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August 2008

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~The Making of the Movie
~The Audio 3 CD Version is Now Available
~A Great Intention Story for the Times We Live
~What People Are Saying
~Lorraine's Story
~The Intenders Road Show Schedule
~A Movie Quote from Tina and Lee Ching

The Making of the Movie - On the Road with The Code

The making of On the Road with The Code was a magical, synchronistic experience in itself. I had just finished my west coast publisher's tour when I received a phone call on the day of the last event in Friday Harbor, Washington from my fellow Intenders cofounder, Tina Stober, saying that her mother had just passed away, and that she would be staying on the mainland for awhile. Could we meet somewhere and present some workshops together? I thought about it and called her back from a rest stop on I-5 outside of Salem, Oregon suggesting that instead of just doing a couple of workshops, why don't we see if we can get a film crew together and make a movie about The Code. She agreed, we made an intention around it, and decided to leave the details up to the Universe because we weren't sure how to proceed. I had a little bit of money left from the tour but it was nowhere near enough to make a movie.

The following day, not sure where I was going next, I stopped in Ashland, Oregon and called Steve Brown at Media 14 Productions to see if he would like to have lunch with me. Steve had been duplicating our first Intenders video for quite some time and I wanted to thank him for all the help he'd given us. As it turned out, Steve mentioned that his company had just been filming a series of CWG/Neale Donald Walsch seminars and that they were all set up to make movies. I told him I had a couple of months free and that Tina was on the mainland and that we had just made an intention to do some filming together. Before I could say anything else, he outlined his capabilities and said that he could create exactly what we intended for us for an amount of money that just happened to be the exact same amount I had after finishing the tour.

I couldn't write the deposit check fast enough!

And, as if that's not enough . . . the next day I met a new friend and told her my story and she suggested that I take a look at a very special place in Ashland called the Circle of Teran. I called Scott Young, the Circle of Teran co-owner, and he invited Steve and I up to see his place. Unequivocally, it was one of the nicest places I had ever been in my life. Built on the top of a hill overlooking all of Ashland, not only did it have the most awe inspiring labyrinth I'd ever seen, it also had a feeling I could only describe as an "angelic presence." It couldn't have been better - there was only one hitch. We would have to wait until Scott, who is a practicing Shaman, checked in with his guidance to get a sign to see if it was a good idea for us to film there.

While Steve walked around checking the potential camera and lighting angles, Scott and I sat down at a table in the Great Room to chat for a few minutes. Just as Scott was telling me more about consulting his guidance we looked up at the huge picture window before us and five hawks began circling, right in front of us. It was amazing! They just stayed there, circling for several moments; it was like they were putting on a show for us! I looked at Scott, and he looked back at me and said, "Tony, I think that's a sign!"

After we stopped laughing, we shook hands and agreed to film our movie, two weeks hence, at the Circle of Teran.

And that is just the beginning of the story . . . Everything we needed came to us. The perfect people, the right equipment, even the money we needed (when we ran out near the end of the project) came the next day from two totally unexpected donations from people on opposite ends of the country. All I can say is that we were in a flow, doing what we were meant to do. I've never had so much fun in all my life - and not only that - the movie turned out better than we could have ever imagined!

You can order the 2 DVD Set of On the Road with The Code or the new 3 CD Audio Version at

~The Audio 3 CD Version is Now Available

Over the years, we've had many people write us recommending that we offer Audio Versions of our Intenders books and videos so that they could listen to this wonderful information while driving their car, working around the house, or jogging through the park. Now, we are proud to announce that we have finally begun to do so, beginning with our new movie! After finishing the film editing, we went right back into the studio and created an Audio 3 CD Set of On the Road with The Code.

CD Cover

You can order your copy of the Audio Version now for $18.95 by going to Our Shopping Cart and scrolling down the page until you see the On the Road with The Code 3 CD Set section.

More information about the new 3 Hour Audio Version of The Intenders Road Show is on Our 3 CD Audio Set Page. This set is of the highest quality and we are very proud it.

~A Great Intention Story for the Times We Live

Here, from Sally Johnson, is one of the most timely Intention Stories we've heard in awhile. Thank you, Sally, for sharing it with us.

