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December 2013

Table of Contents

~The Power of Willingness ~ A BJ Story
~The Seventh Step ~ an extract from Wins: Manifestation Stories from the Intenders
~Tony Burroughs to lead 3 Intenders Circles in the SF Bay Area this weekend
~Getting Ready for Christmas ~ Our Stocking Stuffer Special
~A Vision For Quality by Barry Jeter
~"Intentionize" with Katie Heath ~ The Nutrition Magician

The Power of Willingness - A BJ Story

The first line of The Code - "I refrain from opposing or harming anyone" - will set us all free. For, as soon as we stop our opposing, both individually and collectively, everything gets better for us. Indeed, it's the opposing and harming that keeps getting us into trouble; that keeps causing all our challenges, problems, dramas and traumas to continue.

Why would we ever want to harm anyone else in the first place? It makes no sense whatsoever. Is it fun hurting other people? When we harm them, does it help them in some way? Is there any act of harm that will bring us closer together? Anytime I ever brought harm to someone else it always brought more pain and suffering to me. Why would I want to continue to do that? Clearly, if we want to rid ourselves of our pain and suffering we'd want to start by tracking down the place where the suffering took root - and that place is always shrouded in fear, and fear is always related to losing something or someone.

One sunny morning BJ and I were enjoying a cup of our fresh, our local grown coffee, looking out over the whole Kona Coast from atop our perch on Rabbit Hill Road. We were talking about detaching from the things we hold so dear in our lives when he said, "You know, Tony, you don't really have to let go of anything; you just have to be willing to."
This was a new concept for me; I'd never really thought about "being willing to let go of my attachment to people and things" before. It flashed me.
He let that settle in for a moment and then continued, "If you look back over the course of your life you'll see that 98% of the time your fears weren't realized. They didn't happen and you worried yourself for nothing. By the same token, when the other small percentage of your fear does manifest, if you're willing to let go of whatever you think you're losing, you will have freed yourself from a great deal of suffering."

BJ's teaching that day turned my life around. When I saw that my opposition to others and my allegiance to institutions who are actively harming others is born out of fear, then I realized that I could do something about it. From that point on I was willing to let go of my attachment to the agreements, viewpoints, people and things I was afraid of losing. Now, instead of worrying and being fearful all the time, I'm filled with gratitude for the freedom and newfound peace that has come into my life.

Oftentimes things may be happening all around you that seem to be discordant, and you cannot imagine what is going on. But you must remain focused and steadfast and be able to see through, and not get caught up in the mundane dramas that are constantly being perpetuated on this planet.

The Seventh Step

Extract from the book Wins by Tony Burroughs

"We're all supreme manifestors, creating our world in each and every instant. Likewise, we always have access to all of the tools we need to manifest anything and everything we desire. Those who grasp this truth are well on their way to taking their next evolutionary step, while those who resist it and blame others for the challenges in their lives still have some learning to do before their WINS begin to come easily.

Many of us are finding out that we can't move forward without taking responsibility for our creations. As long as we think that others are doing it to us, we abdicate our seat on the throne of our own power. We become mired in other people's creations and looking for a way out. The way out, however, is always within - realizing that our thoughts have something to do with the way we live our lives, that our thoughts are, in fact, the forerunners of our experiences. If we are experiencing situations and events that are uncomfortable or even oppressive for us, we must look deeper into our hearts and minds and we will see that we have given birth to these experiences. Indeed, many of us are steadily nourishing them."

You have a vision within you of what you know yourself to be.
Stick with that vision. Go toward that vision.
Make that vision more alive.
That is what you came here to do.

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Intenders Events in the SF Bay Area

We have three Intenders Events coming up on the weekend of Dec 6th to the 8th in the San Francisco Bay Area. In each event, Intenders Author and Cofounder, Tony Burroughs, will tell stories for an hour about becoming more skilled at manifesting and then he will lead an Intenders Circle. All three events open with a potluck and socializing for those who want to come early. Here is the info:

Dec 6 - Modesto, CA - Potluck at 6pm, Talk at 7pm, Circle at 8pm, Ends at 9pm. The Unity Church of Modesto, 2467 Veneman Avenue, Modesto, California 95356. $10. Call Laura at 209-690-7505.
Dec 7 - Sacramento, CA - Potluck at 4pm, Talk at 5pm, Circle at 6pm, Ends at 7pm. Call Manvir at 916-806-0623 for directions to private home in Carmichael. $10
Dec 8 - Jenner, CA on Muniz Ranch Road - Potluck at 3pm, Talk at 4pm, Circle at 5pm, Ends at 6pm. This is a free event and you can get directions, the gate code and more info by calling Linda at 707-632-5178.

Getting Ready for Christmas ~ Our Stocking Stuffer Special

Christmas will be here soon, so we wanted to let you know about our annual Stocking Stuffer Special which gives you 20 presents that your friends and family will love! Comprised of 10 Intenders Handbooks and 10 Highest Light Teachings, this Special has traditionally been one of our bestsellers at Christmas time.

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A Vision For Quality

This powerful Intention was sent in to The Vision Alignment Project by longtime Intender and valued member of the Sapphire Intenders Cybercircle, Barry Jeter and shared here with gratitude.

I see a world where quality is a naturally occurring component of every creation and every aspect of life. I see a world that is immersed in quality, where every breath drawn by every person is the deepest richest most fulfilling breath that centers and cleanses to the fullest. I see every painters brush stroke filling the world with the perfect colors for their work, whether it is canvas or picket fence. I see each designer and producer of every product, every structure in every instance, every where on this planet take the greatest care to infuse the highest qualities into every thing that is produced or built or grown.

I see relationships of every kind built on the strongest foundations, grow and flourish through the quality of energy and love that is poured into building each relationship. I see all children filled with the highest nurturing guidance and every enriching quality needed for each child to realize and manifest the fullest expanse of their potential in every aspect of their lives for all generations forward.

Do You Align With Me?

So Be It, and So It Is!
Barry Jeter

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"Intentionize" with Katie Heath - The Nutrition Magician

On the days I take time out to commune with my Highest Good (which is what I think intending really is), I also have noticed increased energy during the day and better sleep at night. Sometimes these wonderful side effects aren't even the result of intending specifically about them (although I do recommend intending for specifics like optimum energy levels and sleep) - much of the time I've had improvements in little health things here and there from simply setting my intentions for the way my day is, or intending about my vision for my life. This phenomenon is probably because intending makes you more aware of the present moment, creates mindfulness and lends itself to appreciation of your day, and life itself.

From this place, things give way to balance and ease more of the time. This is what intending can do, and what it can get you. So, for whatever you intend you have, or are, in terms of your health and wellness, remember to look for the ways in which the changes show up for you. They will with intending - use it, work it - let it rip!

Katie Heath, the Nutrition Magician, is a regular contributor to our Intenders newsletter. Katie is from Portland, OR and you can contact her through her web site at


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