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August 2020

Table of Contents

~The Intention Process Easy Explanation
~Disease or Ease
~A Defensive Posture Invites an Attack
~The Blame Game & the Boogieman
~The Good People Do
~Our Bestseller: The Intenders Handbooks Quartet

The Intention Process Easy Explanation

Twenty minutes later they were on Philip and Sally's back porch, all introductions and greetings having been completed. Philip smiled, as he stretched his legs out and put his feet up on a stack of old magazines. As everyone else sat down around him, he began talking.

"What could be easier than getting up every morning and taking a moment to say a few words out loud? That's really all that there is to the Intention Process. Some folks make it complicated at first, but the Process automatically leads to simplicity and a worry-free attitude. Here's the way it works: Each morning, we voice our intentions to the Universe. In my case, for example, I say "I intend that this be a happy day for me. I intend my safety. I intend that I am always in excellent health. I intend freedom, peace and harmony, joy and love and laughter and fun". I might even intend abundance or creativity or success or travel or whatever else I desire. And of course, I never forget to dedicate my intentions to the highest and best good. Then I say "So be it and so it is". And there you have it! I've given direction to my day. It's been my personal experience that if I don't start my day out like this, anything can happen. But, if I make clear intentions in the morning, then my day proceeds as planned." He broke into a wide smile, reflecting an attitude of complete self-assurance.

"These intentions that I've told you about are just the basics that I begin with everyday. You can put things into your own words. You can get as elaborate or specific as you want. You may want to intend that some money come to you, or that your love life take a turn, or that a new washing machine comes your way. In actual practice, any desires that you have may be verbally intended at any time.

"You might also want to intend that you always step aside from being dragged down into the depths of the issues of others. Instead, see them in their highest light, intend their upliftment, and intend to remain free from participating with them in their suffering. There is one important rule we always follow. We don't picture specific people, places, or groups in our intentions, unless we are wishing them upliftment. We want to love our neighbors, not manipulate them.

"That's really all there is to it. After saying your intentions, you just go about your day, knowing, without doubt, that your dreams will manifest for you."
Excerpt from The Intenders of the Highest Good Adventure Novel by Tony Burroughs

You are learning that once you intend something,
and it is in your highest and best good,
it will make itself available to you.
If, however, you are still believing in fear or suffering
more than you believe in the Highest Good,
you will be experiencing more of that.

Disease or Ease?

When we started the Intenders, it was common to hear someone putting their sick friends or family into the circle. We would talk about someone's disease, and then intend that it is healed. This practice went on for quite awhile, but we didn't seem to be getting the results we desired from it. So, one evening, we decided to ask our guides and helpers about this. The answer we received was very profound.

We were told that when we give a name to somebody's sickness that we are giving power unto it. We were reminded that our words have power, and when we speak the name of any disease - whether we think it is our own or someone else's - we are actually reinforcing or feeding the disease. This does not help us if our highest priority is to preserve and perpetuate our lives.

We were also reminded that our thoughts are things, and that we are all transmitters and receivers of thoughts. On a level which is normally invisible to us, these thoughts fly through space, just like radio or TV waves, and they are received by the person we are thinking about. When we send out a thought that pictures someone else in it, this thought is received and it tends to manifest. We are all constantly making suggestions with our thoughts to others of how we would like them to be.

So, when we envision others as suffering in any way, we are contributing to their suffering. Conversely, when we see them in their highest light - happy and full of vitality - that is the message they receive. And that is the message that will help them the most.

No one is well-served by another who, either consciously or unconsciously, talks about disease. The best thing that you can do for anyone is to hold the light for them, seeing them in their perfect state of wellness. Regardless of what they tell you about their maladies, you do them no favor by agreeing with them about their illnesses. When they are temporarily unable to hold the light for themselves, you can hold it for them. You help them by holding a vision in your mind of them in their highest light. And, in this way, you are not reinforcing their sickness and suffering. You are reinforcing their wellness.

So now, in our Intenders Circles, we refrain from naming sicknesses and diseases and, therefore, we give no power to them. We see everyone, at all times, in their highest light.
Excerpt from The Intenders Handbook by Tony Burroughs

Oftentimes people just roll over and accept their dying.
People need to keep going
when the doctor gives them a death sentence.
They need to keep moving forward.
They need to think about their purpose for being here,
instead of just doing what they're told to do.

A Defensive Posture Invites an Attack

We would all be well served to remember that our worldly experiences take place in our minds long before we act them out in our daily lives. Whatever thoughts a person dwells upon, that's what he or she is going to manifest.