"For many years I have practiced the Intention Process. I read books like "A Course in Miracles," "Simple Abundance," and "The Secret." I manifested all kinds of good in my life. Then in 2003 I manifested something not so great. I was in physical and emotional distress over various family crises, and I kept telling myself that maybe I wasn't supposed to be a nurse anymore. A few months after my doubts about my vocation crept in, I made a grave mistake in my job, and I was fired. For three years I studied, searched, and experimented with new possibilities. I just knew I was meant to do something else. I became a secret shopper, a mosaic artist, and worked in the store and cleaned toilets in the large campground where we had a permanent spot. I met a woman who was to become my very best friend, and she and others kept telling me that I WAS a nurse and should remain one. Their intention was secretly my intention as well, but for a long time, fear held me back.

My husband and I suffered great financial difficulty during these years because of our dramatic loss of income. We were deeply in credit card debt and we felt there was no way out. We started praying the Prayer of Jabez which is really an intention prayer. (You can find it in Jeremiah in the Bible) It goes something like this....

"Oh Lord, that you would bless me indeed, and enlarge my territory...That your hand would be with me and keep me from evil, that I may not cause pain." These simple words began to change our lives.

We found a debt management company to help us settle with the credit card companies. In three years we became debt free, after owing about $28,000. We rebuilt our credit. We were able to move to a city closer to my husband's job, and finally, I had the courage to go back to the vocation I knew was truly mine, that of being a nurse. I bravely applied for a job in a local nursing home, being totally up front about my previous mistake and how I had learned from it. The Director of Nursing and the Administrator told me, "We would be crazy not to hire you!"

One thing holding us back was that we didn't think we would qualify for a home purchase with our past credit problems. I was much more skeptical and hesitant to go back to having a mortgage. Being debt free is intoxicating! But getting an $3300 income tax bill because we were renting and had no substantial deductions clinched it. We had to make a change. My husband intended that it was time to talk to mortgage brokers, and in one hour we were approved for a mortgage! And we only needed 3% down payment! And my mother had gifted us enough for the down payment AND the income tax bill! There are times when my intentions differ from my husband's but luckily, in this case, his won out! We looked at a home the day after getting our financing approved, made an offer the next day, and closed on it three weeks later. We have been in our home for a little over a week and we are SO grateful!

But there's MORE. Several months ago I found out that an agency that I was familiar with was moving into the area where we lived. It provided a rare opportunity for nurses, an 8-4:30 Monday-Friday position with great challenges and benefits. I sent in a resume' and intended that I would get the job. I was interviewed and one day before we closed on our home, I got the call that I was being offered my DREAM job. I heartily accepted and was thrilled to find out that the new office is just three miles from my home.

I am ecstatic to be in my new home, to have been lead to this group by my lovely daughter, mother of twin boys, who joined an Intenders group in her community. I look forward to learning more because I intend to start my own group here in my new home town as there isn't one listed on the Intenders site.

I intend abundance, blessings, joy and clear insight to each and every person in this world, today and ALWAYS!

In Love and Peace,
Sally Johnson, Registered Nurse!"

What People Are Saying . . .

Our dear friends, Carl and Charlotte at Carmel Temple in Houston recently had one of the first public showings of On the Road with The Code. The next day we received this wonderful note from one of our favorite Intenders lightbringers, Virginia Simone.

"It was my great honor to share the movie experience at Carmel Temple yesterday! WOW!!! WA-HOOOOO!!! Thank you all for your inspiration, radiant light and leading by example!! I am so happy to know you personally as well as be a part of the Intender's Tribe. I loved every minute of the movie. I especially rejoiced with great delight when my dear Scorpio Sister, Vicki, shared her vision for us teleporting anywhere we desire in the new world . . ."

Love & Light,
Simone in Houston

Here are more kudos from Intender Russ Phelps in Hawaii:

"On The Road With The Code" rocks my world with inspiration! What a rare treat to see and hear everyday people expounding on The Ten Intents! The Intenders Road Show makes them so real and vivid and compelling. There is a Very Real Presence in the circle as The Intenders do their thing, and it comes across powerfully on these beautiful DVDs. I intend everybody who sees The Secret also sees "On The Road With The Code", because it is WAY better, and has at least TEN times more "meat" for hungry souls."

