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The Intenders Highest Light House Newsletter #2

August 2013

Table of Contents

~What's the best thing that can come out of this?
~Matthew's Timely Message
~Kudos for our Intenders Circles
~Start Your Own Circle
~The Intenders Prophetic Parables Special
~Upcoming Intenders Events

What's the best thing that can come out of all this?

I don't know about you but life throws me a curve every-so-often, and lately it seems like they're coming harder and faster. I read the internet pundits and present-day prophets who say that things are speeding up, that our evolution is accelerating at an unprecedented rate, that time is collapsing into the eternal Now, and that myriad other factors are revealing themselves which supposedly explain why we're going through what we're going through.

Amidst all the hype and hullabaloo, however, one thing is certain: It's not business as usual. As we let go of our old ways and turn to the new, more loving, caring ways of relating to one another we can continue to expect some adversity along the trail. It's a natural part of the evolutionary cycle we're in - but how we relate to our adversity is a different story for every one of us.

Adversity comes when we're not getting what we want or we're getting something we don't want. In either instance we can deal with our challenges by complaining, screaming and dragging our feet in the dust, or we can learn to flow with our changes, keeping our balance and emotional poise throughout whatever is going on.

After having spent the last 2 decades working consciously with the Law of Attraction / Manifestation, we Intenders have found that one of the most important keys to manifesting our dreams is to keep our eyes on the prize; to hold our attention on the final result we're seeking; to envision only positive outcomes. When we see the perfect end result from the very beginning we are putting the Law of Attraction / Manifestation to it's highest and best use. And the easiest way to do this is to ask oneself, "What's the best thing that come out of all this?"

What is the absolute perfect ideal outcome that can result from this situation? How would I like the issue that I'm going through to be resolved if it was to end up with the outcome that's best for me and everyone involved? These questions set us free from our past proclivities where we might have headed down into the negative and thus created more unwanted experiences for ourselves. Instead, now that we're becoming more aware that we can have a positive effect on our adverse situations by envisioning positive, ideal outcomes we can begin to take heart and apply this formula in our world as well as in our personal lives.

So . . . the next time a well-meaning friend or fearful acquaintance tells us that our world is not going along perhaps as we would like, we can steer our discussion into a more positive, productive direction by asking our friend, "What's the best thing that can come out of all of this?" And, right away, you'll both notice a difference. You'll feel a lightness, accompanied by a relief and a release, come over you as new and exciting, positive possibilities begin to present themselves.

How do you nurture the growing light?
You keep believing it will continue to grow.

Matthew's Timely Message

Lately we've been sharing timely information with you from our fellow lightworkers with the idea that doing so brings all of us closer together. Last week we received a forwarded message from our Office Manager, Vicki Harding, that was written by Suzanne Ward, as received from her son, Matthew, who transitioned from this Earth realm 14 years ago. Vicki met Suzanne awhile back at an event in Pagosa Springs, Colorado and has kept track of her work ever since. Thank you Vicki for sending this message to us - and thank you, Suzanne and Matthew for bringing your beautiful words out to the world.

The Message from Matthew that follows is extremely powerful as it addresses and explains many of the issues that all of us are going through today. We highly recommend that you read it.

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Always we are happy to address issues that are of concern to readers and are in the minds of many others in your world too, no doubt because mainstream media are giving these topics the most coverage: Al Qaida jailbreaks, threats and splinter terrorist groups; contaminated water flowing from Fukushima nuclear facility into the ocean; mounting casualties in Syria's civil war and the escalating conflict in Egypt.

There's also emphasis on violence in Pakistan, wildfires, flooding, various crimes, vehicle crashes and celebrity scandals as well as speculation about a cyberspace "war," Iran's nuclear development stage, the use of NSA's electronically-gathered data, and the strained relations between the leaders of Russia and the United States.

First we say that for the most part, the reporters and the few individuals who own all major media outlets still are captive of third density mentality with its predominant fear factor and proclivity for sensationalism. Thus they dependably present an alarming slant on selective world affairs and laboriously report tragic or shocking events; rarely are positive happenings considered newsworthy.

