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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter

August 2016

Table of Contents

~Miscreation Pop Quiz
~The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home is in Print Now!
~Reflections from the Road - The Miracles and the Madness
~A Vision for the Highest Good
~Tour Gratitudes

Miscreation Pop Quiz

In The Ascenders Handbook, we talk about creation and miscreation. Creation is when we hold our thoughts on events and experiences that serve us and our fellow travelers, and that will give us the results we're looking for in life. Miscreation is when we hold our thoughts on events and experiences that clearly do not serve us or our fellow travelers, and will not give us the results we're looking for. You can check C for phrases that represent a Creation or M for phrases that represent a Miscreation. (*The answers are at the bottom of this newsletter.)

1. C/M I'm too (fat, old, tall, plain, set in my ways, etc.) to have someone love me.
2. C/M The doctor is never wrong.
3. C/M I'm a victim. Someone else is to blame.
4. C/M My thoughts and words have no power.
5. C/M I can't really be happy.
6. C/M I'm not worthy to be in a loving relationship.
7. C/M Times are hard.
8. C/M I can't find a good job.
9. C/M Things are always breaking around me.
10. C/M If I take a risk, I'll fail.
11. C/M I'll never heal.
12. C/M I can't have what I want.
13. C/M Things will never get better.
14. C/M I'm broke!
15. C/M I can't be happy with all the craziness going on around me.
16. C/M God is angry at me.
17. C/M The TV always tells me the truth.
18. C/M My name is not who I truly am.
19. C/M My body is not who I truly am.
20. C/M Things can change.
21. C/M My thoughts and words are the forerunners of my future.
22. C/M I'm projecting it all from within my mind.

The Ascenders Handbook is in Print Now!

The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home is off the presses at last! The preorders were sent out at the end of last week so you will be receiving them this week. We've had so many pre-orders for this empowering handbook and want to thank those of you who have been patiently waiting to receive it. We intend that is well worth the wait.

"In our Intenders Circle we've started reading The Seven Ascension Reclamations from The Ascenders Handbook after we've all said our gratitudes and intentions. They are so inspiring; we feel like these Reclamations are taking us to our next level."
Leigh Morano

Intenderpreneur, Des Moines, Iowa 

The Ascenders Handbook

This timely sequel to our bestseller, The Intenders Handbook, has the exact same dimensions as our other handbooks so you can easily carry it in your purse or pocket - but it has twice as many pages and twice as many new, inspiring stories! We even kept it at the low price of $5 so you can get copies for your friends and family.


The morning mist lifted leaving a crisp stillness in the air as the two men walked the narrow path through the ancient forest. "Is that the end of it?" asked the ever-curious Apprentice. "What about completing the octave? What about an 8th Ascension Reclamation?"

"You learn well, my young friend," replied the Master. "There is, most assuredly, an 8th Reclamation that completes the cycle. It's the one you'll claim for yourself...after you've experienced your Oneness and opted to come back and help others go where you have been."


The Ascenders Handbook is now available in Print, in Ebook, in Bulk and in a Trilogy with The Intenders Handbook and The Highest Light Teachings. For more information about The Ascenders Handbook, Click Here.


The Ascenders Handbook: Two Roads Home  $5.00  144 pages   

The Intenders Ascenders Handbook Trilogy
All Three of our Handbooks in Print!  $12.95   288 pages;  

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The Intenders Handbook Trilogy

Reflections from the Road - The Miracles and the Madness

Having driven across the country over the last two months, I'm reminded of the first line in my bestseller, The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World, where it spoke about the miracles and the madness. Along the entire heartland of America I witnessed the madness: the Interstate Highways with all their barricades, detours, ubiquitous orange barrels (for miles with few or no workers to be seen), and signs at way-too-many off-ramps saying that all traffic must exit when lights are flashing / Anyone in violation will be prosecuted. (It makes you wonder...) I saw gun ads galore in Missouri ("want peace, get a piece",) dangerous air quality level warnings in Ohio (while planes overhead concurrently filled the skies with toxic chemicals,) disoriented people in Kansas, drones in Colorado, cellphone and Pokemon addicts in Iowa and Michigan (take your teenager's phone away and see what happens), etc.

In truth, I never could have imagined such madness when I was growing up, and I know that many of you feel the same way. I have to constantly remind myself that these are all harbingers of the old ways going away - so that the miracles can come in and take their place. And, indeed, that's what I was seeing - the miracles - in my workshops, especially at the Great Lakes Retreat in Olivet, MI. The people who attended this retreat were uplifted, having breakthroughs and witnessing miracles around them daily. Joy and synchronicity abounded. Soul level connections were made. Everyone was excited about taking what they were learning and integrating it into their lives. The world around us may have been filled with madness and chaos, but we were upbeat and filled with love for one another......

And isn't that the lesson of these times we're living in? Aren't those of us who've been doing our inner work learning to stay focused and centered regardless of whatever is going on around us?


"Oftentimes things may be happening around you that seem to be discordant and you cannot imagine what is going on. But you must remain focused and steadfast and be able to see through and not get caught up in the everyday dramas that are constantly being perpetuated on this planet."

A Vision for the Highest Good

To add to the miracles I was witnessing, when I got home I was cleaning out my desk and an article I wrote long ago dropped into my hands. This is what it said:

One thing is certain: the days ahead will bring great change. From our point of view, life will soon be better for all. Indeed, we can scarcely envision how good things are going to be. No longer will we be encumbered, for we will be free from all meddling into our private lives, free from those who would rob us of our precious energy. No longer will we send our beautiful youth off to fight and kill and die in faraway places they know nothing about. No longer will we hide behind closed doors, for we will know safety and feel it in every cell in our bodies. And no longer will we fear, for we will know love, both inside and outside of us.

We see a world in the making that is far more comfortable and enjoyable than the one we have now; where we're letting go of our old mainstream ways and attachments, and learning to discern in favor of that which is for our Highest Good. Indeed, we see us all living in a free world, a world where we're all lined up with the Highest Good. And it is to those of you - the lightworkers, the wayshowers, the Intenders - that we send out our heartfelt gratitude for your holding the light of the Highest Good during these changing times. For, it is by shining your light that you set an example for everyone around you to follow.


As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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Tour Gratitudes

Bigger crowds and smiling people were the order of the day for this summer's Two Roads Home Tour across the heartland of America - primarily because of the work of some very special Intenders. Accordingly, we'd like to express our gratitudes to Dan Ravenelle and Richard Fawcett in Kansas City, Iris Wilkinson in Lawrence, KS, Leigh Morano and the folks at Common Thread in Des Moines, IA, Bev Boerman and Nan Hunt at the Great Lakes Retreat, and Lawanna Rine and Terrie Haley in Strasbourg, OH. Thank you one and all!

*The answers to the Pop Quiz are all Miscreations (M) except for the last five.

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