now find myself no longer reacting to negative events; instead I respond by negating unwanted vibrations . . .

BTW, I came across your book after it was promoted by The Intenders Newsletter recently. Thanks again for sharing this wonderful information. What a blessing you are to the world.

Brian Hill

To Order Vibrations: A Visitor's Guide to Planet Earth in soft cover for $11.95 or Ebook for $9.95, Click here.

Highest Light Pendulums
So many people nowadays are realizing that there is a lot more going on around them than meets the eye. We have at our disposal many means for finding out the answers to our questions or for locating missing items, one of which is dowsing using a pendulum. Our Highest Light Pendulums are handcrafted by our Intenders Office manager, Vicki Harding. Vicki creates each one, blesses it and can easily check to see which pendulum is the right one for you.

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Each HLH Pendulum comes with an Instruction Sheet that will show you how to use it. To Order your Highest Light Pendulum now for $20, Click Here.


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