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April 2020

Table of Contents

~Health Challenges
~The Great Disease Deception - MaryAnns Story
~Dreamboats - Happy Nautical Manifestations
~A Final Timely Story
~All 4 Intenders Handbooks

Health Challenges

We have had so many requests asking for our response to worldwide health challenges and so we will do that here. As most of you know, the Intenders do not name or claim sicknesses and diseases because it reinforces them; it brings them to life. Our focus has always been on remembering that our thoughts and our words are creating our future experiences and, as a result, it is our firm intention to keep our thoughts and words positive so that we pave the way for happy, healthful experiences to come our way. This is the Law of Attraction in a nutshell.

~ Remember ~
it is we who create our reality, not somebody else
unless we give them our agreement

There is another law that comes into play nowadays, as well, and it is the Law of Agreement which states that whatever we agree on, we are creating. Conversely, it also states that whatever we withhold our agreement from, we we are not bringing into manifestation. You see, everything that happens in our physical reality happens in our mind first. First we think it, and then it manifests in our outer world. Contagion and health are no exception. First, we give them our attention, and then, in time, they come to life. So, with this in mind, it is wise for us to hold our attention only on outcomes that serve us and our fellow travelers, and discard any thoughts that do not serve us.

And that is the name of the game today. Can we keep from buying into the prevailing mass hypnotic hysteria and hold our thoughts and words only on the things we we truly want for ourselves; things like excellent health, abundance, companionship, happiness, love, truth and so forth? Or do we agree with the mass mindset and create havoc for ourselves? Both thoughts are equally available to us at all times. Our future depends on the thoughts and words we choose?

The Great Disease Deception - MaryAnns Story

The following is one of our most popular Intenders stories and it is reprinted from The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs. We intend that it sheds light on things going on in our world today.

MaryAnn is an attractive young lady in her late 30s. She is an accountant who rides the commuter train to work everyday in the city. She is single, friendly, lives with her mother, and is just the kind of person you would like to meet.

Our tale begins one day when MaryAnn boards the com- muter train, sits down in her usual spot, and, across from her, a young man wearing a green camouflage jacket sits down, and he is carrying a birdcage. The birdcage is empty and he sets it on the floor. Then he smiles cordially at MaryAnn, and she, being the out-going type, returns his smile and nods. An unspoken communication begins, and they both ride the train for 15 or 20 minutes and get off at their respective stations.

The following day, the young man in the camouflage jacket gets on and sits down in the same place as before, only this time he is not carrying the birdcage. Again, they smile and nod at each other. On this day, however, MaryAnn takes a longer look at him and notices that he appears to be a little out-of-sorts, a little pale. She thinks nothing of this, although with each passing day, as he sits down across from her, she sees that he is progressively more pale, clearly losing weight, weaker, and, by the end of the week, he has dark shadows under his eyes and is beginning to cough.

This goes on throughout the week after that, until, one day, he does not get on the train. MaryAnn wonders about this and, finally, after several days of not seeing him, her curiosity gets the best of her, and she asks the conductor if he knows what happened to the young man in the camouflage jacket.

"He died last weekend," the conductor says, sadly. "It was the BV - the Bird Virus."

MaryAnn mulls this over as she continues on her way to work. When she walks into the lobby of her office, there is a newspaper on an ornate coffee table, and as she passes by it, she cannot help but notice the headlines. They are a little bigger, and considerably bolder, than normal, and they say, "BV CLAIMS MANY LIVES!"

Immediately, she picks up the paper and begins to read. The article, which covers the whole top half of the front page, describes, in great detail, the same symptoms that the young man on the train had: paleness, rapid weight loss, progressive weakness, circles under the eyes, cough, quick decline, almost always fatal. And, further down, in the next paragraph, it goes on to say that the BV is very contagious, and that there are "hotspots" where a person is more apt to catch the BV, places like airports, bus terminals, post offices, commuter train stations . . .

MaryAnn is shocked, and in order to pull herself together before going on to work, she steps into the ladies room to splash her face with some cold water. As she dries herself off with a paper towel, MaryAnn looks in the mirror and notices the faintness of a shadow taking form under her eyes! In a state of near panic, she sits at her desk for the next several hours trying to concentrate on her bookkeeping, but with very little success.

At home that evening, while her mother is in the kitchen preparing their evening meal, she flips on the 6 pm news and it is ablaze with stories about the BV. The excited anchorwoman is describing all the symptoms in even greater detail, while the screen is filled with footage of sick people, noisy, packed hospital emergency rooms, and sorrowful statistics of all sorts.

After dinner, MaryAnn is feeling weak and goes to bed early. The next morning, she feels so bad that she cannot even go to work. She remains bedridden for 3 days, with all of the symptoms, one by one, beginning to manifest themselves. On the fourth day, her mother calls a doctor.

The doctor, who is compassionate, though obviously distracted and in a hurry, is only too quick to make his diagnosis. "I’m afraid she has the BV," he tells them, and he prescribes some pills that are meant to make her last days more comfortable. After this, he says that there is not much more he can do, and he leaves.

Three days later, thinking that her beautiful daughter is going to die at any moment, her mother calls a priest. But . . . the priest her mother calls is not your average priest. He is a new paradigm priest, and he knows only to see the wellness - never to see the sickness. He knows how to hold the light for others while they are unable to hold it for themselves. And he sees MaryAnn is her highest light, completely well, happy, healthy, whole, and full of life - and he holds this vision in his mind regardless of what anyone else tells him about her. He holds the template of her in her highest light - no matter what!

