The Intenders Newsletter

Christmas 2007

Table of Contents

~An Intenders Holiday Greeting
~An Amazing Intention Story
~Last Chance to get our Stocking Stuffer Special in time for Christmas
~Gratitude to our Support Team
~The Bridge "Undelivered" Messages
~The South Africa Intenders
~A Final Christmas Benediction from Tina and Lee Ching

An Intenders Holiday Greeting

At this time of Christmas, when we celebrate Christ and remind ourselves that Peace on Earth is truly possible, we would like to refer to a quote from The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World that says; "Soon there will be so many new Masters running around touching and healing everyone that that this world will be a Heaven on Earth." And how can this be, many of you may ask yourselves, when the world appears to be in such dire straits at the moment? It is coming in the form of Divine Light energy that everyone is feeling right now and yet seem unable to put into words.

We all feel it. Things are changing faster than ever, and the reason for this is the increasing intensity of Divine Light Energy that is permeating into this world at this time. It is affecting everyone and can be used by those who are open and ready for it. It is available even in this very moment, so open to it. Breathe it in. Experience it. And use it. Every time there is a need in your own life, use it on yourself. Every time there is a need in the life of others, project it. Send it to them.

It is here to help you so that you can remain balanced and focused during these times, and so that you can bring yourselves up. Those of you who are becoming more conscious by manifesting your intentions and expressing your gratitude need to continually bring yourselves up - to bring yourselves up by learning to work with this Divine Light, to bring yourselves up by being around like-minded people; by reading things that bring you up; by listening to words that bring you up, by listening to sounds and music to bring you up because you must remain above that which are the dramas and traumas of this world.

That is our intention for you at this time of Christmas; that instead of keeping our attention only on the outer trappings and marketing hype that has undermined the true Spirit of this special time of the year, we all take heart and receive the blessings that the Christ intended for us. We receive it in the form of the Divine Light energy that surrounds us and infuses us at this very moment by using the wondrous lightworking tool that we call our imagination.

Go ahead right now. If you are using it on yourself or you are using it on others, this Divine Light can be directed through your body and through your hands. You take this light in through the solar plexus and in through the top of your head. Open and let it come through. Then, as you fill yourself up with it, you simply place your hands either on the top of your own head, or on the top of the head of the people in front of you and send it on to them. You can even do it at long distance just by looking at another's face in your mind's eye and putting your hands on their head.

This is what will change our world. The days of using slower ways of going through tedious clearing processes and psychiatric methods are becoming more antiquated everyday. Using Divine Light is our next step. In the words of the well known Christmas carol, it is what will take us to a place where "a weary world rejoices . . . for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn . . ."

An Amazing Intention Story

We love it when people write us and tell us how they used the Intention Procees to move up to their next level. The following story comes from Intender Mary Sundblad from Florida and it is a wonderful example of what we can do once we let go of our old limitations and trust that we are much more powerful that we ever thought we were. We intend that you enjoy Mary's story as much as we did.

A few weeks ago Will and I were sitting at the water eating lunch and there were tons of jumping fish in front of us. (FYI, they are mullets; they don't take bait because they are vegetarians, and we don't know why they jump.) All of a sudden, Will spotted two fins quite a ways out, and they were attached to a couple of dolphins. They swam past us, coming up for air every bit, as they do.

After they got beyond us, I was glad I saw them, but I wanted more. So I said to Will that I would like them to come back so we could watch them longer. "Let's invite them to come back in front of us." So we started doing some energy work and intending that they turn around--and instantaneously--they did. So then I commented that I was intending for them to jump and play right in front of us. At that moment, they did. Then I decided that they were too far out. At this point as I was working in the Light with them, Will started talking to them about all the jumping fish that they could find if they moved in closer.

Next thing we knew, 2 of them came right in front of us and went after the mullets. At this point I thought 2 things -- 1. I wish I had a camera. 2. "Oh my gosh--there are about 20 of them." So as we were sitting there in utter amazement someone walked up behind us and said, "Wow, right in our own back yard!" We turned around to comment and it was a dad and his son, and they were taking pictures. All of a sudden Will said, "Aren't you Steve?" And it was---a guy we met a while back. And as he was leaving he said, "I have your e-mail and I'll send you some pictures".

It was just amazing to see the power of intention work out with such Grace!!! We felt we were in QUITE a UNIVERSE!!!

Thank you, Mary and Will!

