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The Intenders Newsletter


August 2010

Table of Contents

~A Note from Tony
~Visions From Down Home Videos
~The Vision Alignment Project is Taking Off!
~Gabrielle's Laughing Lights Parade
~Our Un-Holiday and other Bulk Specials
~Hilton Johnson
~Tina and Lee Ching's Loving Counsel

A Note from Tony

The Intenders message is poised and ready to go into the mainstream so that we can fulfill our calling at this time. At present, people need to become more empowered if they're really going to make a difference in our world. They need to get proficient at manifesting, and until they do, they cannot have much of an effect on things. More people need to awaken to what they are creating with their everyday thoughts and words. More need to be able to manifest consciously if we're going to break through the critical mass marker.
That's why we're bringing The Vision Alignment Project out to the world at this time; for, tucked within it is a subtle, but very powerful lesson in manifesting. Anyone who takes part in it will automatically become a better manifestor, and therefore be more capable of having a positive effect on our world.
Indeed, that's why the Intenders are here. We agreed to be here at this time of magnificent change for the purpose of ushering in a new world, a world so much freer, so much more expansive and sweet that we will look back in admiration of the strength we had in order to have put up with the old ways for as long as we did.
And you know what? Whether you're an Intender of the Highest Good or not, you agreed to be here at this time, too. You agreed to be here to help give birth to a new, golden way of life on Earth.
Otherwise you wouldn't be reading this now.
PS: Please ask everyone you know to sign up for The Vision Alignment Project. It's free and it's one of the best things you can do to make a difference now.

Visions From Down Home Videos

This week, we are officially unveiling our latest Intenders endeavor and we call it Visions From Down Home. These short 2 to 4 minute videos are the companions to the text versions of some of our favorite VISIONS from The Vision Alignment Project. Featuring Tony Burroughs, Richard Blackstone, as well as inspiring guest speakers, one of these Visions From Down Home videos will be sent out once a week to all of our Intenders mailing lists. We highly recommend that you align with these Video VISIONS when you receive them and forward your favorites along to your friends, knowing that every time you do so, you take all of us one step closer to reaching the tipping point where we will "tip" into a happier world for all of us to live in.
Visions From Down Home
To Preview three of our Visions From Down Home,
Or, To Sign Up for The Vision Alignment Project,
Click Here.

The Vision Alignment Project is Taking Off !

Now that The Vision Alignment Project is fully operational, we are preparing to approach our friends, as well as some of the more influential players on the Internet, in order get it out to a much larger audience so that it can have the impact we intend for it. Up to this point, we have been testing and fine-tuning it to make sure that it works perfectly - and in the process we have already had over 33,000 Alignments with our VISIONS in the first month!

We appreciate those of you who have seen the beauty of this project and passed it along to your friends. The more people we can get to ALIGN with our VISIONS, the quicker we will reach our goal of 1 million Alignments and step into a new, more comfortable reality for ourselves. The Vision Alignment Project is truly a VISION whose time has come.

Dear Tony
The Vision Alignments are so wonderful and a great way to log on cosmically daily, what will happen when we reach the figure that you want to reach? Will they carry on? I find that they align me daily and set the day up at a certain vibration. If we all are doing that regardless of numbers would it not be a wonderful thing?
Love n blessings

Hi Niki,
Yes. Indeed, it is a wonderful thing! When we reach our goal of 1 million VISION ALIGNMENTS we will go for the next million, and the next. We will keep writing and filming new VISIONS until they become the reality of our daily life.
For the Highest Good,


