Our Intenders Newsletter for August carries a particular message that could best be summed up as: When you give attention to that which is good, you just make more of it. Our lead article talks about what we can do when we hold to the positive. Then, we tell you a little bit about the good that the Intenders have been up to recently. And finally, we come full circle to a wonderful story that brings the point of our original message close to home. We intend that you enjoy this month's newsletter!

Table of Contents

--- We are all Mighty Manifesters
--- Some Beautiful Intentions
--- The Intenders are going to PERU !!!
--- Intention Process Workshops in the Pacific Northwest, San Diego, & Idyllwild, CA
--- The Battle of the Two Wolves

We are all Mighty Manifesters

We are all supreme manifesters, creating our world in each and every instant. Likewise, we always have access to all of the tools we need to manifest anything and everything we desire. Those who grasp this truth are well on their way to taking their next evolutionary step, while those who resist it and blame others for the challenges in their lives still have some learning to do before manifestation will begin to come easily.

Many of us are finding out that we can't move forward without taking responsibility for our creations. As long as we think that others are doing it to us, we abdicate our seat on the throne of our own power. We become mired in other people's creations and looking for a way out. The way out, however, is always within - realizing that our thoughts have something to do with the way we live our lives, that our thoughts are, in fact, the forerunners of our experiences. If we are experiencing situations and events that are uncomfortable or even oppressive for us, we must look deeper into our hearts and minds and we will see that we have given birth to these experiences. Indeed, many of us are steadily nourishing them.

Adepts know to keep their attention on thoughts that serve them and discard the ones that don't. They also know to remain nonchalant while waiting for their visions to manifest. They don't keep mulling over negative outcomes. They remain steadfast and focused on the positive and, as a result, they are able to create a world that is in support of them. **

It is time for all of us to take our power back and we do this by holding our attention on outcomes we truly desire and trust that they will come to pass. By taking this approach, in a very short time we will notice the quality of our own individual lives getting better. And by the same token, it is this movement - the movement of countless individuals who are watching their inner world more closely - which will ultimately give rise to a monumental positive change in the entire world that surrounds us.

When you give attention to that which is good, you just make more of it

**See The Battle of the Two Wolves at the end of this newsletter.

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Some Beautiful Intentions!

Recently we received some beautiful intentions from our new friend, Hope, in Wisconsin. We reprint them here for you now because they are wonderful examples of how to phrase your intentions simply and elegantly.

I Intend that our planet Earth and All life upon it╩are refreshed, renewed and whole, and that╩our world is Spiritually filled with Love, Peace and the Unity of Oneness.╩
I Intend that I am the beacon of God's works; creating╩miracles in my life and in all those I help and heal along the way.
I Intend my life is prosperous and my finances plentiful.
I Intend my excess finances and blessings are blessing all causes in need; especially those of the world╩environment, wildlife, and animal welfare.
I Intend that all Spiritual beings are United in the memory and kinship of God's Awesome meaning of life.╩
I Intend that all my intentions are complete and for this I am Eternally╩Grateful.
So be it. And so it is.╩

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The Intenders are going to PERU !!!

Image For the Intenders Peru trip we have teamed up with our good friend and Intenderpreneur, Dr. Sharon Forrest. Sharon has been going to Peru on these Sacred Journeys for over 10 years and her website at will give you a lot of information about the journey.

As you can see on Sharon's site, two very special journeys are offered. The first is for 10 days from November 8th to the 17th and the price for it is $3500.00(US). The second one is a continuation called the Ultimate Sacred Journey that goes on to Lake Titicaca and many more places. It runs from November 8th to the 26th and costs $4750.00(US) In all but two instances we will stay in 4 and 5 Star Accommodations. The prices include all air fares starting from Miami and all meals, tips, taxes, lodging, travel expenses, etc. This is a journey of luxury, comfort and transformation.
We will be traveling with a native shaman at all times as we go to sacred sites, beautiful scenic spots, and local marketplaces for those who like to shop. During the trip we will spend 2 1/2 days at Macchu Picchu and you can be assurred that we will gather for a very powerful Intenders Circle while we are there. At present we are in the process of creating a flyer that will provide you with the day by day itinerary of all of the amazing places we will visit in Peru. If you are interested we will gladly email it to you when it is finished. You can request it by clicking on the link below.