The Internet is a valuable source of enlightening, accurate information, but it also offers negatively-tilted information such as predictions of catastrophic geophysical events or dire outcomes to current situations. Usually those prognoses are based on your recorded history, a history that has no bearing on Earth's ascension or your own; and, like some mainstream media reporting, the Internet also has articles that contain false information or are distorted by the omission of vital details.

Somewhat in defense of the individuals who post, publish or air those kinds of information, they don't know that the crews surrounding your planet are using their ships' technology to reduce the toxicity of radioactive elements and other pollutants and to prevent the functioning of nuclear warheads. Those individuals have no idea whatsoever that as vibrations on the planet keep increasing, violence and all other harmful activities will correspondingly decrease, and the same betterment is true of all relationships. In short, they don't know that all situations they are presenting as worrisome or in crisis stage will, in time, have outcomes that your world will welcome.

Comparatively few people do know that, yet other information sources are choosing to publicize developments that are positive, encouraging. TV documentaries, magazines, organizations' newsletters, books and Internet articles contain a plethora of information about successful efforts around the world. Like the growing numbers of grassroots movements and innovative individuals who are making grand improvements in many communities and the corporate-public alliances that are pursuing large-scale ventures.

Yes, much more is needed and is coming, but these heartening successes that are uplifting so many lives are emitting immeasurable light, adding to the light beamed from far distant sources, the high energy levels in which Earth is moving, and your own radiance. Only when Gaia embodied as a paradise planet was there a greater abundance of light than in this moment!

Now then, everyone is influenced by the kind of information, positive or negative, that he or she embraces. Our fervent hope is that individuals who still are choosing the negative will be inspired by lightworkers--and here we include the myriad persons who are that indeed but don't identify themselves as such--who are turning their positive outlook into reality!

How often have we told you what powerful beings you are, that you are the ones who are transforming your world? And by no means are we alone in giving you this assurance--other sources in the light transmit the same to their respective receivers, who distribute those messages far and wide.

Yet, many of you still are questioning if you're doing your part. Feelings expressed in emails to my mother, in summary, are: I don't know my mission or what a way-shower does, so I'm just "sending" light but that's not enough to make a difference.

Dear ones, nothing to do with light is "just"--or merely or simply or only! Light--the same energy as love and the most powerful force in the cosmos--is not only exactly what is needed to make a difference, it is ALL that is needed! Light-love is the key to attaining peace, harmony and justness in your world! It is the key to a joyful, fulfilling life, to growing spiritually and consciously, to bringing about all the other marvels of the Golden Age!

Each of you does make a difference! Each of you is a way-shower!

Think of the many millions who are working in fields that others depend upon such as farming, health care for people and animals, construction, power generation, manufacturing, mechanical and other types of repairs. Every time a person obtains necessary food or a product or service, lightheartedness replaces apprehension about the lack of it. Employment is much more than jobs--it enhances the lives of countless others and gives workers the gratification of feeling productive and helpful.

Many of you volunteer in community efforts that help the hungry and homeless or rescue animals or shelter abused children and adults, for example. You participate in or donate to organizations that provide numerous kinds of aid to refugees and other needy people; or are working to preserve the rain forests, save animals in the sea and on land, or clean up industrial waste. You sign petitions for a variety of worthy causes or attend rallies to demonstrate the need for reforms or participate in meditation services that focus on peace.

In your respective fields of endeavor and activities that bring about betterment in your world, you are acting upon conscience, inspiration and motivation. Those are messages from your soul, and all efforts originating at that level generate a profusion of light. The same is true of gestures that you consider "just" friendly, neighborly or extending a helping hand--other things you do naturally without giving any thought at all to light.

For instance, maybe you cook meals for a grieving family or watch older children so the mother with an infant can rest. Warmly greet new neighbors, take flowers to someone who is sick, give a good home to an animal in need, help a friend or family member who has come upon hard times. You may embrace someone who is crying, lend a tool, provide a ride, soothe a frightened child, spend a few hours with a person who needs supervision to give the family caretakers a respite or diligently care for plants in pots or gardens and smile as you thank the weary-looking cashier. And you pray for those who are encountering difficulties--never underestimate the power of prayer for one's highest good!

