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The Intenders Newsletter


December 2010

Table of Contents

~Matching the Frequency of Our Intentions - A Beautiful Manifestation Story
~Intenders Christmas Specials
~Tony Burroughs Free Holiday Global Teleclass Tomorrow Night
~Vicki's Heart Necklaces and Pendulums
~A Vision for Friendship from The Vision Alignment Project

Matching the Frequency of Our Intentions
- A Beautiful Manifestation Story

The following letter comes to us from our Intenders family members, Yosef and Aviva Funke. Aviva is the former Ashley Jacobson who sang so beautifully on our On the Road with The Code DVDs, and Yosef is the General Manager for the famous Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. Aviva and Yosef have been working with the Intention Process for quite awhile now and have taken it a step further, as you will see in their wonderful manifestation story.

My wife Aviva and I had moved into a little mountain town called Patagonia in Southern Arizona. With a population of less than 900 people, there are no traffic lights and the main street is a highway that is trafficked by heavy trucks transporting cargo across the Mexican border. After living on the main drag for over a year, we knew it was time to move. After all, we moved to the mountains to be surrounded by nature. So, knowing how the Intention Process works, we created a sacred space, connected with our gratitudes, and listed our intentions. Aside from the details of the home, we made several very specific intentions: we were to be invited to live in the home, which was surrounded by nature, and the transition would be flawless. We stated that our intentions serve the Highest Good. So be it. And so it is! Then we sealed our intention with three rolling "Oms".

Instead of searching for homes, we would let the home of our dreams find us. In the meantime, we began pouring all our love into our current home - filling it with gratitude and appreciation for all the wonderful memories and experiences we had shared there. We became the frequency of our Intention. Before we knew it, we had actually fallen in love with the house all over again.

A few days later, my phone rang. It was Bob, the owner of one of the houses we previously looked at. Bob extended an invitation for Aviva and I to live in his house. We could move in immediately (which was at the end of October) and start paying rent on December 15th. He even knocked the rent in half, which would make our payments less than our current situation.

Full of love for our current home, it was almost a tough decision. But when we went back to see Bob's house again and recognized that every single intention we made had manifested in that home, we just couldn't say no. It was surrounded by beautiful butterfly gardens and grandfather trees, concrete flooring with radiant heating, a huge kitchen with an open floor plan and all updated energy efficient appliances. Even our little, but very specific intentions for light dimmers, a doggie door, and an outside shower had manifested themselves into our new home! We moved in the next day.

The lesson: If we desire something more beautiful, we have to acknowledge all the beauty that is already around us.

It is our intention for all of us to consciously connect with the frequency of unconditional love when we share our visions and set our intentions. Thank you Tony for your teachings. The lifestyle practice of Living by Manifestation is so important in these times of transformation. Everything is possible! We just have to be the authentic expression of the Divine, and act on it.

Intenders Christmas Specials

For those who would like to give their friends and loved ones some very self-empowering gifts this Holiday Season, there is still plenty of time to order and receive our Intenders Specials before Christmas. Our Holiday Stocking Stuffer is our most popular product at this time of year, consisting of 10 Intenders Handbooks and 10 Highest Light Teachings - all 20 books for only $60. We hear stories all the time about how people are carrying these little Handbooks in their pockets and purses so they can be reminded of their powerful messages anytime, anywhere.

Holiday Stocking Stuffer Special

And for those of you who prefer to listen to Audio Books and/or watch Videos, we are keeping Our Complete Intenders Collection on sale through the Holidays. It is made up of a total of 14 Discs - 7 CDs read by the author which include The Intenders Handbook, The Highest Light Teachings, and our newest book, Law of Agreement - as well as 7 DVDs which include The Intention Process Video, our On the Road with The Code 2 DVD Set, and our Living by Manifesting 3 DVD Set. All 14 Discs are unabridged and come in a nicely bound case for only $77!

Complete Intenders Collection Holiday Special

To order your Holiday Stocking Stuffer or The Complete Intenders Collection Special now, Click Here.

