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The Intenders Newsletter


February 2010

Table of Contents

~Introducing The Highest Light Holders!
~A Powerful Quote
~Our New Highest Light Holders 5 DVD Special
~Tina, Lee Ching, and Friends
~Upcoming Events - The Alaska Cruise in May

Introducing The Highest Light Holders!

For several years we have been intending for a way for Intenders to interact and to help one another by holding the light for each other, as well as for our world. We know that there is strength in numbers and that the more people you can get to see you in your highest light, the quicker and easier you will be healed. Therefore, in the Spirit of riding the cutting edge of the times we are living in, we have created our new sister site that we call The Highest Light Holders.

This new weblog is a place where we see only the wellness; where we refrain from the naming of diseases; where we see each other in our perfect state of health - happy, healed, whole and humming with life. And we hold that vision of the Highest Light for ourselves, for others, and for our world, no matter what.

If you would like to join our Highest Light Holders Team, you can Click Here to sign up. It's Free (and it's spamfree) . . . and if you have ever had the dream, like so many of us, of bringing true healing to your fellow travelers on this Earth, this is the place for you!

A Powerful Quote

Life is like a canvas: you can paint anything you like on it. Anything!
You do not have to paint what someone else tells you to paint, unless you want to.

Or, life is like a garden: you can plant anything you like in it. Anything!
You do not have to plant what someone else tells you to plant,
unless you want to.

Times are not hard because someone else tells you that times are hard,
times are hard because you've agreed that times are hard;

You are not part of a group because someone else tells you so;
you are part of a group because you've agreed to it;

You are not ill because someone else tells you that you are ill,
you are ill because you tell yourself that you are ill;

You are not poor because someone else tells you that you are poor,
you are poor because you tell yourself that you are poor;

And above all . . .
You are not free because someone else tells you that you are free;
you are free because you tell yourself that you are free.

From The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs - Coming Soon!

Our New Highest Light Holders 5 DVD Special

In honor of our unveiling our new sister site weblog, we are offering our two latest DVD Sets, On the Road with The Code and Living by Manifesting - a total of 5 DVDs - to you for $39. If you are interested in what is really going on in our world today , and how you can move through it all with ease and grace, these DVDs represent the cutting edge of thought today. They will show you how you can see yourself, others, and your world in the Highest Light, so you can truly make a positive difference in the world we live.

DVD Cover    LM DVD Cover

To Order Our 5 DVD Special for $39 consisting of On the Road with The Code (2 DVDs) and Living by Manifesting (3 DVDs) at Click Here, then Scroll Down

Tina, Lee Ching, and Friends Are Back

As most of you know, Tina Stober is one of the original Intenders of the Highest Good. In fact, the Intenders simply would not exist if it wasn't for Tina and her unique group of friends who have lovingly guided us forward over the years. She took some time off during the holidays to visit her family, but is now back and ready to help you with any challenges you have. We highly recommend Tina's Divine Light Transmissions, which will "just add light" to any situation or condition you may be facing.

Tina works on a donation basis, and most sessions last about an hour. Suggested donation is $50-$200 per session, and you can send her a check or use Paypal after your phone session. To book an appointment with Tina and her divine friends, call her in Hawaii at 808-982-6774. Please remember Hawaii time is several hours earlier than USA mainland time.

Upcoming Events - The Alaska Cruise in May

Join us on Holland America's Ms. Roterdam for a 7-day Alaska Explorer round trip cruise from Seattle. You will experience the grandeur of Hubbard Glacier, explore iconic Alaskan frontier towns of Sitka, Ketchikan and Juneau with Mendenhall Glacier or the lush Tongass National Forest. We will also visit beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. Shore excursions offer a range of activities. You can kayak, dogsled, raft, hike, whale watch, sight see or fish. There is something for everyone! All this plus amazing authors, speakers and musical entertainment for as little as $150 per day! The dates are May 15-22, 2010.

Bringing together inspirational and spiritual authors and speakers for an opportunity to expand your mind and heart to a higher awareness of truth. The schedule is designed to allow for plenty of personal reflection and play time, port excursions and on-board activities, with a perfect balance of playshops for your personal soul journey while we sail. Space is limited! Register now for the best cabin selections!

Alaskan Cruise Photo

For More Info, you can go to: http://www.collaborative-creations.com/wp/2010/01/alaskan-collective-consciousness-cruise/



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