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December 2019

Table of Contents

~A Reminder to the Lightworkers - and a Holiday Intention for You
~A Vision for Making our Weather Comfortable Again
~Intenders Christmas Stocking Stuffer & Quartet Specials
~All of Life Supports You - A Christmas Note from Lee Ching
~Increase Your Intention Circle - The Intenders Handbook Bulk Sales

A Reminder to the Lightworkers - and a Holiday Intention

One of the things that frustrates the lightworkers of today stems from their friends and neighbors tendency to veer off into limited, negative thinking. Oftentimes, it seems like every other conversation heads toward all the things that can go wrong, sickness, accidents, lack of money and so on. Even when we do our best to uplift the conversation, we frequently run into almost insurmountable resistance as our fellow travelers argue on behalf of points of view that do not serve them or anybody else. What are we to do?

First of all, we must not buy into their negative attitudes. It is for us to remain happy and uplifted regardless of how others are behaving. Indeed, we are to remember always that our thoughts and our words are the forerunners of our future; that what we are creating for our days ahead are clearly being revealed to us in our own present moment thoughts and words. Then we can set an example by staying happy and healthy regardless of the surrounding circumstances. Whether our friends are receptive or unreceptive to the positive seeds we are planting, it remains our job to stay above it all, balanced, centered and at peace, no matter what.

This is our job. Even in the face of strong resistance we must hold the light for others until they can hold it for themselves. We are not to go wallowing in the swamplands of their negativity with them; instead we are to hold steadfast to an exalted, empowered place within ourself and bring them up to where we are.

And that is our intention for you for this holiday season and beyond. We intend that you are happy, healthy, inspired and inspiring, joyful and living your life to the absolute fullest everyday, no matter what the world around you is doing. We intend that the good things you enjoy because of your positive vigilance toward what you are saying and thinking (and thus creating) spreads to the next person, and the next person, and then on to their friends and acquaintances - until, one day, our whole world and everyone in it is as happy and joyful as you are.

How do you live a happy life?
You keep your attention only on
the best possible outcomes you can imagine.

A Vision for Making our Weather Comfortable Again

There was a time when we made our own weather consciously. It wasn’t like today where we have been taught that the weather is beyond our control. Instead, it was a time where we knew we had the ability to create all parts of our environment, including our weather conditions, to be exactly like we wanted them to be. We were well aware of the Law of Attraction and its relation to our atmospheric environment, and collectively as well as personally, we were able to hold our thoughts on beautiful, supportive weather, weather that is conducive to the optimum health and happiness of humanity. And as a result we lived in perfect harmony with the weather.

And that is our Vision for today: We see a world where we, again, enjoy crystal clear blue skies, perfect amounts of wind and rain, sunshine in abundance, and an atmospheric environment where we all grow and flourish in complete physical comfort because we have relearned to hold our attention on that which we would create in a positive, loving way. Now we walk in partnership with our Earth Mother, who smiles upon us because we have done what we came here to do.

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All of Life Supports You - A Christmas Note from Lee Ching

All of life supports you. You need only look around to see that this is true. The trees provide their wood for building your shelters; they bring shade from the sun, block the wind in times of storms, and make perches for the little birds to sing you their songs.

The animals offer loving companionship and comfort when you are alone. They pull your plows, run your races, fetch your food, and even offer their own bodies so that yours may be sustained. What more could you ask of them?

Your friends and enemies alike fill your life with every kind of experience. They dance with you, sing with you, work with you, love with you. Without them, you would not want to be here. Even your opponents present you with opportunities for growth and rejuvenation. For it is a great truth that every time you forgive another, you are rejuvenated. Every time you turn an unloving relationship around, you are refreshed and recreated.

Your brothers and sisters with whom you walk this Earth are gifts unto you, each one bringing something new, something you need for your own fulfillment. Even Mother Earth, Herself, laughs as you laugh, cries as you cry, cheers when you cheer. She is with you always, in her heart and in yours.

All of life supports you. There is not a rock, a branch, a hillside, a drop or an ocean of water that turns away as you approach. All are there for you to work with, to play with, to commune with, to create and recreate with. The world is a joyous playground offering itself for you to do with as you please. There is only one rule of thumb you need follow: Take care of it.

Take care of it all so it can thrive and enjoy its experience fully and freely. Take care of it, so it can, in turn, take care of you.

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