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The Intenders Newsletter #2


August 2010

Table of Contents

~The Vision Alignment Project just went over 50,000 Alignments!
The VAP is Translated into 58 Languages
Thank you for your Tithing
Vicki's Heart Necklaces
Our Start Your Own Community Package is Bringing People Together
One of the Best Intention Stories Ever

The Vision Alignment Project just went over 50,000 Alignments!

We unveiled our Vision Alignment Project to our Intenders subscribers on the recent Summer Solstice and have just passed the 50,000 Alignments mark - and that's without doing any other marketing or letting our peers know about it yet. We still have one very creative video to finish this week (we're building "something spectacular" in the barn and we'll get it to you when it's ready) and then we will be approaching everyone we know who is in a position to help us take this unique project out to the world.

As you know, our original projection was to amass over 1 million Alignments with our Visions. We can now see, however, that we will be needing to readjust our goals a bit because we are obviously going to go way beyond our original expectations just as soon as The Vision Alignment Project gets out into the mainstream. We have purposely designed it to be something that the average person can identify with and you can continue to make a difference by letting all your friends, even those who may be stuck or holding onto their Old Ways of thinking, know about it.

Sign Up for The Vision Alignment Project

"OMG, this one is beautiful !!! thank you ... whales,dolphins, dogs & angels !! It cannot get better than that !!! and a plastic free OCEAN !!!"
blessings and hugs ~

The VAP is Translated into 58 Languages

In order to get the Vision Alignment Project out to a much larger audience, we have spent the last week installing the Google Translation software on the entire www.visionalignmentproject.com web site, as well as on all of the daily Visions you receive. As many of you know, Google uses a machine (not a human) translation, and it is not perfect by any means. In fact, they admit that it is not 100% accurate at this point. However, we felt that the pros outweighed the cons because now people all across the world will be able to get the gist of what we are creating with this extraordinary endeavor.

A Note: Although we are open to have people translate the Visions into their native language for us, we still need to work out a way to do this. Human translations tend to be a huge, very costly, long term consideration which we are not prepared to take on at this time, except on a volunteer basis. Our feeling is that, although there will surely be glitches in the rhythm and content of the Google translations, most people will be able to extrapolate what is being said.

Thank you for your Tithes

We want to take a moment to thank all of you again for helping us out by sending us your tithes and donations earlier this month. We received several hundred dollars from you in amounts ranging from $10 to $200, and we cannot tell you how much your gifts have helped us. You have made it considerably easier for us to continue on with the work we are doing on The Vision Alignment Project as well as The Intenders.

It is our intention that the gifts you have graced us with come back to you so that you, perhaps unexpectedly, receive more back than you have shared with us. You have made a difference by helping us make a difference and we are greatly appreciative for your tithes.

Tithe / Donate

Vicki's Crystal Heart Necklaces

Since we made Vicki's Heart Necklaces available last month she has had so many orders for them that it surprised us. Not only that, some of the comments we received are just wonderful. Here's one from another Vicki:

Dear Vicki Harding,
Today I received in the mail a beautiful quartz crystal necklace as a gift from a friend. He told me that it was crafted by you, and I am writing to thank you for the obvious care and craftwomanship you put into this lovely creation. I am honored to possess this emanation of your heart, mind, hand and appreciate the blessings you spoke over and into it. With warm wishes,

Victoria Kindle Hodson

Vicki's Heart Necklaces

Here is Vicki's description: Programmed to open, grow, and heal the heart chakra. Dug or bought right from the mines, so most are untouched by others (other than me.) Wrapped with copper wire and stones that resonate with the heart. Blessed with Highest Light and Love as all my work is. Unique crystals. Comes w/paper explaining some of stones included in the wrapping.
If you would like to have one of these beautiful Heart Necklaces of your own, they are $35 each. You can order them now by going to Our Shopping Cart and scrolling down toward the bottom.

Our Start Your Own Community Package is Bringing People Together
Out of all the empowering books and products that we offer, our Create Your Own Community Package is our bestseller. We receive orders for it almost everyday from people around the world who want to start their own Intenders Manifesting Circles. Containing 10 Intenders Handbooks and 1 copy of our informative Intention Process DVD for only $39, it shows you exactly how we say our daily Intentions and how we've been conducting our Intenders Circles for the last 16 years. You can even name your group anything you like, and set your own format to follow. It is the perfect tool to get you started.

Start Your Own
Community Package

To order Our Start Your Own Community Package now, you can go to:

One of the Best Intention Stories Ever

In last December's Intenders Newsletter we shared a wonderful letter with you from our good friend and Philadelphia Intenderpreneur, Deb Chamberlin. Deb said:
"I want to share a story with you from October's workshop. A young woman in our Circle, Emily, had not been attending our monthly circle for a while. She was depressed, after 7 years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant. She intended to get a new job with health benefits that would cover InVitro & fertility treatments. And she did! In September, she actually got pregnant, but when she went back for the blood tests to track the progress one week before the workshop with you, they told her the numbers were going down...which meant it was either an ectopic pregnancy or would soon miscarry.

Emily got depressed, and almost did not attend the workshop, but her 2 friends encouraged her to go. When Tony shared the story about the bird flu & the Law of Agreement, all the lights came on. In that moment, Emily chose to withhold her agreement from the Doctors' prognosis about her blood counts, and intended a fully healthy pregnancy. She had a blood test the next day, and ever since then, every 48 hours (the frequency of the blood tests), her counts have tripled! . . . She is ecstatic! She totally credits the health of her pregnancy with your story & her attending the workshop that day, and her fully embracing the Law of Agreement in her situation. She feels this is a miracle! So be it, and so it is!!!"
Two months ago, in June, we received the following letter from Emily. We thought you'd like to see how it all turned out . . .
"Hello All!
. . . The baby has arrived! Fiona Lillian was born on 6/16, 8lbs and 3 oz. As a Wise Soul, her nickname is "Little Hoot" (as seen in the owl picture attached!) and "Fifi La Hoot" (got to have a fun, campy one, too!).

In April, a lot of problems started happening, got some news from a perinatologist that I chose to withhold my agreement from, and, wow, the outcome: Fiona is here and in perfect health, just as intended :) So be it!

Thanks a million to you guys.
Emily & Fiona

Thank You Emily, Deb, and Fifi. You touch and inspire many with your story.

PS: You can watch the bird flu (MaryAnn's) story in 2 parts on YouTube.
Tony's Keynote Speech at the National Convention of the AMTA - Pt2
Tony's Keynote Speech at the National Convention of the AMTA - Pt3

You can order a copy of Law of Agreement in AudioBook on Our Intenders Shopping Cart.



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