To use our defense mindset as an example, when you're thinking that someone else is going to attack you, you are actually helping to create that attack. A defensive position always invites an attack. It works like this: In your mind, you're picturing someone - perhaps it's an enemy foot soldier, a renegade terrorist, or a drugged out street criminal - coming to get you. This is a thought, just like all other thoughts. With enough attention put on it, it will work its way toward the surface of your experience, just like the thought that you're going to go to Disneyland next month.

Fortunately, we can pick any thought we want. Thoughts that serve us and those that don't are equally available to us. If a person envisions attackers, then he will be attacked. If a person envisions Disneyland, then he'd better get his E tickets ready. The question is: What kind of world do we want to live in? If we keep envisioning the same old "us vs. them" separation scenarios as propagated by the media, then we'll never live in peace. But, if we shed our victim mentality and begin to picture our world in its highest light, then things will change. Thousands of years of man killing his fellowman will come to an end and be replaced by the expression of a deep and abiding respect for one another. All it takes is a little deeper thinking. We must stop letting those with their own personal agendas tell us who our enemies are. We must investigate a little further to discover who the true perpetrators of violence on this planet are. And we must reject their manipulative suggestions and begin to discern in favor of that which is for the highest good of all.
Excerpt from The Highest Light Teachings Handbook Handbook by Tony Burroughs

Think about what you do want,
and don't think about what you don't want.

The Blame Game & the Boogieman

Deep within us, we know we are causing our own experiences. Here on Earth, however, we play the blame game because it gets us attention, or it brings us money, or validation for our actions, or the feeling of superiority, or an excuse to run off our excess emotional charge on others. In short, we have a vested interest in our victimhood; we're getting something out of it. But that "something" pales in comparison to what we could be experiencing if we stopped playing the game.

I've played the blame game most of my life. Not until recently did I realize how much it was keeping me from my true happiness. Like many folks out there, my favorite thing to blame was the government. They were overtaxing me, spraying me with aerial poisons, lying about what's in my foods, creating false enemies, instigating wars and lying about it, acting solely on behalf of big business, taking the money out of the hands of the average person and filling the pockets of those who already have plenty, forcing me to have insurance I don’t want or need, and on and on. They taught me in school that they were going to represent me; that we are a government "of the people, for the people and by the people." But that is clearly no longer the case.

The more I thought about all their shenanigans, the angrier I got. If they were trying to upset me, they were doing a good job of it. It looked like my only way out was to resign myself to putting up with their tricks and being unhappy about it. My back was against the wall. What could I do?

It was about that time that Lee Ching taught me about the boogieman. After listening so supportively to my complaints about the government, he began by saying that the lawmakers of today are the lawbreakers of today, and that governments are always moving toward dictatorship. Then, as he always does, he veered to the positive side, saying, "Tony, the awakened person acts while the unawakened person reacts. Reacting goes nowhere. Continue to fight with the boogieman and you're reacting. You don't need to react to what seems to be going on out there. If everyone would just stop reacting and tune in to what their true purpose is, to what they're doing here, everything would clear up politically, economically, and personally in a jiffy."

As I was flashing on this, he told me one more thing that set me off in the right direction. "In the midst of all the strife and craziness, millions are waking up to the realization that we are all One," he said, and, from that moment on, I let go of being a victim to the whims of the government and remembered my true purpose. I remembered that I could be happy in the midst of all the governmental "craziness" by returning my attention to the Oneness of all things.

Excerpt from The Ascenders Handbook Handbook by Tony Burroughs

You have known before you came here
that there would be a time when you would be called upon.
The time which you have been awaiting has come.
It's time for you to align with the Highest Good,
and to care for all of life in every moment.

The Good People Do

While the mainstream would do its best to keep your attention on life’s challenges, it serves you well to keep in mind the thousands of untold stories of kind, caring people who truly want to make things better for others, people who hold the ideal for doing good for their friends and neighbors.

It serves you to redouble your efforts to recognize and appreciate the vast majority of people who really care about their fellow travelers: the driver who slows down and lets you pull out in front of her; the man who goes out of his way to open the door for a stranger; the off-duty nurse who peeks her head into the hospital room door for no other reason than to bring a bit of cheer to an ailing child; the firemen and policewomen who risk their lives daily so others may live; the nameless giver who shares a few dollars with the homeless person on the street corner.

Excerpt from The Highest Good Handbook Handbook by Tony Burroughs

When you give your attention to that which is good,
you just make more of it.

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