Then, he shows her mother how to hold that same vision in her imagination, so she sees her daughter perfectly well and happy . . . and he also teaches MaryAnn how to hold that image for herself.

And before he leaves, he places his hands on her head for a moment, then on her neck, then on her heart, and finally he massages her shoulders gently - and as he does this, he sends the light and love of God through his hands to every cell, every atom, every molecule, every strand of DNA in MaryAnns body (you can call it Reiki, Deeksha, Ilahinoor, Divine Light Transmission, Oneness Blessing - they all work), he fills her entire body, from head to toe with LIGHT!

And then he leaves . . .

Two hours later, MaryAnn is out of bed for the first time in two weeks. The next day, she is puttering casually around the house. Three days after that, she is shopping. And later the following week, she is back at work - happy, healthy, and humming with life - all because she ran into a new paradigm priest: someone who knew how to hold the light for others, regardless of any and all evidence to the contrary!

But wait . . . there is an epilogue to our tale. One morning, a week after MaryAnn went back to work, she was sitting on the commuter train, and who boarded it and sat down right across from her? The young man in the green camouflage jacket! He was not dead at all. The conductor was entirely mistaken. The young man was just overworked. He was fine.

So, let us take a closer look at our story with new paradigm eyes. There were several places in it where MaryAnn bought into the sickness instead of the wellness. Can you name a few?

(Here they are, gently encoded for you: rotcudnoc eht; reppapswen eht; swen vt ylthgin eht; rotcod eht; rorrim eht; cte.)

As a final note; it is interesting that every time MaryAnn bought into the sickness and, therefore, created it for herself (our thoughts create our world), she also had the option to remain neutral or to withhold her agreement from it and go, "Ohhh," or "Mmmm," and therefore not manifest it for herself. We are amazing co-creators who have literally stepped down from the throne of our own power by "buying into" the ideas and beliefs that were placed here by someone else and which clearly do not serve us anymore. But now, with the help of the Law of Agreement, we can begin to spot more and more instances when these questionable beliefs are being presented to us, and we can exercise our option to withhold our agreement completely - and thus, hold them at bay. In doing so, we begin to see through the Great Disease Deception and to bring the light of truth into our lives.
Excerpted from The Law of Agreement by Tony Burroughs

If a friend of yours
is telling you how sick they are
and everything that is wrong with them,
always remember to see them in their perfection.
If you add to their illness by your belief in it,
you are not doing them any good.

Dreamboats - Happy Nautical Manifestations

You may remember from a little over a year ago that I was intending to manifest a boat for myself. I had just moved from Colorado to Arkansas near Lake Ouachita which is considered the second clearest lakes in the country (not only that, but it contains the nations best stash of huge clear quartz crystals beneath its waters.) Many of my new friends in AR had boats, so in an Intenders Circle at the Hot Springs Oneness Center I intended that I have a boat that I love and that it comes to me freely, easily and effortlessly.

Well . . . that was 4 boats ago. It started right away with the manifestation of a sweet 24 ft Fisher pontoon boat; then a Chris-Craft motor yacht that was nice but on a dock that was ultimately too far to get to on a regular basis; then a custom 32 ft houseboat that I loved, but it did not have quite enough room for me and any guests who might show up; and now, as of yesterday, I am the owner of a 43 ft classic Nautaline houseboat that sleeps 5 and is the boat of my dreams. I cannot tell you how happy I am!

The stories of how each of these wonderful boats came to me is amazing in itself. Suffice to say that I did not take a job or go out of my way in order to have them come to me. I just made my intentions (for the Highest Good), then let them go and trusted that everything would come to me in the perfect timing. Now I am living in two places: in a magnificent home on the very top of a crystal mountain outside Hot Springs, and on the houseboat of my dreams, all thanks to the Intention Process!
Tony Burroughs

A Final Timely Reminder

I have always enjoyed window shopping. You know what window shopping is: it is going out to the stores with no intention of buying anything. When I window shop, I tell myself that, today, I am leaving my wallet in my pocket. I am just going to look in the windows, no matter how tempting the shop owners present their wares.

I treat our current way of life the same way. I am only window shopping it. I am not buying anything anymore. When the media, for instance, tells me that there is some new problem out there, and the solution is now being made available to everyone, I simply observe it. My experience has taught me, time and time again, that the media is self serving, and they have no interest whatsoever in my well being. In fact, it is just the opposite - the media creates problems for us in order to get us to buy their ideas and consumer goods.

In the old days, I would have gotten angry and begun to oppose their media gyrations, thus dissipating my precious energy. But now I window shop. I observe only - with no emotional attachment to the ideas they are selling on TV and in the newspapers. I am not buying any of it; so it is no longer affecting me. This is one of the keys to our ultimate happiness.

We let go by becoming observers.

From The Intenders Bridge Messages at

In order for you to go to the next level,
you must unify with your Higher Self.
Your Higher Self sees everything
as if it were a play going on in your life.
It sees things from a higher place,
as if you were standing on a mountain top
and looking down upon it all.

FYI: I just got off the phone with Mark Dziatko who is one of the original founders of the Intenders, and in talking about these times we are living in, we both agreed that it is so important for people to stay connected. Even though the media is doing everything it can to separate us, we can stay in touch through the phone and online. Many Intenders Circles are going digital, and you can keep your Intenders connections intact by using programs like Zoom and

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