Those are but a few examples of heartfelt deeds, and living from the heart generates light far, far beyond your imagining! Each act of kindness, thoughtfulness, compassion and understanding creates light within the "giver" as it radiates light to the "receiver," who absorbs that light and generates more in feelings of thankfulness. This new abundance of light extends outward to all others whose lives the giving and receiving persons touch, and all of those individuals similarly affect others. The ripple effects of one kind gesture are incalculable!

It is by divine design that you don't know the mission you signed up for--you don't need to know it to live in the godly ways that make a monumental difference! Our beloved family, you do more than make a difference, you ARE the difference! As you lighten the lives of others, you also exemplify the innate strength and courage that evokes the determination and confidence to successfully deal with challenges. You benevolently influence others simply by who you are--by your very BEing you are a way-shower!

Because so many people are directing energy into different avenues leading to the same desired goal, you could say that collectively souls are engaged in one unified effort--and that is magnificent indeed! However, responsibility to self and accountability for attitudes are essential aspects of soul growth too, and in this sense you can do more. For instance, giving validity to the "other side's" perspective of a controversial issue doesn't compromise your principles--it helps to reduce the energetic separation, that all-important first step to resolving the issue. Master your innate ability of discernment, ask within if information is true or not, heed your soul's messages to your consciousness.

Let go of any lingering feelings of resentment, bitterness, remorse, guilt, anger and especially fear, all of which emit very low vibrations; and replace those kinds of feelings with forgiveness of self and of others, gratitude for the goodness in your life, appreciation for the beauty in your world. When you hear about upsetting situations, see the person--or your world--bathed in golden white light and send forth that image with a sense of peacefulness.

The prevailing vibrations are motivating self-discovery, self-awareness, self-realization--whatever you wish to call this process of soul connecting with consciousness. Individuals are questioning on a deeper level than heretofore, but soul-searching alone doesn't provide all the answers they are seeking. Don't hide your light under a bushel, so to say--enlighten others to the extent that they are receptive.

People need to know that the energy of their thoughts and feelings shoots out into the universal soup and brings back what matches the energy sent forth. They need to know how fear adversely affects their lives and that the energy of fear empowers the self-serving or short-sighted individuals who are opposing changes that can benefit the world. You can suggest "down-to-Earth" sources that explain this--The Secret, The Power of NOW and The Power of Positive Thinking are well known books.

Many other sources of excellent information also are available--some you may know about, others you may need to discover. Knowledgeable, respected individuals in areas such as economics, technology, communication, health care, law, religion, social equality, philosophy, government or the environment have written about the developments in their specialty fields that are paving the way to the kind of world that you have been helping to create all along.

You also can tell interested persons about Web sites that have accurate information regarding other civilizations' presence, "9/11" and the Illuminati, for example. If they are open to telepathic communications, please give them the sites where our messages and those from other light sources are posted--but be very discerning about which channeled messages are credible!

Perhaps more than any other factor, though, your positive attitude about today's happenings and what is ahead for your world will inspire others to start perceiving things that way too, and what a triumph that will be!

You may think of me as the 17-year old boy who died in a vehicle wreck and started talking telepathically with his mother 14 years later and wonder: Does he really know what he's talking about? However, no one who knows of St. Germain doubts his ancient wisdom and knowledge!

With gratitude for permission, we share with you an excerpt from his June 12th message transmitted to Valerie Donner and posted at

Greetings, I am St. Germain. I am pleased to speak with you again.

You can't take anything for granted and you can't shirk your responsibilities. As a Master, I can tell you this is the most pivotal time on the Earth.

I follow your progress and you are rich in your results. There is so much more to do in this complex ascension process. A lot is going to be required of you particularly in the area of your attitudes. A positive attitude will carry you a long way. If you rise above the turmoil and the fear-based thinking you will see there are ample opportunities for you to be of service.

Starting with yourself is the most important thing you can do. Take responsibility for thoughts, words and actions. Gather with other like-minded friends. Invite us in to help you to make plans and carry them out. Be open to connecting more with the space brothers and sisters that are also waiting to carry out their parts of the Divine Plan.

Beloved family, heeding St. Germain's words will enrich your lives and expand love in your world. And please remember that never are you alone--myriad arms of God, unseen but powerful in their caring and capability to assist, are with you in every moment.

