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Holiday Issue 2016

Table of Contents

~A Common Pattern for Intention-Making
~A Fun Community Pop Quiz
~Navigating Through Today's Storms
~Our NEW Intenders/Ascenders Stocking Stuffer Special
~Holiday Intentions and Visions from The Intenders

A Common Pattern for Intention-Making

After many years of exploring the limits of the Intention Process, we began to notice a pattern that we'd gone through. We started out intending for and manifesting material items: cars, jobs, relationships, money, household goods, and so forth. Soon, however, after manifesting many of these material things for ourselves, we turned our intentions toward our inner qualities, intending for more compassion, more patience, more control over our anger or negative emotions, etc.

Then, as these attributes began showing themselves in our daily lives, we moved on to making intentions for the world around us. We intended for a cleaner environment, world peace, happy, free people everywhere, wise elders to come forth as leaders, etc. We even got together in larger groups and intended for the weather to change and the storms that were heading our way to move in a different direction (and they did!).

That's the pattern or progression we see most new Intenders follow in our Circles, starting with fulfilling their personal desires, then going on to perfecting their inner character, then moving out into the world from there. Of course, since there are no rules or limits on what you can intend, you can take advantage of what we learned along the way and be intending for all three of these things at the same time.

When people get together and line their intentions up with the Highest Good, it calls forth the soul group - those with whom we've made agreements and arrangements to come together at this time for the purpose of helping to usher in a golden age of peace, freedom, joy and empowerment for all humankind.

A Fun Community Pop Quiz

The Intenders have always stood for bringing people together in community. We do this because we know that our peace, our collective freedom, our personal safety, our harmony, our joy and a better life for one and all can only manifest when we come together. The statements that follow are each designed to take us closer to or further away from coming together in unity (community) with our fellow travelers. See if you can tell which of these short statements are more apt to bring us (T) together or (F) farther apart.

1. Letting go of my grievances.
2. Having a "no mercy" policy.
3. Forgiving my neighbors and coworkers.
4. Giving up on a friend.
5. Building a wall between me and everyone else.
6. Meeting regularly and socializing with my friends and neighbors.
7. Seeing others as different but equal.
8. Making my identification with a nation my highest priority.
9. Recognizing the highest light in everyone we meet.
10. Being a "tough guy".
11. Lining up with the highest good for all.
12. Helping a friend who is in need.
13. Sharing our abundance with others.
14. Believing what the TV news is saying.
15. Loving our enemies, no matter what.
16. Taking a "separatist" attitude.
17. Applying loving kindness every chance we get.

*1T 2F 3T 4F 5F 6T 7T 8F 9T 10F 11T 12T 13T 14F 15T 16F 17T

Navigating Through Today's Storms

In most of our Intenders Circles and coaching sessions nowadays the topic typically comes around to one issue: How do we learn to remain happy and balanced in the midst of an increasingly controlling mainstream reality? How do we navigate happily through the choppy waters of today's world? It's tricky, but there are those who are doing it. So take heart, it can be done.
Whatever we place our attention; that's what we're becoming

Without getting too wordy, the key is to put some distance between ourself and the current mainstream mindset, and we do this by trusting that we're supported by the Universe regardless of whatever is going on around us. For, the mainstream is going through the darkest of cycles at this time, with fear running rampart through most hearts and minds. But you who have been working on yourself to overcome your fears - you who are learning to love in all situations - are transcending this reality and all it's encumbrances. You are rising up and out of the deception, distraction and depression by turning inward and trusting that you'll always be taken care of.

For, it is within us - each and everyone of us - to create a calm, centered, peaceful mindset for ourselves in the midst of the all the challenges. And we do this by using two of the most powerful tools at our disposal: Love and Trust.

My first mentor, BJ, used to say that for every point of view we have, it's opposite is equally valid. We always have both sides of every issue equally at our beck and call. It's up to us, then, to decide and choose the one that serves us, the one that will provide us with the highest and happiest of outcomes.

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Holiday Intentions and Visions from The Intenders

We've made so many friends over the years from our work with the Intenders that we'd like to thank each and everyone of you who have taken our messages to heart. In the spirit of the Holiday Season, our gratitude and our highest intentions go out to all of you. We intend and we envision that your life is filled to overflowing with joy and that all your dreams and desires are coming true now and throughout the coming year. May there be peace on Earth and love in our hearts as we come together as One human family. For the Highest good of all. So be it and so it is.

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