And here's one more for the book that inspired it all from Mary-Ellen in Massachusetts!

"I just got your book "The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World" last week. I read it in two days, just couldn't put it down. So many stories in that book have paralleled my life it is amazing. I am getting ready to start my own intender's circle and I have not been so excited about anything in years. I have read every book on the power of intention and watched every video imaginable, and nothing hit me quite like your book.

I am very grateful to you for inspiring me. Thanks."

Mary-Ellen McAllister
North Andover, Mass.

Thank you, Mary Ellen! We will see you when the Road Show comes your way in the autumn.


We'd like to take a moment to thank all of you who have sent us your donations. These generous tithes have kept us going so that we can continue to bring these empowering teachings out to the world. It is our firm intention that your gifts to us come back to you tenfold and more!

If you would like to send a donation to The Intenders of the Highest Good, you can do so in the section at the very bottom of Our Shopping Cart or on Our Donations page. Your Donations are Greatly Appreciated!

Lorraine's Story

Lorraine Warren from Tallahassee, Florida is one of the most inspiring people you'll ever meet. We intend that you enjoy her latest manifestation story!

"Approximately 3 months ago, I was in a hit and run accident. The driver of the car slammed into my drivers side back door and took off down the street. I quickly followed him for about 5 blocks until great wisdom said, "this is stupid and dangerous." I returned to the scene of the accident, called the police and filed a report. The officer said the chances of catching the person was unlikely because I did not see the driver or get a license plate number.

I returned home and the idea to set an intention popped in my mind. So, I intended that the driver responsible for the damage to my vehicle be found and I have all of the repairs completed for my car with no expense to me. This or something even better for the highest good of all concerned. I gave thanks that I or no one else was injured in this accident and released it to the Universe of all possibilities.

Five days later, I got a car from the police officer saying they got an anonymous tip through their "Crime Stoppers Hot line". The drivers best friend called and reported him after he was bragging to him about "getting away with it." After further investigation, the driver was charged with a misdemeanor felony, fined $500 and his insurance paid to have my car repaired including 3 weeks of driving a brand new rental car.

The police officer in charge of my case said, "I have been investigating these type of crimes for over 19 years, never have I had this happen. You must be doing something really right."

I smiled knowing the Power of Intention had worked for me."

The Intenders Road Show Schedule

After having completed the editing of our new movie as well as the CD Audio version, we are taking a couple of weeks off before resuming our workshop schedule. We will be in Seattle, WA at East-West Bookstore at 7pm for an informal chat and booksigning of The Code:10 Intentions for a Better World on August 19th, and then on to Astoria, OR for a workshop with Jane Holland at The Healing Haven - A Bookstore and More on August 22nd.

It is our intention to take The Intenders Road Show to the East Coast after that, starting in Maine and working our way down the coast to Florida and then on to Houston. If you are interested in having The Road Show come to your town you can email us at


Since the release of On the Road with The Code we've had several inquiries with people wanting to know how to contact Tina Stober for private consulting and readings that we have begun to create biographical web pages for Tina as well as all of the Intenders who took part in the movie. Now you will be able to contact the people who made this wonderful film by going to our new (still a work-in-progress) Biographies page.

A Quote from Tina and Lee Ching from the movie and CD.

It is interesting to note that our entire movie was done in one take. Our producer, Steve Brown, said he wouldn't have believed it unless he'd seen it for himself. Everyone who participated commented that we felt like we were being helped every step of the way. Clearly, Tina's messages from Lee Ching were some of the high points of the production, as the rest of us sat in awe as she (he) graced us with her (his) amazing guidance.

You can contact Tina for private sessions by emailing her at or by calling: 808-982-6774 (and please be considerate that it is several hours earlier in Hawaii.) Tina gives her counseling by donation which generally runs from $50 to $200.

We leave you today with a Lee Ching quote from the movie.

When you can accept and enjoy and feel the blessing of that which is yours at this moment in time, you will be the happiest person on Earth.


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