Last Chance to get our Stocking Stuffer Special in time for Christmas

Our Intenders Stocking Stuffer Special is our bestseller at this time of year, and you can still order it and be assured of receiving it in plenty of time before Christmas. It contains 10 of our Intenders Handbooks and 10 of the Handbook's popular companion, The Highest Light Teachings. Twenty books in all! In the Spirit of the Holidays, we are offering these inspiring little handbooks at price that is only available at Christmastime. You can find this Special at the bottom of Our Shopping Cart at

Gratitude to our Support Team

As many of you know, The Intenders is a grassroots movement that has been built by you, the people. We have never had a corporate superstructure or large funding from philanthropists, but have grown and thrived (often on the financial edge) by intending and trusting that what we are doing is needed in these most challenging of times. We have kept up, thanks to amazing people like Pam Baugh from Redding, CA who runs our Intenders Forum, Vicki Harding in Pagosa Springs, CO who manages the shipping of all our books and Intenders materials, and David Clark from Toronto, Ontario has recently joined us to maintain the Directory of our Intenders Circles and our Links pages, as well as to provide support for our Intenders Bridge Subscribers.

As you can see we are committed to bringing you the best support we can and now we feel we are even more prepared to handle all of the emails we receive concerning your personal challenges. Now, when you have a personal issue that you would like to get clear on, we can refer you to two very special resources. First, if you have a question about how to resolve a personal issue through the use of intention, we recommend that you post it on our Internet Intenders Circle at so that the entire Intenders Community can help you. Since Pam has taken over the administrative responsibilities of our forum, the Intenders has truly become a worldwide phenomenon, proving that you do not have to live in close proximity to others in order to be part of an empowering, caring community.

And second, as we mentioned in recent newsletters, Tina Stober, our own angelic messenger from Hilo, HI, is available for private readings on a love offering basis. Tina is as clear a channel as it gets, and now you can contact Tina at her new email address at

Thank you Tina, Vicki, Pam, and David. May the good works that you do be returned to you a hundredfold!

The Bridge "Undelivered" Messages

Some of you who are receiving The Intenders Bridge Messages may have experienced interruptions or stoppages recently so we would like to update you about this. The problem is at your ISP, with Comcast and Earthlink causing the greatest havoc (although a few local ISPs are doing this as well.) They are sending the messages that we send you back to us as "Undeliverable" because they've just tightened their Spam filtering parameters across the board. There are over 200 Intenders Bridge messages at this time so everyone who signed up should be receiving their messages in a timely fashion.

Please know that we are intending and working to resolve these issues - and they will be resolved soon. However, if your Bridge messages have suddenly stopped arriving you can go to Our Help Page at for instructions on how to begin receiving these messages again from where you left off.

The South Africa Intenders

As those of you who have been in an Intenders Circle know, there is a feeling that reveals itself when people gather to share their intentions and gratitudes in our circles. Our Intenders Circle format is set up to create this feeling, however until you experience it for yourself you you have to take our word about how good it is. We thought you would like to hear how Ermelinde Mondriaan described it after the Intenders met for the first time in South Africa.

"Apologies that I have taken so long in sharing with you the awesome launch of our first Intenders Circle in SA. Well, what was supposed to be an hour session turned into a marathon 4 hours. The energy and electricity was amazing and what was also totally mind blowing was that we were collectively able to help someone to cry for the first time in many years. Also psychic abilities were opened up and were amazingly strong. Messages were shared, intentions set, thanks given for all that we have in our lives and for that which has already manifested.

No one wanted to leave, they just kept lingering and connecting and chatting. Our circle lasted about an hour in itself and we all experienced and felt different vibrations from others. Both the people sitting on either side of me said that they had never felt such peace emanating from anyone before, messages were coming through for each other and for those that were a little hesitant about sharing their messages I was used as the switch as I asked them to share what they had with the group or the relevant person.

On Saturday evening Arno, Christo and myself got together for dinner at Christo's and Intenders SA went live on the net. Christo designed the page for us and it was really exciting stuff!"

Thank you, Ermelinde, Chrisna, Nicky, Jacqui, Arno and Christo!

A Final Christmas Benediction from Tina and Lee Ching

Our friend in Hawaii, Russ Phelps, asked Lee Ching if he would give us a final benediction for this month's newsletter. We intend that you enjoy it and that you are fulfilled in every way at this most wondrous time of the year. Here is Lee Ching.

Our benediction would be for everyone to become one with each other, One with God, and One with each and every Divine being (so you can) be able to emulate that which each Divine being can do. That is, to do the things that Jesus did by being Jesus. It is doing the things that Mother Mary did by inviting the Mother into your heart.

You can begin by opening your hands and making a bowl of your hands and letting Divine Light flow into the bowl, filling you up with beautiful Divine Light. Just open to your Divinity and also know that you will be in the right place at the right time doing whatever is necessary for you to fulfill your Divine purpose. You must be open to find your right place in the world. Everyone has their particular work, their job, their part in the puzzle. So open your hands for Divine Light to flow in. And fill up the bowl and then place your hands on your heart and bring this Divine Light energy into your being. If you need to think of a certain being - God, or Goddess - which you would like to bring into your heart - someone you feel a relationship with; then bring that being into your heart with you. They will help you from within.

After that simply open for guidance and guidance will come in every situation no matter how difficult it is seeming. Focus on your spirituality.

Focus on Divine Light until you become it.


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