The Intenders of the Highest Good Newsletter
The Intenders of the Highest Good
The Intenders of the Highest Good Newsletter
The Intenders Peace Plan continued

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Here is our April Intenders Newsletter! It is our sincere intention that you find the information in this newsletter and the newsletters in the months to come both empowering and uplifting. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to include your favorite Best Intention or Intention Story in our newsletter.

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In our last Intenders Newsletter we introduced The Intenders Peace Plan in which we pointed out that our entire way of life would change for the better if we began to spend a minimum of 5 minutes a day envisioning our world at Peace. Our premise is that when enough people are holding the thought of Peace in their mind then a critical mass will be reached and we will cross a threshhold into a new world, a world that is always in support of us.

These times call for us to explore our own potentials and to rise to our highest level of empowerment. It is for each of us to remember always, in the midst of anything, who we really are and what we really came here to do. One thing is clear: we are here now to bring Peace into a place that has been filled with war for eons of time.

Since you are reading this newsletter, you are a Peacebringer and it is time for you to answer a calling set forth a long time ago. This calling reminds you to change old thinking patterns which no longer serve you so that you can step into your own power. It reminds you to remain steadfast and to see through the many dramas that are being perpetuated upon this planet. You no longer need to believe, for instance, what is being told to you about "the enemy" - because there isn't one! The idea of someone else being "our enemy" was created ages ago because a few people wanted more and more, and there was never enough to satisfy them. Likewise, these same people spread the word that there was not enough for us either - not enough land, not enough material possessions, not enough free sky, not enough water, etc. This scarcity mindset persists in the mass consciousness today and yet there are those who are becoming empowered now and they are rejecting these beliefs in lack and limitation. They know that the Intention Process works.

The Intenders are here to tell you that there is enough of everything so that all of us can enjoy a comfortable, abundant lifestyle. There's plenty of food, plenty of land, plenty of everything to support the number of people who live on this planet at this time. What there isn't enough of is Love being shown to our fellowmen and women; there isn't enough Love being shown to others whether they live across the street or halfway around the world.

One of the best things that we can do in these times of great opportunity is to get to know each other, to get to know those who are proclaimed to be "our enemies". Instead of listening to what is being told to us by the media, we can get to know what others really feel and what they really think. A good place to start is by opening up, without fear, to the people around us. How many people in a large city do not even know the person who lives across the hall or down the street? As we get to know others - and get to know what their dreams and goals are - we begin to build a foundation upon which true community can develop.

True community is one that is based upon love and respect. It is furthered by the spirit of helpfulness, flourishes in an atmosphere of Peace, and it presents us with a wonderful environment for sharing our creative ideas. Most people have barely imagined the magnitude of creativity that is within them or the magnitude of creativity that is within a small community like the Intenders, the Bahais, the Beloveds, the CWGs (or perhaps the community that you start up among your own friends and neighbors). Communities like these can change everything in an instant. And it all begins with coming together and getting to know one another.

These times are ripe for us to create the Peace that passeth all understanding - the Peace which has been inside of us all along. You can see it in your mind's eye and feel it in your heart right now in this very moment. Picture this Peace sending its joyous impulses outward from the deepest part of your essence. Feel it as it springs forth from the Godspark, that place of Divine Love that lies within you. And then imagine it as it spreads further and touches the heart of every single human being who walks this Earth - even those who have been proclaimed to be "the enemy".

Peace comes to those who don't oppose

Quotes of the Month
"Support Life
Support Life with every thought you have
Support Life with every word you speak
Support Life . . ."

The Intenders Handbook: A Guide to the Intention Process and the Conscious Community. - Tony Burroughs

The second quote this month comes from The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight.

"The more people who think or believe a certain way, the more who will find it easy to think or believe that way. The more acts of mercy performed, the more people will be inclined to act mercifully. The more people turn to searching for peace and divinity, the more peace and divinity will be found." - Thom Hartman

Best of Intentions
Here is one of our favorite intentions that comes from our friend Jennifer Olsen in Jemez Springs, New Mexico:

"I intend that I always see good, say good and do good!"

More Best of Intentions

Our Best Intention Story Winner
Our winning Intention story for last month short but powerful. It came in from Jaqie Ablitt in Coquitlam B.C. Canada.

My story is that I set an intention that I would have a lap computer, one that I would be so very very happy with.
My brothers and sister announced that to help me celebrate my 65th birthday they all 'chipped-in' and gave me a lap top computer that I am delighted and thrilled and grateful to have.

Our Best Intention Stories

The Novel
With the rapid growth of the Intenders more and more people are discovering the novel, The Intenders of the Highest Good by Tony Burroughs. It is a fictional account of a group of diverse people who are going through the challenges of our times while using the Intention Process to empower themselves. If you want to experience adventure and upliftment at the same time, this is the book for you!
Here is a short quote:

"You deserve to have the kind of setting that really charges you up, that makes you feel at your best. You deserve to have the kind of setting that supports you."

More about The Novel

News from the Circles
We'd like to welcome several new Intenders Circles into our fast-growing community. Congratulations and happy manifesting to our new friends in the Circles in Johannesburg, South Africa, Denver, Colorado, Carlsbad, California, St Augustine, Florida, and Middleborough, Massachusetts!

If you would like to share your Intentions with other Intenders but do not have a Circle in your area yet, you can email Spirit St. John at
Spirit is setting up a Global Intenders Circle so that Intenders from all over the world can support each other's intentions via email.

If you want to join the Global Intenders Circle or if you have any ideas about the best way to format this Circle, please contact Spirit.

Intenders Empowerment Workshops
Tony Burroughs is now conducting workshops on Self Empowerment and How to Start Your Own Intenders Circle.

In these workshops you will learn:
- A simple way to apply the Laws of Manifestation;
- How to have that which you desire come to you as easily and effortlessly as possible;
- Everyday conscious languaging;
- How to align with your highest calling;
- How to create your own conscious community

Tony is a wonderful storyteller and he will be sharing some of his recent experiences in using the Intention Process. He will also be talking about some of the information in his latest book, The Highest Light Teachings. His purpose is show you how you can put the Intention Process to work so that you can reach your highest upliftment and enjoy your life to the fullest.

All workshops are $20 per person plus expenses.
Scholarships are available on request.
To inquire about having an Intenders Workshop in your area, call 888-422-2420

Workshop and Activities Schedule

Intenders Products
Our Intenderpreneur Package (10 Handbooks + 1 Video) - $33.00
The Intenders Handbook - $4.00 ($2.40 each, if you order 10 or more)
The Intenders Video - $14.95
The Intenders of the Highest Good Novel - $15.00
The Highest Light Teachings - $4.95 ($3 each, if you order 10 or more)
- Shipping and Handling not included -

More about our Intenders Books and Video

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