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August 2013

Special Edition

Prayer Vigil for Syria and Egypt
Join 100,000 people in Prayer!

We received a phone call from fellow author, James Twyman, last week requesting that we send out information about his current journey to Syria and Egypt. We have been familiar with James's work for many years and are grateful to have collaborated with those in his Beloved Community on our On the Road with The Code DVD made in Ashland, OR in 2009. Thus, we know James to be a committed, truly courageous worker for Peace on this Earth.

These times we live in call for all of us, now more that ever, to set aside our differences and come together - and that is the Spirit with which we share James's letter with you now. Please join us in this vigil as we Pray, Intend and Envision his peace work in the Middle East bringing much fruit and that all of us live better lives because of what he and his co-lightworkers are doing there. For the Highest Good. So Be It and So It Is!

New York Times bestselling author James Twyman will lead a group of inter-religious spiritual leaders to war torn Syria and Egypt for an international prayer vigil.

A hundred thousand people from around the world will participate in "The Group of 100,000," sending their prayers of peace the same moment Twyman conducts two peace concerts for the region. A major peace concert in Jerusalem will follow the Syria and Egypt vigils.

Please Join James and Add Your Prayers of Peace on August 15th and 18th!

Known throughout the world as The Peace Troubadour, Twyman has been invited by the leaders of such countries as Iraq, Bosnia, Serbia and Northern Ireland to perform the same concert for peace, often while wars and violence have raged. He has also sponsored other prayer vigils that have been attended by millions of people, and he claims miracles have often followed the efforts.

"In 1998 Saddam Hussein invited me to Iraq to perform The Peace Concert the same week the US and its allies prepared to initiate a new bombing campaign," he said. "There didn't seem to be any chance of avoiding a terrible confrontation, and yet word went out for people to send their prayers of peace the same moment the concert took place. At least one million people participated, and three days later a peace accord was signed. There are so many more stories like that one, which has led me to believe that this type of focused global prayer is one of the most powerful forces on the planet."

To register for the Group of 100,000, go to

James and a small group of peacemakers will travel to "Shouting Hill" on the Syrian border for the first prayer vigil on August 15th (only two days away). Shouting Hill became famous when Syrian families separated by the border would shout back and forth with megaphones to stay in touch with family members. On the 18th they will travel to Egypt to focus the group on the serious situation there. It is also no coincidence that peace negotiations between the Israelis and Palestinians will begin again while James is in Jerusalem, and that recent terrorist threats have closed down most embassies in the region. We need as many people as possible to join us in order to create critical mass.

"Something magical happens when thousands of people 'feel' that a prayer has already been answered," he said. "Most of us were taught to ask for something, rather than claim that it already has happened. This is what we've asked people to do during all the past prayer vigils, but this time we're much more focused. Anyone can join the 'Group of 100,000,' and all we ask is that they watch a couple of short videos on the web site to learn how to do it."

To register for the Group of 100,000, go to

After the Syrian and Egyptian prayer vigils, the Group of 100,000 will be called upon whenever there is a world crises that needs focused, affirmative prayer. That is the only reason for registering. Our goal is to have a massive Peace Force that can be called on at any given moment to influence positive world change.

Please Join Us!


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