Tony Burroughs Free Holiday Global Teleclass Tomorrow Night

Tony Burroughs will be presenting a free holiday teleclass message via the Hilton Johnson network tomorrow night Dec. 8th at 9 pm ET (New York Time). The title for this event is Highlights from The Code and The Vision Alignment Project and much of this teleclass will be centered around removing the blockages from seeing ourselves, our friends, and our world in the Highest Light.

You can Register for this teleclass now by going to:
http://www.globalteleclass.com and clicking on the Free Teleclass Navigation Button, and then hit the Personal Development tab, and scroll down to Tony Burroughs.

The bridge line call in number for this teleclass is 212-990-8011 and the student pin is 98764#  You can also listen to this event on the internet on the Hilton Johnson website. We invite you to attend, and we intend that this is an empowering, uplifting, and fun experience for you.

TeleClass Title: Highlights from The Code and The Vision Alignment Project
Date: 12/08/2010
Time: 9:00 PM ET (ET) New York Time
TeleClass Leader: Tony Burroughs
Tuition: No Cost

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces and Pendulums

We have had so many wonderful testimonials from people who have purchased Vicki Harding's Highest Light Pendulums and Crystal Heart Necklaces that we thought we would remind you about these items one more time before Christmas. In fact, here are two letters we received recently:

Hi Vicki,
My handbooks and pendulum came today, just wanted to say "Thank you! It's beautiful - exactly the colours I would have chosen myself!" Amazingly, I had been shopping with friends and was looking for a gift for my sis-in-law. I kept going back to a really pretty necklace with blue and mauve 'stones' and ended up buying it saying "I'm not sure if this is for her or me!" When I got home, my beautiful pendulum with blue stones and a purple endstone was waiting for me!
Love and Light

Hi Vicki: I received my Crystal Heart Necklace last week. I am really excited that you chose the lovely quartz crystal for me. I have been wearing it every day & find that it really gives my Reiki energy a boost when I am wearing it.
Thanks again for all that you do to make this world a better place!
Love & Light,

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces    Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces are $35 and her Highest Light Pendulums are $20. She also includes a sheet that will show how to use your new pendulum. To order your Crystal Heart Necklace or Highest Light Pendulum now, Click Here.

A Vision for Friendship from The Vision Alignment Project
The following is a preview from an upcoming Vision in the VAP. When you Align with these Visions you are consciously contributing to the creation of them. You can Sign up to receive our free Visions from The Vision Alignment Project by going to: www.visionalignmentproject.com.

A Vision for Friendship

We envision a world where our first inclination, upon meeting someone new, is to open ourselves up to being friends with them. We see a world where this is made possible because we have learned to truly care for one another; where we give each other the benefit of the doubt because we are no longer harming one another; and where we have all realized that our highest and best interests and our friend's highest and best interests are one and the same.

In this way, friendships abound in our lives. No one is lonely unless he or she chooses it; and no one is left to fend for themself because now all of us have plenty of friends we can call on whenever we want.

As a result of our many friendships, we have entirely stopped separating ourselves from each other and have begun to come together in larger circles and communities. Indeed, our coming together and our community-making are keys to all that we seek, for they have provided us with peace in our hearts and as well as peace in our world.

And all this has happened because we started out by making friends.
As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
You can align with this Vision
by double-clicking the "YES!" Button below.


Clicking the YES Button will also show you the Total Alignments to date.



Please forward this message to your list of friends so they can align with this Vision. If this vision was sent to you from a friend, you can go to www.visionalignmentproject.com to sign up free for The Vision Alignment Project.

The Vision Alignment Project
is sponsored by The Intenders of the Highest Good in alignment with the people at Create One Love. If you have a Vision you would like to share with the world, please email it to [office@intenders.com]. Your Vision may be published!

The Intenders Vision Alignment Project is funded by your tithes and donations.
To Tithe/Donate to this project or the Intenders, please Click Here.
Thank You Very Much!



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