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The Intenders Newsletter


April 2011
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~New Release! High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders
~A Vision for Feelings from Pernille in Denmark
~The Highest Good Retreat in June
~Community Making - Our Next Step
~Betsy Palmer Whitney
~Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

New Release! High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders

Over the years, so many of you have requested that we gather up the "power phrases" from all our books. online messages and speeches and put them into one volume, so we have finally done it! High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders contains more than 400 pages of the most helpful, insightful and timely pieces of information available in one volume today. Set up so you can open it to any page and have it tell you exactly what you need to know in the moment, these phrases are the heart of the Intenders teachings.

High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders Ebook

Whether you are a long-time Intender or are just now discovering our unique body of self empowering information, High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders is a tool that will help you be more proficient at manifesting the life of your dreams.

High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders is in Ebook format and will download immediately to your desktop. You can even take a peek at the first few pages by going to http://www.intenders.com/wisdom.html

We are making it available for a limited time for only $7.95.

To order High Lights: The Wisdom of the Intenders now, Click Here.

A Vision for Feelings from Pernille in Denmark

Dear Tony

I hope you are enjoying your life to the fullest - thank you once again for all your work. It is  highly valued and appreciated. Today I was reminded how thankful I am for my inner guidance system so I want to pass on a vision for everyone to enjoy:

I envision a world where sensitivity to feelings are no longer seen as a weakness. Everyone has remembered that their emotions are an indicator of happiness and inner guidance. No longer are we afraid to fully feel our emotions but bid them welcome as a reminder of where we are at in this moment and where we are heading. We know that being afraid is not the issue - so we are not afraid to be afraid. As we get to know our feelings better and better, we let go of all negative emotions so the positive emotions have fertile conditions in our bodies and in our mind.

We know that with every thought we think there are emotions attached and this knowing serves us to create better feeling thoughts whenever we feel ourselves following a negative stream of emotions. We now know that we are loved beyond any description and guided every moment by our inner guidance system - the People of the Earth are empowered.
With love
Pernille Therkildsen, Denmark

To Sign up for the Vision Alignment Project, Click Here

The Highest Good Retreat in June

Join us at the world premier of The Highest Good Retreats with Author, Tony Burroughs, Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Marianna Fisher and friends from June 9 - 12, 2011 at the beautiful Ronora Lodge & Retreat Center in Michigan, nestled in pristine nature two hours outside of Chicago.

The Highest Good Retreats are four-day journeys filled with heartfelt moments of unity, peace, conscious manifestation and possibility. You will experience a total of 36 guided retreat hours with fun and self-empowering workshops and sacred ceremonies to purify the mind, cleanse the body, and elevate your spirit. Together we embrace our natural health and inner beauty with the healthiest organic vitality cuisine, inspiration, conscious entertainment and divine connection. It is an opportunity to actively participate in ushering forth the Golden Age of Peace.

The cost for this event is $985 and there is an Early Bird Special available now, with $100 off for those who register before April 15th. Lodging rates are separate, depending on room choice - and the food will be out of this world!

For more information, go to our Event Web Site at: http://www.highestgoodretreats.com

Community Making - Our Next Step

We need each other. The times we are living in call upon us to come together. This is one of the great messages that we glean from the catastrophe in Japan to the words of the ancient sages in all lands. We have been separated in every which way known to man and it has served us to this point. However, we are now being led to return to Oneness - to rediscover the profound benefits that coming together for the Highest Good of All can bring to us.

Think of it. Politicians and countries coming together in the name of true peace; religions joining together; businesspeople working together in the marketplace; the movies and media people standing for the highest good - and all we have to do is begin to set aside our old ways and come together in the name of Love and Respect for one another.

How does it start? It starts with a few friends getting together. It starts with knowing that you can make a difference when you hold a vision of that which you would create for yourselves, when you share your intentions, and when you trust that you are becoming more powerful by the day.

Our Intenders Create Your Own Community Package is one of the best tools available for positive community making. Containing our Intention Process DVD - which shows you how we conduct our Intenders Circles - and 10 of our Bestseller Intenders Handbooks - we make it easy for you to get results right away. You'll become more empowered, manifest the things you've been desiring, and make new friendships, all at the same time!

Start Your Own
Community Package

To order our Start Your Own Community Package for $39, Click Here

Betsy Palmer Whitney

A week ago last Sunday, Betsy Palmer Whitney, one of the original four Intenders of the Highest Good, made her transition from this Earth. It is accurate in every way to say that without Betsy the Intenders would never have been created. Blind since the age of 2, Betsy was the most powerful among us. Whenever one of us would begin to express a limitation of some sort, Betsy would always remind us by saying, "Why don't you just intend it!"

In fact, one night at an Intenders Circle in Pahoa, Hawaii, it was Betsy who made the following timeless intention, "I intend that, from this moment forward, you and I and all of the people we come in contact with, and all of the people they come in contact with, and all of the people they contact - until it fills the entire Earth - live in utter joy and peace."

Betsy, you are truly missed. We feel honored and blessed to have had you in our lives. May you return home to the angels, for, indeed, you are one.

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Vicki's Highest Light Pendulums

Dear Vicki:
I have a couple of pendulums that I have enjoyed using over the years, but I was always drawn toward your crystal pendulums and necklaces. Every time I placed an order from the Intenders Shopping Cart, I would think about purchasing one of your crystal creations. I finally ordered a pendulum. I was so excited to see which color you would select for me.

When the packaged arrived, I could hardly contain my excitement. This beautiful blue crystal pendulum was sent with loving care, and I immediately felt the powerful vibrations. I prayed that this crystal would provide me information for my highest and greatest good, and wow, it did provide powerful insights. I will use as often as is necessary.

Thank you for giving us your love through your wonderful creations. I would encourage anyone to purchase one of your products. Thank you again.

With love, peace and harmony:
Barbara Pence from Kentucky

To order your Highest Light Pendulum, Click Here
and scroll down to the Tools Section of our Intenders Shopping Cart



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