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August 2013

Table of Contents

~Creating in Community
~Ligia's Vision
~More New Cybercircle Intenderpreneur Tools
~Intenders Bulk Specials
~Get What You Want: A Timely Excerpt

Creating in Community

It is for us, all of us, when we are in a group and the group starts heading down into the dark, to lead that group up and out of the dark and into the light of new possibilities. We do this by envisioning the ideal and holding that thought and feeling while the others are temporarily unable to hold it for themselves. This is what works and this is what will make our world a better place for all of us to live in.

It helps to take notice of your subject matter
and to understand when you are talking
about something negative,
something that you wouldn't want to manifest
in a million years,
that it moves closer to manifesting
simply by the act of discussing it.

Whatever you talk about
--whether it's positive or negative,
something you want or something you don't--
is on its way to you.

From The Code 2: The Reunion

Last week I was invited to a Permaculture group up the road from where I live and it was a wonderful experience which led me to get a good glimpse into where many people are nowadays in their lives. The group started out talking about water shortages and then one lady used this platform to begin to head down into the swamplands of her own personal issues. Right away we were all off on a tangent, talking about things we wouldn't want to manifest in a zillion years and dealing with a sinking feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

When she finally took a breath, I mentioned that what we put our attention on is what we are creating for ourselves - and that we might want to begin to envision and thus be creating our ideal: plenty of clean water and air for all; thriving permaculture gardens and verdant plant growth everywhere we look; more than enough food for every living being; a peaceful environment because there's so much that we're all being given everything we need; happy, healthy people everywhere caring for the Earth so She, in turn, is caring for us, etc.

The feeling in the room changed immediately. In their hearts, the people really wanted to hear solutions, not stay stuck in their problems. All of a sudden new ideas sprang forth from those who were quiet up to this point. We had new life and a new direction. There was the feeling that we were making a difference in our lives. Long story short, I received an email the following day from the lady who hosted the group asking me if I would help them set up an Intenders Circle next week so that they, as a community, could let go of their old ways and begin to bring in the new.

The world you live in is splitting apart.
The old selfish ways are collapsing
and at the same time
the new spiritual ways are emerging,
heralding a better life for all.
From The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World

Ligia's Vision

The following Vision was sent in last week by long time Intender, Ligia Giovannoni, and it says what so many are wanting to hear and intending to create nowadays. Thank you, Ligia!

I see a world where humans have raised their consciousness to the point of self realization; a world where parents teach their children about the new paradigm on the New Earth; where cooperation is the way of interaction among humans and competition no longer exists; a world inhabited only by enlightened beings, humans that have reached the ultimate and only give birth to the same.

And I see a world where "unconscious" is no more; a world in which humans are God-like and behave as such; a world where souls are thriving and enjoying just being in a human body. I intend for all of this or something even greater, for the Highest Good of the Universe, so be it and so it is...

As you line up with this Vision, it becomes your Vision too!
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More New Cybercircle Intenderpreneur Tools

Our Intenders Cybercircles are exceeding our expectations in every way. So much so that in order to make it easier for anyone to set up and run their own Cybercircle we've added several new free items to our Hosting Tools webpage.

First, we finished the YouTube about How to Start Your Own Online Manifesting Circle which you can watch by Clicking Here. Second, we included a Welcome Letter, a Back-up Email Template, a Midweek Reminder Letter Template, three sample Invocations and a brand new Guided Meditation Example.

Many Intenders came together to create these free Hosting Tools, most notably Lori Kalfayan (our Goddess Cybercircle Hostess), Marina Phillips (our Genesis Cybercircle Hostess), and Alison Waldmann (our Light Workers Cybercircle Hostess.) Thank you one and all for your great ideas and support! You are paving the way for many to follow in the days to come.

A community begins
with a few friends getting together

For More about How to Start Your Own Manifesting Cybercircle, you can Visit Our Intenderpreneur Tools Page by Clicking Here.

Intenders Bulk Specials

Over the years our Create Your Own Community Package has been one of our bestsellers, and for those of you who already own a copy of The Intention Process DVD, we continue to offer our Intenders Handbooks in bulk discounts so that you can keep them in stock when your Circle grows larger or when you want to give these empowering little books to your friends. Here is a list of our current Intenders Specials:

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The Intenders Complete Collection

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Get What You Want: A Timely Excerpt

We are blossoming in all our glory. Peace, freedom, creativity, abundance, and joy for all are ours for the intending. Worlds within worlds reveal themselves as atom and galaxy alike welcome us and bid us to explore to our heart's content. All that and more await, but first we must do one more thing before we set out for new horizons. We must begin to join together in small groups, and then use our collective imagination to connect these groups to one another.

When enough of us are embracing the vision of all groups everywhere, merging our lights and coming together as one, we will reawaken to that which we have already known--that this feeling of Oneness is our home, our place of comfort where we find our true selves and take a breather before embarking upon other exciting adventures out there in the endless, eternal Universe.

Tony Burroughs
From Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions

Get What You Want: The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions

Click Here for More Info about Get What You Want:
The Art of Making and Manifesting Your Intentions


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