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The Intenders Newsletter #2


April 2011
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~Tony's Journal: The Gardener's Tale
~The Code
~The Vision Alignment Project Update
~Lee Ching and Tina Stober - Gentle Counseling
~High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders

Tony's Journal: The Gardener's Tale

Tony here: I've just traveled across the country again and am back in Oregon now. This winter I visited many Intenders Circles, built several medicine wheels, and spoke to groups whenever I was asked to. Oftentimes we talked about how we tend to identify with our body, thinking that we are our body - but  fortunately nowadays more of us are realizing that our imagination is just as much a part of us as is our body, and perhaps we could be putting it to better use.

So, let's talk, for a moment, about our imagination and look at some of the things we can do with it. We can form Visions of the way we want our world to be. We can see ourselves happy and healthy and more. We can, in truth, envision anything we like and know that what we are envisioning is on its way to us in the physical world we live in. That's how creation works. First we build our Visions on the mental plane, in our minds - and soon thereafter we see it all materialize on the physical plane in the world around us. We shape our future with the amazing lightworking tool that we call our imagination, then our thoughts begin to coagulate, take form, and reveal themselves to us in our outer world.

And this, naturally, begs the question: Now that we know this, why aren't we all busy consciously shaping a world that is supporting us in every way? Why doesn't there seem to be a more concerted effort on the part of the people to envision a supportive, clean, happy, peaceful world for ourselves? We surely have enough "think tanks" devoted to military and destructive purposes . . . why don't we have "think tanks" made up of people with high integrity truly devoted to creating a better world for ourselves?

Part of the challenge with this is because a lot of folks out there aren't yet able to distinguish the difference between what goes on in their mind and what's going on in their outer world. They think, for instance, if their bank account is empty, that it somehow has the effect of keeping them from envisioning a full bank account in their mind. Or if they're a bit under the weather, they aren't realizing that they can still envision themselves in perfect heath in their imagination. An example of this comes from a story I tell in my workshops called The Gardener's Tale - and it goes like this:

Once upon a time there was a gardener who had to leave her beautiful garden behind and start a new garden in a place where the soil was rocky, depleted of nutrients, and filled with weeds. Since she was a master manifester as well as a master gardener, she knew to build her new garden in her mind first. In other words, she held a picture in her mind of the final outcome; of the way she wanted wanted her garden to look when it was all done - and she did this before ever planting a seed or putting a shovel to the Earth.

In an effort to become familiar with which fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables grew best in her new locale she began asking everyone in the area about gardening. She asked the neighbors who had nice gardens and she queried the local university extension service, as well. Most people wanted to help her, but many said that that the piece of property where she was located was dead; that it was not a good place to grow a productive, organic garden. They had all sorts of reasons which sounded convincing. But there was one thing unconvincing about them: Not one of them corresponded with the picture she had in her mind of the final outcome she was envisioning.

So she listened to the naysayers, but didn't agree with them in the least. She knew that the key to manifesting was to hold steadfast to her vision and continue to see the garden in her mind as the healthiest, happiest, most productive garden she'd even grown, knowing that these thoughts would work their way to the surface of her daily experience as surely as all her other thoughts do.

And you know what? They did. At the end of the season, people from all over the countryside were coming to see her beautiful gardens. She even won awards from the state horticultural society! And when they would ask her her secret . . ."Is it the seeds? Or some special fertilizer? Or lots of hard work?" . . . She just smiled and said, "I grew everything in my imagination first. Just because there were a lot of weeds for awhile, or folks who told me I couldn't do it, I never let that get in the way of the picture of the beautiful garden I had already grown in my mind."

So . . . I've got a beautiful garden in my mind, and it's here on planet Earth. It covers the whole Earth and within it we, the people, are happy, healthy, positive, productive and peaceful. The Earth and all her wondrous manifestations - the air, the waters, the soils - are pristine and sweet; the animals, the plants and all living creatures are thriving and frolicking in joy, surrounded by all their angelic counterparts; and, thus, a new feeling has entered and opened the hearts of all beings everywhere - Love. We are Loving one another, and as a result, we are all celebrating our connectedness, celebrating our freedom, celebrating life again. It's great to be alive now that we've learned how to create it consciously for ourselves.

In our next issue of The Intenders Newsletter, we'll share an idea that resulted from an intention I made recently to meet others who are active, highest good, "think tank" people for the new paradigm. Within 2 days of making that intention I received a call from a friend on Orcas Island, WA who described an incredibly powerful "imagination exercise" that can change our world for the better very quickly. And you'll be able to do it right there from your own home . . .

The Code

We have recently had several multiple orders for The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World and we found out that it's because people are using it in their book study groups. Of course, we are honored with this, as well as grateful because The Code was written for these times. In fact, it has been our intention all along that this wonderful book be a catalyst for helping people through the unprecedented transition that is upon us and beyond.

"Tony Burroughs has done it again...The Code is a masterfully written book of pure inspiration. It is a priceless guide to help us all reconnect to our spiritual humanity. Through his ten practical intentions, Tony has produced divine scripture for the new millennium. The Code is by far one of the most important books of the 21st century!"

Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley,
The Secrets of the Light


The Code: 10 Intentions for a Better World is published by Weiser Books and you can order a copy of it from us by Clicking Here.

Or, you can have a free copy of The Code Poster by Clicking Here - and it will download immediately to your desktop.

The Vision Alignment Project Update

We're closing in on 350,000 Alignments with our Vision Alignment Project and this tells us that there are more and more people out there who are intending to make a difference in our world. Per the 9th Intent of The Code, they are realizing that they can actively and consciously contribute to the creation of a better world for all of us by sharing their Visions and Aligning with the Visions that we send out - free- each week.

There are now over 175 Visions in the Project and we have recently changed the timing for how you will receive them. Starting next week, after your first 22 days, the Visions will begin to come every 3 days. We did this so that those of you who are receiving our Intenders Bridge Messages and our Visions from The Vision Alignment Project at the same time wouldn't feel that we're imposing too often on you. That is not our intent. Our Intention is to make these ancient teachings available so that as many people as possible are helped by them at this time when they will have their greatest impact; at this time when people need them most.

To Sign Up free for The Vision Alignment Project, Click Here.
To Sign Up for the empowering Intenders Bridge Messages, Click Here.

Lee Ching and Tina Stober - Gentle Counseling

If you are feeling out of sorts with the changes that are occurring in our world, we have always been proud to offer the services of our original Intenders messenger, Tina Stober. Tina has helped thousands of people over the last 30 years to find comfort and insight into what's going on in their lives. She - and her wise and gentle counterpart, Lee Ching - were instrumental in co-founding The Intenders of the Highest Good, and it is Lee Ching who is mostly responsible for the heartfelt sayings in our latest book, High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders.

You can reach Tina in Hawaii at 808-982-6774. She typically requests a donation of from $50 to $200 and please take note that it is 3 hours earlier in Hawaii from the west coast of the US.

High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders

High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders Ebook

You have known before you came here
that there would come a time when you would be called upon,
and you have been awaiting that time.
That time is now

Over 400 insightful and timely quotes from the early Lee Ching transcripts to the present day - just like the one above! This is the heart of the Intenders teachings!

High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders is in Ebook format and will download immediately to your desktop. You can even take a peek at the first few pages by going to http://www.intenders.com/wisdom.html

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