We haven't openly asked for your financial help in awhile, however, with the considerable amount of expenses it has taken to bring The Vision Alignment Project and our Visions From Down Home out to the world - as well as to maintain the costs it takes to keep the Intenders sites on the Internet - we find that our coffers are empty.
While I have personally borne the costs and expenses for The Intenders all these years, in truth, there are times when it has pushed me to my limits. I live an uncomplicated life, residing in my van and doing all of these creative works with the help of my laptop, broadband card, cell phone, and my cat, Puddy. We have traveled to hundreds of small towns and big cities across the country over the last dozen years showing people how to set up Intenders Circles and line up with the Highest Good. Whenever I have had any extra money come my way, I have always put it right back into the Intenders so that you can gain from these teachings - teachings I feel so honored to be receiving.
It is not an easy thing for me to ask for tithes and donations, but circumstances at this time have led me to do so. By the same token, I am learning that sometimes it's a good idea to ask for help - especially, in this case, since it is our intention to keep our product prices affordable and the free Bridge Messages, the free Vision Alignment Project, and all of Intenders information going out to the world at this time of great change; this time when they are all needed most. So, I thank you in advance. Any help you can give us will be truly appreciated.
To Donate or Tithe, please go to Our Intenders Shopping Cart
and Scroll Down to the bottom in the Gratitudes Section.
Thank You!!

Gabrielle's Laughing Lights Parade

Our friend, Gabrielle Silva from the Boulder, CO Intenders Circle, is one of the happiest, most light hearted people we know. She writes the Ragananda children's books and recently sent us the following letter:

"A couple of years ago, about the same time that I became an Intender, I started doing a breathing meditation where, on a great big SMILING INBREATH, I saw these little hearts with wings with smiley faces flowing out from my heart, swarming around me. Then, on the OUTBREATH, I saw them flying off gracefully to bring Holy Laughing Lightness to wherever it was needed. Actually, I can't really think of a single place on this planet that couldn't use a little Holy Laughing Lightness! Can you?

Laughing Lights

I've noticed a lot of benefits from pivoting out of drama, or other non-productive uses of my attention, into this simple breath. One benefit is - it's GLORIOUSLY fun! My experience with Intending has been that it all happens a lot faster if I'm in a happy, contented, PRESENT space. One Laughing Lights breath leads to another. It lends a whole new dancing energy to the word 'practice'. 

The best part is that you can do it no matter what else you are doing. Eating, mowing the lawn, sailing, doing the laundry, INTENDING to do the laundry, it's all a lot more fun with Laughing Lights swirling around on every breath. Try it! You can post comments or questions on my InnerGalactiGazette blog on www.ragananda.com and I'll be happy to elaborate. However, it's not about words, it's about JUST DOING IT and finding out for yourself, breath by breath, what breathing and allowing Holy Laughing Lightness can bring to your life. See YOU at the Smiling Party!
Our Un-Holiday and other Bulk Specials

One of our most popular products is the Holiday Special we started at Christmas time several years ago. Originally, we set it up so people would have a lot of our powerful little Handbooks to stuff their friends' Christmas stockings with. But now it has become so popular that we keep it on our Intenders Shopping Cart permanently.

Containing 10 copies of The Intenders Handbook AND 10 copies of The Highest Light Teachings, you will receive all 20 Handbooks for $60. That is $30 off of the retail cover price, and you will have great gifts to give your friends all year round!

To Order our Un-Holiday Special or other Books in Bulk, you can Click Here
and Scroll Down to the bottom of our Intenders Shopping Cart.

Hilton Johnson

We will be sending you two messages in the days ahead about Hilton Johnson and their Health Coaching system. Many people have been helped in many ways by this unique program, and it is our pleasure to announce that Tony Burroughs will be the guest speaker on the Hilton Johnson network on the Autumnal Equinox. We will fill you in on the details in our September Intenders newsletter.

Tina and Lee Ching's Loving Counsel

Just a reminder that if you would like some of the most loving, gentle counseling around, our resident spiritual messenger, Tina Stober, is available to help you. Tina and her friends, Lee Ching and Quan Yin, have been with the Intenders since we began over 17 years ago, and they have helped us time and time again.

To contact Tina, you can call 808-982-6774, and please be sure not to call too early because Tina lives in Hawaii. She typically receives between $50 and $200 for at least an hour of her time and we can attest to the fact that it is well worth it!

You shall be walking in the footsteps of angels
for you will be making them yourselves


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