Suzanne Ward
You can find out more about Suzanne and Matthew at

Kudos for our Intenders Circles

We've been so involved with bringing our new Online Intenders Cybercircles out to the world that we'd almost forgotten about how good our real-life Intenders Circles are . . . until we received the following letter last week from Intenderpreneur, Debra Lewicki. All we can say is Thank You, Debra!

Hello Tony and Pam,
I am so excited to write to you today to tell you that we held our very first Intenders Circle last night. It was an absolutely incredible experience! Everything flowed very smoothly and it was enjoyable and uplifting. I must tell you, the energy we created and felt was the most extraordinary feeling I have ever experienced. It was so strong we could actually feel vibration, if that makes any sense...I just don't know how else to explain it. At one point we had a power surge in the house...the electric was off for about 3 or 4 minutes. Now, I know this power surge could have been caused by anything at all, but the evening was a beautiful, calm, cool and no one was using the TV or computer, etc.; there was nothing going on that would normally cause a power surge. We all got a chuckle out of this power surge because of the timing of it when it happened. There were only 3 of us, but when the power surge happened we were discussing how we all felt such wonderful, powerful energy surging through our bodies....the feeling really is beyond words. I still feel the tingling today as I write this...

Pam, you were sooooo right about the toning. I have never felt anything like this before. For us, at first the toning was low and we were not all doing it at the very same time. Then, just after about a minute, we were in sync with each other and we all seemed to get a little louder with it. The vibration we felt during this time was so incredibly strong; it was like we could feel the presence of the angels, masters and spirit guides. Our voices were different or something when we were doing the's very hard to explain in words. When we finished toning we all felt like we were light as feathers....almost like burdens were lifted from our shoulders and we were all tingling from head to toe. This toning is the icing on the cake for the intenders circle. I have never done toning before and it was a very incredible experience for me and for the others.

We cannot wait to do this again and we already have our next meeting date planned.

I intend that "Intenders fever" spreads throughout the land. The understanding that we are all capable of bringing Peace, Light, Love, Joy and Truth into our lives is very powerful. I intend that we all take control of our lives; take our power back and use it as it was meant to be used when we came to this incredible Earth...for the Highest Good. United we stand...

Wishing the both of you a wonderful, happy day filled with blessings...

Start Your Own Circle

If you're seeking to start or be a part of a community of like-minded and light-hearted people who are becoming empowered and aligned with the Highest Good at the same time, The Intenders is open to everyone. You can visit our website at to see if there is an Intenders Circle already going in your area, or if you would like to start your own Intenders Circle or Online Intenders Cybercircle, our Create Your Own Community Package is the perfect tool for you.

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Upcoming Intenders Events
We are excited to share an event with you that we know you will enjoy - LoveFest 2013! Two Intenders friends of ours, Dr. Maria Church and Love Coach Laura Wilson are driven by a passion and desire to infuse love into every aspect of life. They see how successful we are in business, relationships, and careers when we consciously shift from fear to love and they've brought together 13 leaders, entrepreneurs, and luminaries to show us exactly how it is done. And Tony is one of their guests!

Join Dr. Maria, Love Coach Laura, myself, and ten other inspiring leaders to fuel the shift from fear to love. You will hear about love and money, love and weight loss, love and business, love and politics, and so much more!

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Tony in Spokane!

Set Your Calendars for September 14th! An Evening with Tony Burroughs! The international bestselling author of "The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World" will be in Spokane to lead an Intenders Circle and discussion.

Potluck will begin at 4:00 pm, and the Circle will begin at 5:30pm. We expect things to wrap up about 7:00 pm. An energy exchange of $20.00 for RSVPs prior to Sept. 7th or $25.00 without RSVP is expected. All payments will be due at the event. (Cash or checks only) The Circle will be held outdoors, so bring a chair and dress for the weather. Seating is limited so please RSVP by September 7, 2013 to Tony will be holding his circle at 2210 N. Long in Greenacres (Spokane Valley), Washington. Call Jerry @509-714-3868 for further information.

We intend that, from this moment forward,
you and I and all of the people
we come in contact with,
and all of the people they come in contact with,
and all of the people they contact
- until it fills the entire Earth -
live in utter joy and peace.
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