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The Intention Process Workshops

We've come to realize that whenever people gather together and align with the Highest Good, something very magical takes place. The soul group - those who we have made agreements and arrangements with long, long ago - is called forth and sparked to do the work that we came to this beautiful Earth to do.

Having just returned from several extremely uplifting Intention Process Workshops in Massachusetts, we would like to thank the people in the Cape Cod area who embody the Highest Good and who were instrumental in bringing all of us together so that we could gain inspiration from each other.

Kendra Bond (Sisterwolf) from the Sacred Offerings Circle in East Wareham, Janet Phelps-Thomas, representing the Manifest A Miracle Foundation in Middleborough and Kathleen Hoffman, pastor of the Spiritualist Church in Onset amazed us by bringing so many special people together on short notice. These catalysts/networkers are the true Live Wires that every group needs in order to create the connections that will ultimately bring all of us together as One in the days to come. We salute and thank you, Kendra, Janet and Kathleen for the wonderful lightwork that you are doing.

The Intention Process Workshop
is coming to the Pacific Northwest!

We are now in the process of setting up a series of Workshops in Vancouver BC and Seattle from September 10th to 20th. If you live in this area and would like to join us or see about having The Intention Process Workshop in your town you can contact Roberta in Vancouver at 604-985-3112 or at []
Look for the complete schedule for our Pacific Northwest tour in next month's Intenders Newletter.

Our Intention Process Workshop has been so well received that we are now scheduling presentations all across the country. If you are interested in having us come to your area please send an email to [] or call 1-888-422-2420.

Intention Process Workshops are also scheduled for August 9th at The Unity Center in San Diego, August 17th in Idyllwild, California and at The Celebtate Life Conference at the Marriot Resort and Spa on Coronado Island/San Diego on September 30th. Please see the link below for details.

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The Battle of the Two Wolves

My wife recently told the story of the two wolves that live in our hearts (with her own embellishments) to an Intenders Circle in Massachusetts. It was so good that when she was finished a "hush" fell upon the group. We print it here because we thought that you would like it too!

Little Eagle, a lively youngster, approached his wise grandfather, White Mountain, late one afternoon with tears in his eyes.

"Grandfather. There is so much about the ways of life that I do not understand. There are some boys who are mean to me and they always want to fight. I'm not afraid of them but I do not want to fight. Why are they so mean?"

White Mountain looked lovingly at his grandson and thought for a moment. "There are two wolves in my heart that are engaged in a ferocious battle," he said.

Little Eagle wiped his teary cheeks and stared up in wonder at his aging Grandfather.

"One wolf," the Grandfather continued, "is evil. He is a very vengeful, angry, and violent wolf. He is deceptive and makes trouble everywhere he goes. The other wolf is good and he is our friend. He brings peace, love, joy and all of the great virtues wherever he goes. These two wolves battle inside the hearts of every man, woman and child who walk this Earth."

The grandfather paused again, then went on. "This battle is raging inside the hearts of those boys who taunt you, Little Eagle. "In fact, this same battle is going on inside of you too. It is a terrible struggle."

Little Eagle pondered this new idea and thought some more about the mean boys. "But, Grandfather," he asked with great curiosity, "which one of these wolves will win this great battle?"

"Ah! That is a very wise question, Little Eagle," the Grandfather replied. "The wolf that wins is the one that you feed the most."

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Thank you for reading our August newsletter. We intend that the ideas herein help you to step into your power. So be it and so it is!

--The Intenders of the Highest Good

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